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  1. Bob just likes pulling tricks on us to see if we are paying attention
  2. I do wonder about the surface of the crank ... the bubbles or pits do not look correct. Is it like cross hatching on a cylinder wall? I have a used crank & A poor photo .... The surface on the crank is smooth & polished right out of the engine. Is buried away now for future use .... but it is smoother then the crank pictured above. The bearings on this engine does leave the center line on the crank. Is normal. I dunno??? I have never rebuilt engines before. I would almost venture to say, the crank on this engine I pulled out of a junk pile, looks better then the new crank from the machine shop. Just asking if that is a acceptable surface from a machine shop.
  3. Here in Texas, A friend bought a truck from a estate sale with a bill of sale & no title. I then 3 years later bought the truck from friend with a bill of sale. We use a Bonded title system. I paid a insurance agent $150 to bond the title. They run it through the system to see if it is stolen or has any liens on it. If it comes out clean they issue the bond I take to dmv. I pay dmv another $150 they give me a title to the vehicle .... With the understanding if there is a previous owner they can lay claim to it within 3 years .... after 3 years it magically turns into a full title & it is done. Just saying, you can not do that now. You would be turned down. There is a current title in the system with your name on it. I will shut up now, I would just move on with your project & move out of Ohio.
  4. I wonder what level brake job @bacelawis looking for .... A 1941 woody is pretty cool & they may be looking for a 100 point restoration with all factory parts. While I have a beater with a heater .... I just pulled the brass fittings from the wheel cylinders & master cylinder .... brought them to the local parts store along with all the brake lines I could save. I bought over the counter enough parts to put together a working brake line assembly. .... Really is not any more difficult then that. .... Kinda sorta. I get confused on threads, so I'm reluctant to offer advice on proper thread size ..... just bring the pieces with you & get the size you need. Working on my fuel system I know I need npt threads to fit my fuel tank, Ace hardware is selling me mip & fip fittings that work perfect. I have zero interest in learning all the correct sizes, I will just forget them later. I just suggest taking the parts you have to the parts store & get the lines that work for you.
  5. Thats too bad Ohio is going to be that way. I have no legal advice whatsoever ... Seems to me if the truck is legally licensed in Vermont, you have plates, registration current tags & insurance. If you were to get pulled over .... ??? In my mind your truck is now legally titled in Vermont. Your truck is entered into the system. You can not just pretend that the title does not exist & try something new. You may be arrested if you try. Same time Ohio can not pretend the legal title does not exist. But they are. So that's my question ... what if you were pulled over in the future, you have legal paper work .... You are guilty of not transfer title in a timely manner. You take the ticket to court ..... What would the Judge do? To be honest I would hate to be in the middle of a dispute between two states. Have you called DMV in Vermont? .... Maybe they have something in place to satisfy this need. I sure would hate to get a lawyer involved .... Might be a option. I personally might be tempted to just run it under Vermont plates, I imagine they will renew tags through the mail. This way you have followed the law and have done nothing wrong. You are only guilty of not transfer title which Ohio chooses to refuse. You have a legal title now. The Vermont loophole is a legal process. You can drive that truck legally in any state of the union. Ohio can not charge you with a unregistered or illegal car. .... I'm Sure they can make something up. Another option I might do, sell the truck to my brother in a different state, provide a bill of sale let him transfer the title, then sell it back to me with a bill of sale. This is simply a pissing match between two different states. Vermont figured out how to create legal tax revenue, Ohio is pissed off they got beat out of tax $$ You have followed the law & now stuck in the middle of their feud. Time will tell if the Vermont loophole continues .... right now it is legal. You are Grandfathered or... stuck with it.
  6. I can add that I bought some of those fittings for my truck from a local auto parts store. My original brass T coming from the Master Cylinder iirc was really a 4 way with 5/16" going in & 1/4" going out the other 3 outlets. They did not have the 4 way, but I bought 2 brass T with 5/16" threads, then I used reducers that went from 5/16" threads to 1/4" threads. They look a lot like the brass fitting above in photo, just different thread size. ..... Also the adapters were steel & not brass, but correct threads for the job. Thats how I got around my brake lines, by going to T instead of 4 way & using adapters to get the correct size. The vent line on rear end would probably be best to replace with good used. Possible you could tap it out to larger size & use a reducer to drop it back to the needed 1/4" ... correct thread pitch is important when tapping out.
