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  1. I have used Olsen gasket for several jobs. got good product. they have a website. dennis
  2. what I do is move the puller to a different set of lug bolts and try again.just when you think you have whacked it as much as you can or should, whack it some more. you can also leave it on overnite while it is pulling.leave the axle nut on slightly because if it lets go the tool and drum will take off. I have heard heat is no good for the seals in there. driving seems to work for many people, but I have never had to do that. also, when putting the drum back on I have always put grease on the taper. that is not the correct thing to do as you want a friction fit on the taper. keep at it. it will come off. quality puller is needed. dennis
  3. I have the industrial engine manual if it can help. the car is a beauty. capt den
  4. curious. why would Chrysler or anyone make ford flathead V8 blocks in the early 70's? at that time what would be the demand? maybe racing? restoration may not have been that popular for these engines? I do not know the answer to this quantum sized question. capt den
  5. love the wood ones sam posted. years ago I had a set made by my grandfather. they were a tree stump with 4 legs around it he made from part of the tree. I used them for years. can't believe I trusted my life to them, but they always did the job. I used to use cement blocks to set the car on when I worked under it. I found out that they can fail with the weight on them, so I do not use them anymore. I have jack stands that look like the ones in this recall and I will check them out as soon as I go out to the garage. I used one last night to hold up my boat trailer while I changed out the trailer jack. I almost always keep my hydraulic jack in use along with the jackstand. today I am changing a trailer tire. I also have the pipe kind with the pin, but I do not use them anymore as I never did really like them. anyway, thanks for the heads up on this product. capt den
  6. keith, I cannot get any volume on your video. I guess it is my computer. I really would like to hear about the process. I have always just put the brakes back on and hoped for the best. my 54 Windsor really needs this type of fine tuning. capt den
  7. I always use what I am using for my wheel bearings. never had a problem.very few people know much technical info about all the different greases available at the auto parts stores. that includes me. I use lucas red and tacky for my boat trailer bearings. towed the boat to ny from NC many times. if that grease is good for that it will handle a water pump. I do know that you need to be careful not to pump too much into the water pump zerk. capt den
  8. thanks for the help. car has 3/16 and 1/4. the 1/4 lines go from the master to the booster, and 1/4 goes from booster to the 3 way tee, with all other lines being 3/16. I have the cupro/nickel line in a 25' 3/16 roll but need to get some short 1/4 for the others. auto part stores are open for what I need. everyone stay safe. capt den
  9. smaller than the stock lines, and the fittings with it are smaller than the ones on the booster.
  10. dumb question, but here goes. I ordered 3/16 brake line for my 54 Windsor. too small. do these cars use 1/4 brake line? also, I ordered copper and there are also nickel lines. are either acceptable? easy bending is a must. I have a good flairnig tool. thanks. capt den
  11. glad you like yours, dodge. one confusing thing is that the unit has 4 bleeder valves and nothing in my manual about a bleeding process. maybe just do one at a time in any order? or will it come bench bled from the rebuilder. my car has power steering, so power brakes would be a nice addition. capt den
  12. the power brake booster on my 54 Windsor was bypassed when I go the car. covid 19 has given me the time to remove it and contact a rebuilder., power brake exchange. I am not sure if I really should put it back in or leave the brakes manual. it looks like a very complicated unit and can that old technology be trusted. are there other companies that can rebuild this unit? I have made a lot of calls and most will not do this unit. should I be wary and just forget about having power brakes? thanks, capt den
  13. just fine for a survivor or every day driver. capt den
  14. where do you get an electric water pump? my engine gets very hot in city traffic and I think that the water flow at idle at the stop lites is so little that more water flow would be a great help. capt den
  15. I had a 49 chev. step van, looked so much like that dodge. it was my hippie van . had a bed and a stereo[ 8 track], need I say more. capt den
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