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  1. The obvious problem is you have paint! I like this style of ground strap, they have heft to them, look period correct. Ground engine to body, then body to frame. Anyplace you put a ground, you need to sand off the paint and get to bare metal for a good connection. Another tip is to use star washers. They have little barbs on them and when tightened they bite into the metal a bit more. Then if wanted you can tape off the cable and paint over the top ... to keep it clean looking. " the most I have been able to get now is some spit back smoke through the ca
  2. Even possible it was the carb causing the issue before it was rebuilt .... Now it is fine. Did @librado65 change the oil while getting the carb rebuilt? Why I am not so quick to jump on the re-builder of the carb. I certainly suggest to inspect it closely. I think this is a learning experience in life. Lucky I learned on a old truck worth $200 at the time. Loss of the engine on a old classic like this sucks. And not cheap. @Sniper may be correct here. Another example just 2 days ago. I wanted to use my new pressure washer, worked fine last time I pu
  3. I was thinking the same as @knuckleharley At very minimum double check that carb before installing on next engine. I had a old beater 1961 dodge sweptline with a slant 6. It's main duty was to collect garbage and drive it to the dump 2 or 3 times a month. Then later started driving it more since one of the other cars was down. One day wife was driving it down the freeway and heard a explosion ... pulled over thinking she blew a tire .... it was running fine so she took off again. Later on I looked at it to see what I could find. I had to stand on the fender to
  4. Congratulations, you just found something to study and learn. Not trying to be a arse ... just saying you need to learn this. The info is available and you are in the right place. When I ordered my new tank and sending unit from Tanks The lady answering the phone asked questions ... I was very specific about being 6 volt + ground. She scolded me like a old school marm and said it did not matter. Just saying she sold the units for years and she said it does not matter 6 or 12 or + or - the sending unit will work for my application. Not saying she was bossy, she jus
  5. Code: 179588306162800629 Your code expires on September 19, 2021, 12:00 Midnight CT, so do not wait! There is no limit on order size or number of orders - use your code on your next order, and share it with your friends and family!
  6. Has great advice here. Pull the head, oil the valves inspect all ... I think I paid $100 for a engine rebuild gasket set from napa. But we have 2 different styles of advice here. imho the motor been rebuilt. It should be good unless it had sat outside or had access to water. Back in the day a farmer would hook a chain to it and tow it around the field until the compression came up and the engine started. I am that person. Others think you should disassemble the engine and go from there. The issue is so common for a engine sitting for years. I sa
  7. Nice job on checking the compression. You are in great shape and will be some work ... you got this! First off, the old school rings when sitting. They tend to freeze or get gummed up ... their job is to open up and seal the oil/compression. But with old oil and sitting, they just do not move. Working properly they expand & contract with heat and rotate around the ring landings in the piston. This seals the compression in the cylinder. But sitting for awhile, you may need to use some marvel mystery oil, some atf/acetone 50/50 in the cylinders to free up the rings and ge
  8. Yeah being a automatic ... kinda sounds wrong but not impossible. ... A fluid drive? Maybe. ... The op posted it is a 2 door. Most truck are. Might be worth restoring if it was a fluid drive? OP states they want to part it out. Or do they mean they want to sell the whole truck as 1 item for parts? A lot of questions here. @tinlizzybe nice to have more information as to what you really have. Then there is a classified section here to actually advertise. I am hoping you will advertise there I need some parts. Here in this thread, we are still making conversation to figure
  9. Simple, they have the only alignment rack in town And was the owner of the shop not a worker. He did the original alignment on the caravan when I bought the new tires from him. And he did my truck also when I bought tires for it. He knows how to do the job and is good at it. Maybe I pissed him off by not paying him to change the struts? To be honest he is not the best shop in town, locals complain he charges too much. Same time he has a large shop on the freeway off ramp, several mechanics & constantly busy. A lot of Diesel work. So bringing a 1993 sh*t
  10. It was loose, I put 2 full turns on the holding screw. Just to check how loose it was. End of day putting tools away and just tightened it to satisfy curiosity. I thought it was looser then that, it has a plastic cover & a metal shield going over the plug. They still wiggle a little bit. I think the next few days I will remove the plug, clean everything up ... figure out why the shields are still loose ... is the bolt too long? Do I need to add a washer? I think this is the problem, still needs more attention. every chance i get, i replace the whole unit,main re
  11. I just feel I need to add some closure to this thread ... Not positive all is fixed yet. Took me 5 days to get the tank & pump out. Then I found out Rockauto sent me the wrong fuel pump. While ordering a new pump from Amazon, I replaced the struts I ordered from Rockauto. Only took 2 days ... maybe 3 to install the tank .... But I got er did! I only tightened the wire harness ... I feel it was not the issue, yet I did get 2 turns on the bolt to hold it. We drove it the other day for a 1 hour trip, we had no problems with it. I took it in for a ali
  12. Are you sure about this? .... If a + ground coil from new has been run in the 3600 rpm range, ran that way all of it's life .... It is the side of the coil that the energy is coming in from .... A simple way to explain it, you are getting power from + or - on the coil ... electricity flows both ways. I really do not think it matters if it is 6 volt, 12 volt ... ballast resistors do matter. But if you switch polarity on any used coil, you will run into strange issues at higher rpm. The coil is basically broke in to run one direction, when you swap polarity it is now runni
  13. I am just asking because not sure .... If it is a original + ground car, you hook the battery up this way. Can you tell by the way the volt meter is working? ... if it is charging it is correct ... if it is discharging then you need to switch the battery connections? Make sure the radio is not turned on, other then that I do not think anything would be hurt if installed backwards. Or is there a better way to tell?
