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  1. that was a tough nut to crack
  2. I'm not familiar with the brakes on these big boys. Many here are though. If the maser cylinder is leaking, probably needs rebuilt. Possible you can use a rebuild kit & hone the cylinder out .... possible you may need to send it in and have a sleeve installed. There is a good chance the leaking master is also why you have no pressure. ..... If fluid can leak out, air can get in. Same with the wheel cylinders. nicop is really easy to work with .... is very reasonable on price ... made from nickle & copper it is rust resistant. ....Is nationally certified for brakes, fuel, transmission lines. I would start with pulling the drums & inspect every thing. You know you want to repack the front wheel bearings You could try to bleed the brakes first. If wheel cylinder's are leaking will just waste fluid and cause a mess drenching the brake pads.
  3. Cool car. I'm guessing this practice is not common today. Modern cars can not survive being chopped with all the structural issues ..... Back in the day it happened a lot. This is a Ford station wagon cut down. My photo above with the Ford exploder .... A man owned a restaurant, A branch from a tree fell in the back parking lot. It fell on his cooks car. The owner bought the car from the cook to avoid using his insurance, then sold it cheap & I bought it. Just saying it was a good running car .... just had issues. I worked for a tire shop 50 years ago, the owner had a 1971 Honda car? Was the real tiny one. His kids rolled it one day, he cut the roof off & made a truck out of it .... out of necessity. He was poor & needed a car, a few years later his business did well .... He bought another good one & had it transformed to a truck, used it for advertisement. This photo is just for imagination, His was painted Imron blue with the shop lettering on the side .... 4, 15" passenger tires in the back was a full load. Was a cute truck though. Cars are just not made the same .... chances are if a tree branch falls on one .... will destroy 3 miles of the 10 miles of wire in it .... including the structure.
  4. Your wife is looking for her lost bath towel ....
  5. There is no right or wrong way to raise children, A million books and a million opinions .... Is up to you to do whats best. I was just being a smart arse, thinking if you gave him pointers, his GF may give him a kiss for being so intelligent The very next day a radio show I listen to, the host was upset. His 19 year old Daughter who is a collage student was having problems. This made him sad. Same time as a multi millionaire, he said he could fix her problems ..... then he would be stealing from her the opportunity to learn & react to fix things on her own. You see @sniper, I was thinking as a friend to get that kid a kiss .... I am not a parent, you are.
  6. My Uncle was one of those that needed it or at least stopped driving because of cataracts. He refused to get the procedure done.
  7. I will agree with you 100% Is a very quick & painless procedure. As I remember it over 15 years ago. My mistake was the next morning I woke up & "rubbed the sleep" out of my eyes .... I messed one up & had to go back in. This time they sent me home with a metal cup over the eye to protect it .... is only needed for 24-36 hours, while eye heals. I feel a bit lucky on glasses. While I have bifocals, I rarely wear them I'm near sited in one eye, far sited in the other. The brain just naturally adjust ....I wear glasses to read small print, normal print is fine. I hope you have as much luck as I have had.
  8. Just saying, a 12 pack & a sawzall got me kicked out of the trailer park .... careful what you wish for.
  9. I sure hope you do not think I'm offended @Sam Buchanan You offer a very valid opinion which I value. My opinion is @Sam Buchananschooled me on electrical connections for Hot Rods. I thought I knew what was best .... Sam comes around and explains what he does for aircraft ..... I'm eating crow. I thank Sam for teaching me. How many books are required to read to learn about the differences of copper stranded wire, & proper connections & proper uses for different applications? I love @sniper opinion also .... I remember when I was a apprentice finish carpenter. We were building a curved maple rail for a staircase. I was grinding in a cat's ass joint ... I asked Doug the best way to do this .... He got pissed and exclaimed it took him 40 frigging years to learn this ... why should he teach me? Me: ... You paying me by the hour boss, you can show me or pay me... your choice. ... He showed me. ... He growled while doing it. People today have learned many new things from standing on the shoulders of our ancestors. Do we imagine we moved from using a latrine to using a indoor bathroom without sharing knowledge? C'mon @Sniper, share with the kid your info on the cabin filter .... He can then use his brain to work on bigger issues .... He would also learn about having a back up plan. We all learn something.