  7. Trying to get a title in some states can be a nightmare. I have titled 1 car here in Texas before, it is pretty painless. Some people might think sharing the Vermont title process is a way to steal a car .... Is not true. But it is a way to get a title legally where is almost impossible otherwise. This kid in Tennessee used it and explains the process pretty well. He works as a paralegal for a lawyer ... pretty sharp with the paperwork. Also important to understand you do not actually get a title. Vermont vehicles over X amount of years do not get a title. They issue a registration & that is considered your title in Vermont .... The way I understand it. They have no problems issuing out of state registrations. they collect the tax revenue from it. They are well aware you are registering a vehicle that has been parked for many years. They do run a check on the vin to see if it is stolen or on any computers ... they will refuse if it is. Anyways you complete the process, they send you registration, plates, tags. You are legal to drive anywhere with the car. As always your state allows 30 days or whatever to transfer out of state vehicles to your address. When you go to DMV with your Vermont plates & registration to transfer it to your current address .... They keep or destroy the Vermont Registration & issue you a new one. Since the Vermont registration is a legal title in Vermont, Your state now will issue you a legal replacement title. Since they are taking your existing legal title. IMHO, DMV & state license fees are often convoluted to create more tax revenue. They create a never ending process just to keep collecting fees. They can easily check the VIN & run it through the computer ... thats not enough tax revenue for them. Vermont knows this & is a small state with low taxpayers .... They created the Vermont loophole, they will gladly checkout your VIN & register your car to get a share of the tax $$. Nothing illegal about it. If more states did this, less states would take advantage of you. I let my drivers license expire when I was sick for a few years. Washington state wanted $150 to start the process, + take a $100 drivers education course ... then they could give me an idea how much more $$ it would cost me. I moved to Texas instead. Took a written & driving test, paid $25 fee and was finished. .... Every state is different.
  8. While many things change including the brakes .... many things stay the same. Here is a photo of a 1949 truck. The lines are 5/16" coming out of the master cylinder into a T that feeds 1/4" lines to all 4 wheel cylinders. I just feel if your woody wagon has 10" drums, master cylinder & brake lines would be the same. .... I could be wrong. Here is how they are routed on a 1949 truck.
  9. You want to look at the draft tube .... whats coming out there? .... Just let it run it looks fine. When you put oil in the cylinders it gets pushed out into the exhaust pipe. One forum member ran so much oil through the engine into the muffler, took 2 hours driving to clear it out. Also metal will absorb moisture from the air ... this includes your engine block that has been stored for 40 years. You will get white steam from the engine as it warms up. I recently bought a used engine that sat for 8 years. Took 1 hour before all the white steam...smoke went away from the tail pipe. JMHO, I would let the engine clear itself, then I would dump the oil & add fresh .... treating it like a "break in oil" What is coming from your road draft tube imho is what you should be concerned about ... If your rings were leaky you would get a lot of blue smoke from the tube. A modern PCV system eliminates the road draft tube and runs the stoofs back through the tail pipe. Your road draft tube will tell you the story on your engine.
  10. I was just thinking this thread started 7 pages ago with a dead battery @MarcDeSoto One thing I'm not clear on .... Is your cooling system operational? Can you let the engine get up to operating temperature & run for awhile? I have no experience with starting up a old school rebuild. I know modern rings will seal almost immediately. While I think older cast iron rings will need some time to seat. I think it is good to get the bugs worked out & know it runs. Now If it was my rebuilt engine, I would next want to start it & run it for 45 miniutes-1 hour? Give it time to heat up, gaskets, seals,rings to get set in place. I would try to avoid a bunch of 2 or 5 minute runs before the engine has had time to get settled in. The poor acceleration sounds like a bad accelerator pump. Or it could be the rings are not set, you are a little low on compression, burning some oil .... Too early to troubleshoot yet. Is even better if you can take the car out & drive it to break in the engine proper. At least get a cooling system working on it and let it go through some heat cycles before troubleshooting little issues. My 2 cents.
  11. Pretty sure it was a wise man who once said, speed kills ... drive a flathead & live forever.
  12. You are correct Merle, I did not think it through. The brake pedal rotates on the shaft. While the clutch pedal rotates the shaft. I did check the brake pedal closely, used brake clean & fine sand paper .... The brake pedal does not have a bushing either on my truck. All back together now. The clutch pedal does still have some slight side to side play .... is 100% better then it was. I have test fitted the toe board and good clearance there. I think the time it took to add the bushing was worth it. While I may have expectations of finding factory bushings installed .... fact is the pedal assembly has worked for over 75 years. No complaints on quality from me.
  13. I understand scarebird is gone .... here is a post copied & pasted from another forum .... I click on the link & goes nowhere. Just suggesting scarebird is no longer a option. We have RustyHope & now this site being discussed in this thread. Damn, another company folding due to COVID/supply chain problems. Here’s their website announcement: Scarebird closing Due to latent supply constraints from Covid-19, we have decided to shut down operation effective end of 2022. Items still listed are available - those not listed will not be replenished. Phone is not is use - please email us direct: tech@scarebird.com We sincerely appreciate your patience. Website will revert to info only regarding kits previously sold in 2023.
