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  1. I just can't come up with a viable word combination for searching. I'm interested in finding out what carbs will work well on my 1938 Desoto 25" L6 . I've been reading about the Stromberg “97”and Holley “94” but can't find info on carter, etc. Will a two barrel do the job? Or should I stick with athe one barrel? I'll be using the truck for a daily driver on the highway. The engine is being completely rebuilt., and I'll have a 93 Dakota 3.55 rear end on it. Thank you
  2. I'm in the process of swapping a 93 Dakota 1/2 ton rear end onto my 38 Dodge Humpback Panel. The overall width is 2 inches wider than my original rear end. So I'll have to move the perches and replace them with a less wide perch. I went to Tractor Supply and found some perches that are used on trailers. They'll fit fine. Go for it.
  3. I'm trying to determine what shape and measurements of the splash guards on my 38 humpback rc truck. They are among the missing. Can anyone help? Thanks
  4. My truck is up on blocks and I want to take measurements to see if the frame is square before I start the body work. What points do you use to start? What techniques do you use to do the job? This is a 1/2 ton Dodge RC Humpback Panel Truck. Thanks
  5. I want to get new nuts and bolts to rebuild my 38 DeSoto 25'' engine How do I check the size and thread count of the bolts/nuts that are needed to rebuild my flathead six? Are these bolts any different than the bolts made now days? Obviously I'm new this, but I have many sizes of bolts etc. from the tear down of my truck. and I don't really want to use the old ones. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Fran
  6. Thank you all for your information. I am doing my research before I tangle with my project. I'm on a limited budget, being retired. I have also bought the Rusty Hope kit about 5 years ago. I have not used it due to pauses in time to do the work. Sometimes life gets in the way. I want to stay as close to original but able to keep up with traffic speeds. I am not a hot rodder, so I won't be getting too wild on this build. At this point I'm researching others experience with the many choices out there. Info like "I did the ‘rusty hope’ disc kit but my steering box was super thrashed and even after new kingpins and tie rods it was not great over 35mph. Other folks on here with tight stock setups swap in lower gears and take long highway trips no problem." from Radarsonwheels and all of you that took the time to help me with my problem. I'm also looking into a strong sway bar, but I need to know if someone else has tried it and what were the results. This forum has been the most valuable information that anyone could get. So keep up the good work. Thank you all.
  7. I am I plan on using the original steering to do the patch panels on you 38 Dodge Humpback Panel truck (RC). I will be using this as my daily driver for as long as I last. I plan on using the original steering that it came with. I will be using the original 25" Desoto flathead six with a gm T5 tranny to a 93 Dakota rear end. I will be saving the original rear end as well as the 3 speed tranny that came with it. My question is about using a Mustang 2 front set up. Has anyone done this using the flathead six? I've been searching for info but have come up short. I'm setting this build up so the truck can safely keep up with highway speed. I would appreciate pros and cons on the subject. Thank you all. Fran
  8. Thanks for the post. The fender crease is in far enough to almost touch the spare tire well . I'm going to have to learn as I go and not be afraid to make a mistake I guess. I'm going to try to bring all that stretched metal back in from the point of the crease. Wish me luck. Thanks again. That's a really nice looking truck you have there.
  9. I'm restoring my 38 Dodge Humpback RC delivery 1/2 ton. I've been looking for front fenders for a few years. They ranged from ones that were in worst shape than the two I have to $2,000 from a parts yard in Arizona. The truck was in an accident and creased the passengers side fender. I am going to try to repair the original (I am a beginner at metal work) some how. But I would like to know if anyone on this forum has experience with fiberglass fenders? I really could use some advise on this. Thanks Fran
  10. Thanks for your thoughts everyone. I plan to use this as my driver when I get it done. I have even thought of keeping the "double clutcher" that came with it and getting a 3.55 rear end. I just want to keep up with the 65 mpg crowd. I appreciate your help. Now, I have to see if I can get access to a Powerflight etc. Thanks again.
  11. My wife wants to be able to drive the truck too. My plans were to put the original Desoto 25" engine back in with a T5 standard shift overdrive. BUT...….. now I have to think "automatic transmission". I've checked out Wilco and that would work, if....I didn't care about using a GMC trans. I recall, some years ago, of someone putting in a Slant 6 w/automatic tranny. I am not experienced as most of you so I could use some Pros & Cons in the suggestions. By the way, when we had a big Ford van for wheelchair transportation, somehow we went through 3 clutches in 4 years...………………………………..HELP!!!!!!!!!!🤣 Thanks for your efforts. Fran
  12. I have the bead shaping done on the new metal. My Problem is how many inches should I allow when I cut the old metal out? The metal on the truck is in great shape. The beading all around is rotted only half way. This is my first try on patch panels so I would appreciate some suggestions. Thanks ahead of time.
  13. I would like to ask all of you what cut off tool (electric, I don't have access to a big compressor for air tools) can I use to fit in this small area to cut the inside two sides of my B pillar. I plan on rebuilding this by patching on the inside two sides. The rest has strong metal left to weld to. I plan to cut about 4" up. My problem is, 1.) I don't have experience, and 2.) my 4" cutoff wheel may be too big. I definitely need help, and am open to suggestions. Thanks ahead of time.
  14. Say Hey, I don't see a difference in supports/brackets off my truck. The wheel well clears enough to miss it. I have to find out what material was used between the support and fender, if any. Mine were loose when I dismantled them. Good luck to you. Fran
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