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  1. Lucky you caught it before it destroyed the cylinder. You get a ATA-BOY! and a extra cookie. Back in the day it was common to take these old jalopies to the local gas station and have the mechanic do a ring or valve job, not always both. I question the need to replace all pistons .... probably the ring failed and broke the piston .... because you are replacing the rings one would hope it did not happen to another piston. You might sleep better if you replaced all of them .... myself I might pull a used piston out of a parts engine and slap her back together with hone and new rings. Certainly would be a good time to pull the valves and lap them, while you have it tore down. Then you may as well pull the engine and check the cam and the timing chain and then .... Kinda falls into the if not broke don't fix category. Either way you go is not wrong. Just up to you how much fun you want to have at one sitting.
  2. I could use a couple new shirts, my dogs are like my children and off topic. I feed my dogs the same food I eat, I just fix a lil extra for them .... I then feed them ice cream 3 or 4 nights a week to be certain they are to fat to get out of the fenced yard. I know I am cruel, they never turn down ice cream. .... Ice cream for all!
  3. Exactly why this thread was created .... like it or not dogs cant control this thread.
  4. For what is worth, as a adult, I would tell JB what I thought ... does that make me or him wrong?
  5. I have to admit you are a pretty snappy dresser, while you show no facts, I think your opinion has no facts and simply "A" opinion .... and exactly why I was 100% wrong on why we could be adults.
  6. I will agree with you on this. Only possible thought I have around this, create a new category "current events" It could work, or it could turn into a disaster. On a good note, we are all adults and some here have more experience of being a adult ... then others. .... I can see where it could go sideways quick ... same time I do not think any long time regulars want to start political or religious issues with another. What you have created here is something unique. And I love you for it. I can see where you would want to nip it at the bud and be sure it never comes back. While at the same time, you could just open another category and let us old ornery cuss battle it out ... if we chose to do so? I honestly think there would be some great conversation going there. I think we are all a adult ... enough to police ourselves. I suspect there may be times a moderator may need to step in ... I am thinking it would not be as much as you think. Unless you get a bunch of outside trolls. Just a idea.
  7. I got to love that. I never paid any attention to the tv. Same time I admit the wife lets me watch my news channel while fixing dinner ... I personally would never donate a dime to AARP .. Funny how it all worked out. I am laughing with you
  8. Teachings from the school of hard knocks Actually my 1991 chevy the gauge is very active while driving.
  9. I think times have changed ... I think in the 1990's I was on top of the tire situation. I was a manager of a Bandag retread shop and took care of all common issues with semi truck tires, and pretty much had a good grasp on passenger tires. This forum and some members think I was totally wrong, while at the time I was correct ... now I see the rules changed and I was using the old rules. I refuse to nit pick Tony for the same reasons. When he was in the pits and taking care of nitro engines ... Everything has changed. The source, the quality and availability is all different. In honesty I think Tony is a barf bag and smokes way to much, he spends to much time eating bacon ... but is actually a intelligent person and made more then one living off of cars and mopars., not going to hold cigarettes and bacon against him. His tricks and tips are relevant today porting heads and basic engine rebuild.
  10. And I had such high hopes. This morning he drove off down the road a few hours ago in said truck ... YAY! maybe he sold it. Fed X just dropped off a new set of slicks and sitting on his front porch. It aint over yet.
  11. I watched that myself, before this video was released Nick had given a update last week that Tony found the lifters failed. Is this more cheap China part coming back to bite us? The kid from the other youtube channel supplied the parts. My opinion after watching the video this morning, There were about 4 things wrong that Nick found. The crud in the oil galleries. But they found out the block supplied needed machine work, Tony just happened to have a original block that needed no machine work ... Hot tank would have been good but out of the question. for the time constraints. There was a gasket missing on the oil pump, Is it possible one was not supplied? Nick thought was not a major issue but had one and installed it anyways ... I would like to hear Tony opinion on that. He also did not put a sealant on the soft plugs and Tony said he did not want any ... I raise my hands up, I cleaned my block up and installed the plugs dry, They dripped for a bit and quit. Was bad one of the rocker shafts was turned around, And Nick said was not a big issue and would still work, but did correct it. Think I remember seeing the new kid assemble the rocker shafts on the bench and then hand them to Tony .... 12 hours in on a junkyard build and Tony may have missed the mistake the kid made. I imagine if Tony was working by himself and not in a rushed contest environment, that would not have happened. Other then those, Nick the MAN found nothing wrong with assembly. Tony got hit by cheap China parts ... AGAIN! His other car named bottlerocket, Tony took it out on a weekend and beat on it. New lifters failed and wiped out the cam. He lost oil pressure and had to tear it down, that was 6 or 8 weeks ago ... And these were the parts Tony ordered for his own engine. I am still reserving judgement on Tony, would like to hear his opinions on what happened and then after Nick does final dyno if it blows up or not.
