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  1. My wheels are custom made and look good. It may be hard to find a stock 6 x 7.25. Take a look at the guys below: https://www.amwheelspecialist.com/obsolete/ I don't know if Coker has anything, if not they may be able to direct you.
  2. Has anyone on the board ever been in one? I have always wondered how strong the fumes were.
  3. Oh no, this is a beast of an M35 with a diesel engine. I know what you are talking about now. I didn't realize they are so rare. We had a couple (of what I believe were mid 50's) in the Philippines in the late 80's.
  4. Hey Brent, what did you expect? the ad said custom interior.
  5. I don't know if you have seen this series. I love these old videos.
  6. Ahhh yes. That "engineering" we all love so much. BTW, I love a good VW and have enjoyed your pics of those as well.
  7. Hey Pete, you may already know this: from your picture your anchor bolts need to be adjusted. Drum brakes get a lot of bad press, but adjusted correctly I don't mind them. I also don't drive on the highway. Thanks for the thread, I have been enjoying watching your truck come together. Another old Dodge coming back to life. JD
  8. You certainly could be right, but he is saying he performed a tune up because of the problem.
  9. Fuel delivery makes a lot of sense, but it seems you have checked everything. I had an old Jeep truck with a similar problem and it was a pinched fuel line. How are your temperature and oil pressure gauges when the jerking is happening?
  10. Did you check the springs on the mechanical advance while you were in the distributor? It's a stretch, but something to think about. Does it run fine at 40 until it gets warm?
  11. You can't change out the spindle from 1 ton to 1/2 ton, but you can change the axle. Then you get into a mismatch problem with the rear end bolt pattern etc. In my case, I don't want to give up the original axle.
  12. If you wouldn't mind, let me know how the conversion turns out. I have been thinking about doing it, but am concerned with the spindle reduction. Also, I really don't mind drum brakes, it adds spice to life. But if the final product is good I may convert. JD
  13. https://www.robertsmotorparts.com/brake-parts-1 and they are pretty helpful on the phone. VPW as well.
  14. Let me clarify: the mounting holes are in the fender and running board, but the piece to join them together is missing. I don't believe this piece is needed for stability, but to keep dirt from collecting on the front of the running board. I drive on the street and have had no issues with keeping this area clean. I think making this missing piece would be very simple, I just don't need it.
  15. Hey JPP, my running boards are not secured in the front to the fender and are completely stable. The bracket holes to attach them are the same on both sides. I hope that helps a little.
  16. What years are you purchasing? I was looking at a B2B rolling chassis in good shape and thinking about a Dakota frame. I have seen one of these conversions and it didn't look like a great fit, but i think the build in general was pretty half assed.
  17. I have a mustang 2 front end on my 50 Ford. I have never seen one for a Dodge and don't believe it exists. There is tons of information on this site about swapping for a modern front end (although your RC may be a little unusual). I am sure if you post your dimensions, someone will have an idea about a good, safe front end.
  18. Welcome to the B2D club. DO NOT tell the other guys how fun we have it. I had my wheels custom made and they turned out great. Check out the picture on my account or I would be happy to post a picture. They were not cheap, but if this interests you I would be happy to put you in touch with the guy.
  19. Don't you hate it when someone talks about their "dirty" shop and then you go look at your dirty shop.😉
  20. This is driver side front and back view. I have not seen these for sale. They may be a salvage yard find. I just purchased something from VPW off of a donor truck. They still have a few donors and might have these (slim chance). Good luck! PS. This is on my 50 B2d.
  21. I agree with JPP. It certainly could be a clogged main jet, but I would still look at the coil. The spark test only shows there is spark. Use a voltmeter to ensure proper voltage. https://www.yourmechanic.com/article/how-to-test-a-spark-plug-ignition-coil-by-eduardo-ruelas
  22. Does the engine bog under load or die? The fuel flow is strong ( a little high), so probably not locked. The cap could be partially blocked causing some pressure build up (but probably not). If my pump was dialed up that high my truck would run pretty rich, so maybe take another look at the carb. This still feels like a possible distributor issue (coil, condenser, points etc.). Just because they are new doesn't mean they are good. Did you completely tear the carb down and rebuild?
  23. Since you have replaced most everything else, i infer the coil is new. You may still want to test it. Don't forget to check your timing after changing your plug gaps.
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