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  1. Here are some pictures of what I’m working with.
  2. Awesome, I greatly appreciate the positive feedback. I went to pick up my 2006 Durango this weekend from my property in the country, she’s been sitting there for two years while my wife and I ran team truck driving cross country... it had been robbed for three rims and tires and someone smashed out my back passenger door window to get inside. Just had to buy new rims and tires for that truck today... When I get the tarps off the Flathead next time I’m around her I will definitely get some pictures. I maybe able to find some that my pops sent me when he first got the truck. I will look now while I have some down time here at work. Talking with him him this week he said the truck was in running condition when it was parked 30 years ago... that was exciting to hear! Hopefully I can rebuild this motor...
  3. Hey guys. New guy here. Looking for some advice. I just inherited my father’s 1949 Dodge Flathead. He didn’t own it very long, he just got it a few months ago. He did $500 worth of labor for it. He doesn’t have the money, time or knowledge to get her running again so now she’s mine. I measured out 6x7.25 lug pattern on the rims... she needs rims and tires so I can get her on a trailer down to my house. I’m not seeing anything similar on my searches and wondering if someone might steer me in the right direction to get some rims and tires under her so she can roll again. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.
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