  12. I actually thought about that .... think I am just keeping the video's handy in case something goes sideways. The court house is on this very street just a few blocks down the road, and the police station sits behind the courthouse. Those times he is doing multiple passes, police could be here in 45 seconds or less ... if they are not interested so be it. This is not the first so called race car he has had, then a few weeks ago he came home with a Harley sportser then that disappeared and this truck showed up .... the truck does have a shoe polish 4 sale sign on the back window. Maybe it will be gone soon. Kid had a pretty decent job and a company work truck, then the virus hit and work truck sat in his driveway for a month and it went away ... I assume his job did to. I get frustrated with youngsters, I wish him no harm.
  13. Been dealing with a neighbor for some time ... putting up with it. He is a young kid, the type that puts his dog on a chain in the back of the truck bed and parks in the sun ... when the dog jumps out and chokes itself on the short chain ... 3 different neighbors ran out to save the dog. Then again, while he has a fenced backyard, he lets the dog run free ... The dog comes over to the other neighbors house and drags garbage all over the hood. The guy is a menace in the grocery store, puts his young boy in the shopping cart and runs full speed up and down the meat isle. Making var000m var000m noises. Boy just does not have the brains he was born with, imho. I just been avoiding him after he tried to hang his dog. Now he has possession of a truck that belongs on a dragstrip ... am I just a grumpy old man that does not like hotrods? Here is a mild video of what he did today, yesterday he tried to see how big of a burnout could do, came out with a tape measure this morning to measure the black marks his Hoosier slicks left on the road. ... truck been quiet for awhile, as I write this is getting dusk and he fired it back up again. And again it sounds like a drag strip in front of my house. Am I just a grumpy old man? or should I embrace this kid for being a hot rodder? open it up for opinions
  14. Funny story about head bolts. At one time I was active in a Ford Explorer forum because I owned one. One of the forum members was a local community collage shop teacher, bought a all wheel drive explorer from a wrecking yard that needed a new wiring harness. Used it for teaching class. In the end they took it to the 1/4 mile race track for a couple years. Kept adding more horse power and bigger turbos .... rebuilding transmissions, Actually a pretty cheap cool car, with AWD, that thing would hook and go, While the car in the next lane was doing wheelies and burn outs and trying to get off the line, the explorer was 1/2 way down the track. At one point, He was losing a couple of quarts coolant racing the 1/4 mile and tried everything with new head gaskets new oem head bolts this went on for a few months. He finally realized because he did drive the car on the street to school and the track, was only when racing, the head bolts were stretching and the heads were lifting during the 1/4 mile race. He bit the bullet and bought high dollar head bolts for it, cured the issue. While some may think it stupid, was just a hrrr'm moment for me thinking about the limits of head bolts.
  15. I agree, we are always told to re torque but they always say after you run it for x amount of time and then again after x amount of miles. Because of the temperature we run these engines ... 180 T-stat? I imagine the cylinders and head reach higher temps, exhaust manifold is several hundred degrees. but block is surrounded by a cooling system at 180 degrees it does not get too hot? I cook my dinner at 350 degrees, 180 is pretty cool. When you shut off the engine, cooling system stops working and we get heat soak, temp gauge rises ... When that goes back down in just a few minutes. In my mind any expansion / contraction is over. A busy mechanic may just as soon as it is cool enough to actually get the socket on it and get er did, push it out the door and get to the next job. Since I am not a mechanic, I have time for it to cool down and be comfortable to work on. Between the heat cycles and the compression of the engine, you get it up to temp for some time. There is aprox 120 psi compression on 2 cylinders at every firing stroke. Those head bolts really take a lot of abuse.
  16. I would think, since metal expands when heated, when cooled is optimal time. After a few times, at least 3 times if head was off ... should be no more movement. Twice probably gets it done, and 3 times is to be sure ... never hurts to do it 4 times though. I agree with this also, if after re-tourquing the head is a small dribble, give it time.
