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  1. I will try the H4 bulb. however, the car is 6 volt, so is the bulb on the H4 also replaceable with a 6 volt bulb? capt den
  2. one of mine went out. I have seen in the past that you can put a new part in these lites but keep the bullseye front. is there a video for this? where would I find that? capt den
  3. did not think they could easily be adjusted. the shop manual procedure looks difficult, but I will read it again. will also look at motors. thanks for the advice. I was also thinking of calling junkyards, as most cars in there were not put there for a bad regulator. I do not think any shop today has the ability to do anything as all the old timers and old equipment are gone. capt den
  4. captden29


    I went to the trouble of taking pictures of 2 swan neck mirrors that a fellow member might want. I posted on the regular forum as that is where his post was asking about mirrors. I should have put this on the classified but it was not really something I was trying to sell. I did ask a price but a very cheap one to help him out and get them out of my garage. I was just trying to locate him an the site, but I was deleted. I will not try to help out again.i just needed to know who he was. lesson learned. capt den
  5. Los, need a regulator? I know I have at least one extra. let me know. capt den
  6. quick replies. thank you. I will look in the manual for a way to adjust the regulator to about 7.2v. I thought 7.65 was still in line with normal,but if the regulator is adjustable I will try that. I am tired of wiping the battery dry all the time. I went to a car display yesterday in downtown Wilmington, nc. riverfest, mostly vendors, music, food. never had so much interest in my car. seems more people are liking an original car with patina. it seems to remind them more of their parents and grandparents cars than others. nice to talk to people and hear the memories. thanks for the voltage advice. capt den
  7. my battery is always spitting water out the caps. I thought it was overcharging. reading at idle is 6.74 v across batt., and at fast idle is 7.65. these seem to me to be correct.. is this just normal for these cars. it is a 265 in my 54 Windsor, all original. batt. about 2 years old, but has always done this. should I be worried? always keeps a charge. capt den
  8. I got my carpet for a 54 Windsor conv. at jc whitney. took a little tweaking to fit it, but looks good. capt den
  9. first car, first mopar, 1950 dodge meadowbrook. hand me down from grandfather,mother,brother,then me. drove it with no first or reverse, but it was all I had. eventually got a 54 new Yorker, and today I have a 54 Windsor convertible. many cars in between. the 50 had a $19.95 earl shieb paint job that would fall off in clumps. slowest car I ever owned, but it had a big back seat. capt den
  10. I am trying to remove the door latch on my 54 Windsor convertible. this is the one in the door with the star wheel. looks to me like this was installed at the factory before any other items went into the door. I still have to remove the door lock, not sure how to do that. also, looks like the window has to come out. this is the most intricate and difficult job I have ever tackled and I still do not know for sure how to get it done. the manual has a relatively easy method for the 4 door, but the convertible cannot go that way. capt den
  11. I have filmstrip and record. I will have to dig them out , I think they are 54 Chrysler. will donate to a worthy cause. dennis
  12. I use conventional 10-30, whatever is on sale. I tried synthetic, but the engine used more oil with it. capt den
  13. I have always been afraid to drop the pan on my 54 Windsor. thought it was a difficult job. car has 78,000 miles and I would like to get any gunk out. the car always runs to the hot side and I am told from this site that the gunk can hold unwanted heat. other than removing all the bolts that hold it on, any other procedures? gasket should be easy to get. any material better than others? gasket cement or not? thanks, capt den
  14. thanks doug/deb. after I hand tighten them together and bolt them to the block, is that when I torque it all up? the last time I did this on a different flathead I did not separate them. easy back on that way. capt den
  15. I am getting ready to put them back on. do I need any gasket cement? I think not, but I am unsure. I separated them, so they need to go together again. was able to leave the heat riser in free flow position. no amount of heat and penetrating oil will get it to turn freely.anyway, the spring broke and the flap is welded to the rod. this was a big job because of all the cleaning and scraping 65 years worth of crud. thanks, capt den
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