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  1. I never even think about the miles, runs well, keep an eye on oil, water temp and bring tools. Enjoy the view as we sit up higher in our pilothouses.
  2. I bet Tim has one of those passenger side panels kicking around. I had a rusted driver side panel that I patched but no such luck on passenger side. There are a lot contours on that part. Tim do you have a spare?? Thanks.
  3. Sorry forgot to mention this is for a B2B.
  4. Hello, happy new year. I am working on repairing my running boards, adding patch panel and replacing c channel support. I have the drivers side done, I had to repair the front panel that bolts to fire wall, right fender and running boards. Now I am onto the passenger side. Does anyone have a picture or diagram of passenger piece that connects running board to front right fender and fire wall, is it mirror image of driver side? Here is what I found.
  5. Oil, hmmm, do they need oil? Whatever is on sale at Napa. That’s has been my thought for my B2B and my ‘29 model AA Ford truck. It’s only oil, the machine tolerances aren’t such that you need anything special.
  6. Question on the color of your truck, do you have any info on it?? Thanks
  7. I had a very similar problem with my rebuild. Changed everything start up no problem, idle no problem, but under load no so great. What I discovered is that the wire to the coil was not getting the voltage it needed. So i replaced that wiring and everything came alive. The coil has input and out specs, easy to check with volt meter, i just waited for it to be way down on my list of causes. Good Luck.
  8. Hi, I have a 218 in a b1b, I am burning oil and am looking to solve this but I use the truck, so I hope to do this in stages. What I am asking is your advice of which I should do first? Some data. When I start the truck, the oil pressure goes right to 40 psi and holds for a while. Then when the motor gets to temp 160F, the pressure drops to 10 psi. The truck runs great, 55 mph all day long, 65 mph on highway. If I down shift or step on it, I get a rich plume of oily smoke. I think rings are the real culprit but value all your insights, so your advice is appreciated. Thanks.
  9. When I got my b1b the material that touches the door window glass when it goes up and down on the outside was missing. The metal support was there but no felt or rubber. Wanting to fix this but not pay a lot, I found that 3M makes a weather striping that fits perfect. You get 16’ of it for $7.00 free shipping on amazon. I got gray but comes in black. Sorry for Japanese packing, I bought it on line while I was in Japan, so that’s why I think they sent that one. Here is some pics
  10. Wow, lots of great advice. How will I know if it is an nos seal or a newer seal? Dodge logo, part number stamped on face? Thanks
  11. Oh, so that is what that is. I will remove it and clean it up. I’m sure it’s clogged with dirt/grease.
  12. On my b1b, where does one get a speedy seal and where exactly is the axle breather? Thanks for the help.
  13. Hi, I have a slow leak coming from around where the u joint meets the rear end. Any thoughts what I need to replace. I have never touched the rear other than brakes. Thanks
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