  17. Is the engine overheating? A properly working cooling system and a 180 degree T-stat it should run at 180 degrees. No idea what temp your T stat is. If you are having a over heating issue, checking the T-stat is one of the first things to check ... I put them in a pan of water and as long as the T-stat opens before the water boils .... I assume it is working.
  18. When I first got started in construction, as a grunt labor, moving sprinklers around on fresh concrete was one of my jobs. Let it setup over night, then water it for a few days to cool and slow down the drying process. Less chances for cracks etc... in the driveway of your new 500 thousand dollar house you just bought.
  19. Years ago we would buy terracotta tiles from Mexico, they were hand made and then laid out in the sun to bake. Then a stray dog would wander across them and leave prints. They became very popular. Today, when you order x amount of tile, you have to open the boxes and separate the ones with paw prints. then lay them in some sort of path that makes sense. Just became so popular and a demand for the tiles with paw prints, today I think they have a hand stamp and randomly add them. I think it adds character and a lived in effect.
  20. Maybe go get a new kitten, is the season and let it run across the pad? This lil girl we got yesterday, today she is figuring out the doggy door.
  21. I am going to have to kindly disagree here. A transmission jack is very good and a requirement for a busy shop. For the individual working at home, a transmission jack imho is a luxury. We just need to be creative ... I have seen some tranny jacks that were a total joke and felt sorry for the owner. My old 1960 sweptline I wrapped a chain over the cab and through the windows, and then a come along from the chain to raise the old heavy 4 speed, was pretty uneventful clutch repair. Since it was a truck to haul garbage with, I did not protect the paint, pretty sure it never scratched the paint. With my 1987 Ford 3/4 ton work van, I swapped the C6 trans out with a floor jack. I admit it took a couple hours in the dirt. I laied a piece of plywood down for the jack to roll on. Then I strapped a piece of plywood on top of the jack for the trans to sit on. I could then raise and lower it and move it back and forth, then I spent a hour setting the transmission on the plywood at just the right angle, using blocks of wood and when I finally got it where I wanted it, I just rolled the jack forward and stabbed it to the engine. Easy peasy. Now if I hired a mechanic at $100 per hour and he was doing what I was doing, I would fire him on the spot. But if working at home, main #1 thing is to think about safety. But creativity is useful. A transmission jack is never going to be on my bucket list of tools, while anytime I look on facebook and see patience for sale, I will grab all I can get.
  22. That would be the easy and simple way to go. Just fix what ya got. When I bought this house, my original plan was to do exactly what PA is doing now. Pour a slab on the backside of the garage and a carport over it, a man door through the wall. Tools in the shop and easy access to the work area. Main problem is the alley is so narrow, with my 12" gate I can get my truck in the back yard, I could not get a car trailer into it. Is on the west side and hotter then Hades in the summer time ... several reasons why I do not want to do this now. After living here. Same time I all ready have the carport in front, easy access, shady in the afternoon is all ready a dedicated work area ... When I said "pour a footing" what I really meant was pour a foundation. Attach it to existing garage foundation, stick build a wall on top and add a couple windows, move the roll up garage door forward and re-use it, add a man door in the corner exits near the front door of house. Existing garage is 10'x22' carport is 12'x24' The only downside I see, is a 45' garage on the side of my little house. For a car guy that might not look to bad. 10'x22' I am really out of room and need to stretch out.
  23. Molasses is a good rust remover, never heard of it being used in cylinder walls. You say you have rust in "one" cylinder ... this may require more investigation. Removing the head would not be a terrible waste of time, as mentioned above you also could have stuck valves. Very common on these old flatheads, and a simple fix if the head is off. Your comment though "rust in one cylinder" causes a eyebrow to raise. Do you all ready have the head off? How do you know? How did the moisture get in there? I have heard 1000 times that 50/50 atf/acetone is the best to use in a situation like this. All that being said, curious what molasses/water would do. I tried it one time at my Uncles house. I had a 20 gallon bucket I filled and used to de-rust things. I had my heater in it, doors were rusted closed. 2 weeks later I pulled it out and it was like brand new. Hose it off and paint it, like new today ... except where the pits are from severe rust. I kinda doubt it will penetrate though ... would clean everything it can reach and maybe that would be enough? You're really thinking outside of the box here Grandpa had a old plymouth suburban, he drove the wheels off of that car. Last time he drove it in 1961, He wound her out so tight he spun a bearing and continued to drive it to get home, ended up locking up the motor. I gave it away a couple years ago, I told the guy the story so he does not waste his time trying to unstick the motor. Sometimes we get lucky on these old engines, but not all the time.
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