  14. Honestly these old Mopar are not selling for what the same Chebby or Ford is ... Just a opinion. Same time I have seen the prices of Mopar climb high in the last couple years .... $12k seems low for the car you describe. Last week at the grocery store a carton of eggs was $11 .... Cars are going up also. I'm not trying to talk you into buying the car .... I suspect you are hesitant spending the money to buy the car. .... Looking for someone to talk you out of it. Actually sounds like a good deal to me .... buy it & drive it. You just need to make a decision .... A carburetor really has nothing to do with it.
  15. Sounds perfect, except for 1 minor flaw .... 3600 rpm is max for these engines before you wipe out the bearings .... You would not want to run 3600 rpm for extended periods of times. The performance of the engine you describe .... Sounds like it possibly just needs to be ran. Often these old cars sit around for extended periods of time .... they have old gas in them, condensation builds up in the fuel tank .... The car just needs to be taken for a nice long drive with fresh gas. .... And drive it often. There is a whole lot more to just drive it. Maintenance schedule you need to crawl under it and .... I bet these older cars have at least 30 lubrication points .... When is the last time you greased your water pump or added oil to your generator? Have you Lubed your speedometer lately? Many people let the maintenance get behind .... I imagine if you bought the car, started driving it ran some sea foam through the gas ... I like a bottle of heet in the gas tank. I imagine you would have different questions, replacing the carburetor would not be on top of the list.
  16. Welcome aboard, nice project to start with .... Sounds like you have done your homework. Just remember it is not a running race. To see who finishes first. Suppose to be a learning process, that you enjoy & do for fun. ..... Some of us old farts do it for mental health reasons. It is a process & enjoy it .....
  17. I'm so jelly ..... "I hear on a radio commercial jelly is the new kids word for jealous. " I am on a yearly contract, this year am paying 13.3 cents per kwh .... as long as I stay under X amount of kwh per month. I only stay under the limit 8 months of the year, so 4 months am paying over 19 cents kwh Just saying, I am so jelly of your 5.9 .... not trying to change the subject of the thread. .... Just amazed at seeing 5.9 .... thats like seeing gasoline for 75 cents a gallon.
  18. Just my humble opinion and worth what you paid for it. If your stock carburetor is in good condition, they work fine. The Carter B&B is a very simple design, easy to work on, rebuild kits are available. "cheap" The flathead engine is a very simple design & very reliable ... Mopar built the flathead 6 all the way up into early 1970's because they were so reliable. My 218 claims to have 95 HP .... They just suck at airflow. By design the intake/exhaust has to move sideways .... very poor way for a air pump to operate. So that creates my opinion, there is a lot of things that can be done to improve airflow on a flathead 6. Port the heads, Cam, pistons, rods ... custom intake & exhaust .... then match a carburetor to the engine. Slapping a aftermarket carburetor on a stock engine .... whats your goal ... 96 HP? You may end up losing performance instead. I have no idea what a YF is or what CFM it is classified as. If you bought it for your 1985 Ford .... It is too big for your stock flathead. Same time the Carter B&B is too small to put on your Ford. My engine I need to pull the choke out for a cold engine, Its starts very easy. Then it is a race to open the choke back up & it sits and idles fine cold. It simply does not like to run with the choke on.
  19. I have in the past used atf mixed with the engine oil, did a great job cleaning a engine .... I would imagine it would do good for a gear box or rear end? I may have to try that myself Is amazing the things we think of as so simple can be a real pita to find ..... I just ran into the problem hunting down a half moon key. Just a item not been used in automobiles for decades. I'm have a local ace hardware store a few blocks down the street .... they have a pretty decent selection of hard to find screws & fasteners .... might be worth a look.
  20. Is it possible you have a 1936 & up clutch disk installed when you need a 1935 & earlier?
  21. I think you are correct ... the question is why? My first 1949 truck the farmer installed a 1938 engine into it .... That caused me to do some reading. Seems that in 1935 they moved the starer outwards ... This involved changing the bell housing, flywheel & clutch. So if you were going to swap parts .... 1935 was the year you needed to pay attention. You needed to swap parts 1935 & older ... or 1936 & newer.... Or was it 1934 & older or 1935 newer? .... This is your challenge. Never really affected me so I never really followed up on it .... 1935 was the key year though. Why I suggest mix matched parts & why you should research.
  22. I'm no expert. Just saying I have taken a pressure plate apart. I checked the spring heights and the surface was in good shape .... I figure the mechanical parts including the clutch disk are good enough to put back into service. The bearings & bushing I'm concerned with old dried up grease. Of course this is a Ford, but the principle is the same .... This Ford pressure plate is ready to go back into service. Your Dodge has some issues, you will need to look closely to figure out what is rubbing where & why.
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