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  1. Thomba48


    I am pretty sure it can be done even better, but I am fine with it 🙂
  2. Thomba48


    I can only second Bobs recommendation. Fact is I was reasonably lucky once and failed the second time around completely. The set I originally purchased for my P15 Business Coupe actually turned out reasonably right. With very, very minor tweaking demands. The second time round I purchased from the same supplier a set for my 1949 Plymouth convertible. I did actually talk to them in person and was promised a perfect fit. When the carpet arrived it was everything but a fit at all. Too wide, too short, just strange. So plan B, which should have been my plan A: I purchased proper carpert material and padding (readily available on many online sites) and went to a trimmer. In the end I paid slightly more than the set price (roughly 30%), but got a fit that I needed and additional tweaks here and there. Saying that, if you are lucky and the carpet fits a set can be a very good solution. But the fit is not always guaranteed. Thom
  3. I have contacted butchcoolstuffs and I can second that his kit only works with an automatic transmission. The only solution he mentioned was the one already being indicated by Bobb. For that their master cylinder could be bought. But when it comes down to it theirs is just a standard MC1321H, which you can purchase almost anywhere. A shame
  4. Hi, I am still running drum brakes (with the usual underfloor master cylinder set-up). And they actually do work fine. So why changing it? But just having a single brake line is something I want to address. I have surveyed this site and online and yet have not come across a dual master cylinder that would work for my purpose. ECI I have spoken with, but their system only works with a disc brake set-up. What I am looking for is a kit, not a work-around solution ideally, as I am not the biggest technical genius :-)? Any solutions are kindly appreciated. Thom
  5. Wouldn't that be the correct one? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Spindle-Nut-Front-Dorman-615-016-1/333413612493?fits=Year%3A1949|Make%3APlymouth&epid=19017007623&hash=item4da0fffbcd:g:VBUAAOSwfBFbmyG8
  6. Thanks. That is exactly the one in place in my car. But the thread does not allow this nut to sit completely flush on top of the steering column. I will look into that a bit further. EDITED by mod: parts requests not allowed on the open forum.
  7. Hi. I am almost feared that question to come up as it might again indicate my total knowledge lack of everything 🙂 Fact is, the nut which by the way was broken from the beginning, has very little thread to work with. Sitting tight it actually does sit slightly on top the steering column itself. Well, whilst saying that my brain begins to work and I am beginning to wonder if that is maybe linked to the wrong nut? LOL. Certainly something I need to investigate a bit further. Thom
  8. Sorry for not having responded earlier. Thanks to your kind and rather explanatory support the wheel finally came off. Just before Christmas. It is now undergoing "surgery" and will hopefully be properly alive and kicking in a couple of weeks. What I did notice, however, the wheel or at least a wheel was taken off before. The steering wheel column was significantly shortened during that process to such a level that I might have to think about a solution for security reasons. thanks again
  9. Ups. No. 😄😊 But amazon. That will do. Thanks by the way for the on going interaction. Unfortunately with work and family requirements in place it is often rather difficult to sneak out for a minute or two to work on the car 😁😭😔
  10. Thanks. I did not get round to it tonight. Shall look at it over the weekend. But generally speaking my set does not look any different. The nut approach I have not tried out yet. But despite this set up I have failed 🤔 I am unfortunately a third try lucky man 😔😊
  11. Awfully kind of you for providing so much insights. I shall keep this in mind for my hopefully final push. 😄
  12. Well. I certainly thought so. But I will go back to it again tomorrow. Thanks. And I certainly love the Arnold phrase. Lol
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