  10. I will add that people learn in different ways. ..... I quit school in the 8th grade, I was wasting everyone's time .... I never could learn much from books. Although I did enjoy reading novels ,,,, not anymore. I have a couple books on my truck, recently I had a problem removing a 1/2 moon key ... my book did not show the key. A great man here shared his book & it showed the key. My point is, you read one book & you get one opinion. .... May not be the best opinion or even a correct opinion .... but you get it. Today's world with the internet & information sharing .... imho is far superior then just reading a book. You ask a question, and almost instantly you get several opinions and solutions. It is almost like reading several books on the subject. The conversation is almost like sitting around a table & sharing experiences .... Then we are talking decades of combined experience. .... Everyone learns something. May only be that the one sitting over there has mental issues .... but we all learn something. I personally like everyone's questions & opinions, with this community you never know where the conversation will go, or what you will learn. I also respect the opinion of the others that say go read a book.
  11. I also want to thank @sniper for the link. I ordered the 84" version this morning for my truck. Getting my list knocked down. Still need a E-brake cable Then can burn in the floor pan. May as well take advantage of the easy access while I have it. I have mixed feelings about @LeRoy .... Thought I was finished with my speedometer .... Now thinking I may need to pull it back out & do a better job 🤣🤣🤣
  12. Mopar was way ahead of the curve, less compression requires less fuel
  13. I'm curious if you have tried to turn the water pump & generator individually? Is possible one of them is locked up causing problems turning by hand. My engine has the original style water pump, it has some old grease in it and gets very stiff & hard to turn by hand .... Generators have bearings. These engines do turn over fairly easy by hand .... when you hold your tongue correctly, Even with Keiths rebuilt engine. or sniper running engine. Mine is noticeably harder with the plugs in, but easy enough. If your engine is tough to turn by hand .... could be rings .... I would bet 2 cents on sticky valves. .... Either way soaking the cylinders down with marvel mystery oil or other types of light oil would help. Or it may not if you have a serious problem, but it will not hurt. Why I suggested above to pull the plugs, add some oil & turn it over with the starter til it does turn by hand. Maybe set a goal, turn the engine over with the starter to get oil pressure showing on your gauge .... I would do that before I tried to start the engine anyways myself. You might do that 2 or 3 times, add oil to the cylinders, then turn the engine over to get oil flowing .... This will help the bearings, where oil in the cylinders will not. This will be a fair amount of turning the engine over, if it helps you should now be able to turn it over by hand. After I got my engine running .... it sat for ~20 years ... I still soaked my cylinders 2 or 3 times afterwards.
  14. I'm very little help ..... my truck has both levers on top of the transmission. When I lift up on the gearshift, one lever moves up .... meaning it has 2 positions. down or up. Moving the gear shift into R/1 it has 3 positions. 1/N/R .... Same with 2/3. That may help you determine which lever does what. I ran into a issue when I started to take my linkage loose from the steering column to remove the steering wheel. I decided to wait on removing it and put the linkage back together. Then I could not get 1/R gears .... I messed with it a bit, finally I reached down & put the R/1 lever into neutral then the up/down lever down in it's natural position. (I have my floor cut out) You may need to crawl under & reach up. After setting the levers correctly on the transmission, then the gear shift lever worked fine. Worth a try, it was really simple, I did not remove the linkage from the transmission. I put the gear shift lever in Neutral then put the transmission levers in Neutral .... all was good.
  15. To explain myself .... When a carpenter runs a header across a opening, they sit the weight like roof trusses on top of the header or brace. When metal fabricators run a brace .... they just hang a heavy fuel tank from the brace & use bigger bolts to hold it. Never in my lifetime will I think it is OK to see the fuel tank hanging from a brace with fasteners .... although the factory did it all the time.