  14. I have seen some videos on the strengthener of the 9". Seems they would add some gussets to the housing. Now days they sell kits for them. Back in the day they were doing it in the garage with scrap metal. While the housings had some weak points that needed some beefing up to handle the power, they did that and used them behind nitro dragsters. Today they are still using the same concept. Dennis Taylor building his car, He is hoping to get it in 6 seconds on the 1/4 mile. Rear end is all custom, no parts say Ford on it. But a custom built set of gears for a Ford
  15. I know my 1996 explorer had rear drums. Thinking around 1999 or 2000 they came factory with rear disk brakes ... really not sure on the year of the switch but newer explorers have rear disk. Just seems it would be easier to find a 10 or 15 year old car in the wrecking yard with rear disk, then a 30 year old with drums. Not sure what search parameters you are using for your search. As far as I know, the widths never changed from older to newer explorers and newer will work fine. I can see where the 4:10 may be harder to find, less of them made as the explorer was more of
  16. Have you considered rebuilding the existing front suspension, adding a disk brake conversion ... tweaking it some maybe a stronger sway bar and better bushings etc? ... they really were a decent front suspension for it's time. Possibly replace it later if it does not do what you want? Just tossing a idea out there ...
  17. The Ford explorer 8.8 will come with disk brakes on newer models, older is drum. They come with many different gear ratio's. My 96 explorer 2 door sport had 4:10 ratio ... it was fun with the 5 or 6 speed auto trans. They are a very common swap for these vehicles .. width and wheel bolt pattern is correct. I hear they are not as strong as a Ford 9" ... but really close to it. You have to admit the 9" has a reputation thats hard to beat. If you insist on mopar, the Jeep Cherokee also fits, comes with disk brakes and many different ratio ... is owned by mopar ... no cl
  18. This is one of those moments you want to spend time on. What is your goal for your car? Keeping it 6 volt is fine, are you sure you do not want to convert to 12 volt? This is a choice you need to decide for your application.
  19. Life is a journey. We all have the same destination, it is the ride and how we get there that matters. I suspect @Sniper friend enjoyed having the projects and staying busy, he enjoyed his life. I do agree is something to think about, who will be affected by your passing? My only worry is my wife. Not just croaking off ... you die and game over. Thats the easy way out. What if you just lose your ability to earn a living? I never planned to become disabled. When we are young some like me never think about earning a living. I call this the house from Hades
  20. I watch a lot of his videos, his wife drives a ls swapped dodge & not really into them. Last winter he chopped a think it was a 52 or 53 Plymouth ... pretty cool stuff but not really my deal. I like to watch his problem solving skills and how he works through them He built the General now that is a cool truck. A lot of fabrication skills mating the 2 International cabs creating a 4 door mounted on a Dodge cummins chassis. Making the bed and the rear fenders. The 22.5 super single semi tires ... one heck of a tow rig.
  21. Not sure if it was a factory ordered option at the time ... many things were. My B1C had the spare tire carrier and also my B1B has it.
  22. Sounds about right to me. Even for old school drum brakes. I replaced the hydraulics in my brakes last year, but still not driving it. I wont bother to adjust the brakes until they are set in place from braking. Actual driving. While disc brakes will self adjust, there still is a break in period to get everything set in place from all the hydraulic pressure. Kinda reminds me of piston rings. There are different brands, chrome molly, iron ... all need different break in procedures. Reminds me of a old customer, lady in her 70's and bought a new corvette in 2016
  23. Well almost done mowing the lawn ... watched that short clip and saw they were cheating ... well you know. Cutting the body up and extending the frames ... make a altered wheel base to run in stock class ... hrmph! Reminds me of the story where the old man always bragged about his 35 dodge race car. His kid was driving dad to town one day in his chebby truck and when he took off he lit up the tires and then he banged the gears and went sideways and banged the gears again and straightened it out. While cruising to town he asked his father if that was how his old dodge ra
  24. No idea if he could beat Ronnie or not, but he did drive there 2nd car a few times in part 1, now am finding out there is 4 parts to the series and here is a short 11 min video shows him driving for Sox & Martin. Maybe I'll watch after I mow the lawn ... just got weed eating done now.
  25. I honestly never heard of this guy before. Ran across this video in another forum and I thought it was interesting. He started off racing chebby's but was interesting how he was introduced to mopar Hemi 4 speed cars. This is just part 1, there is part 2 also. I dunno maybe I just wanted to get out of cutting the grass .... kk I'll go mow the lawn now
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