  16. You sound like a old carpenter. I also demand my Tank sits on top of the framing .... not hanging below the metal support by fasteners... Fact is the Tank does hang below the brace from fasteners .... I guess metal fabrication & carpentry are not the same. I built my own bracket & my tank sits on top of the bracket .... Like a old carpenter should. Seems these metal fabricators do not care .... they will hang the tank from fasteners underneath. .... Including Mopar in 1950. Not this old carpenter .... my tank sits on top.... As far as a front disk conversion, I think the front hub, inside wheel bearings diameter changes on your bigger truck compared to the 1/2 ton trucks. Just saying at the very least you need bigger bearings to fit on your larger shaft. That will change the rotors you would use .... While I have never done the disk brake conversion, I think you will need to do your own homework to find parts that fit. ... For a larger truck.
  17. Story time I bought my daily driver Chebby for a lower price, the seller claimed it had a short somewhere in the wiring. Always left him with a dead battery. He was so frustrated with it, he parked it in a barn for a couple years. Problem was a simple fix. Someone mickey moused the battery Cables on it, the main power wire coming off of the + post had a really nice YUGGGE copper end on it. They did not crimp it properly ... always had a loose connection & never charged properly .... It sure did look pretty though. I had a dead battery on the way home .... I ripped out the shiny large connector ... I mickey moused the the connection to get home, replaced it later. 5 years later never had another charging issue. Just suggesting, 1/0 cable is not easy to crimp if you do not have correct tools ... I suggest a 3 pound sledge hammer .... or a shop with proper tools to make the connections. Large cables not crimped properly can cause large headaches.
  18. The part you are talking about removing, is the last piece you take off .... or the first piece you put on .... depending how you look at it.
  19. Not sure about the inspection cover, but you can remove the starter & use a large flat screwdriver or prybar to engage the teeth on the fly wheel. I do not remember where you are on your engine .... Like Keith says, pull the plugs ... add a little oil .... use the starter to crank the engine to loosen it up. Then you should be able to turn it by hand with just the belt ... And not remove the starter.
  20. Thanks @Sam BuchananI bet a lot of people can use that information. .... I'm very glad that the kit is available. Many people prefer to buy something that is "not" a pile of doo doo sitting in a field. They want to test drive the vehicle before they buy it, then later can purchase the parts and let their mechanic install them. When they want to upgrade the brakes. Or they want to do the job themselves, but they do not want to weld or fabricate, just want to buy parts that fit. Then you have goofballs like me. I already bought the Rustyhope kit & sitting on a shelf for future use. Right now I'm fighting a master cylinder. .... If I need to replace it I will go the Toyota route like others. I have almost the same $$ invested into my welder, as I paid for my project truck. ..... I need to justify that cost & build things with it
  21. I have never looked at either one of those kits .... imho, adding a master cylinder with all needed hardware for installation is a game changer. In fact is the first I'm aware there was such a kit .... I wonder if they sell the master cylinder kit separate? I might have to check into that. Switching to disk brakes is a project. Switching to a two stage master cylinder is a completely different project. For that reason I would expect ECI kit to be twice the cost of Berbaum kit. And exactly why I will use Rustyhope & a Toyota master cylinder
  22. While I'm not a fan of LED lights, might be the lesser of two evils to add brighter bulbs using stock tail lights.
  23. @kencombs @billrigsby You are 100% correct in pushing he dent instead of pounding it .... I have not tried yet, but have looked things over & I think I may be able to use the running board mount as a base to push from. I think if I can push from the mount where it is riveted to the frame ... should not cause damage. I did jump back to working on the brakes. I removed the clutch & brake pedals, installed a bushing in the clutch pedal to remove the slop there ... all painted greased and ready to go into service ... gave the shift linkage love also while there. I did get the gas bottle filled for the welder, I welded in the patch panel in the back of the cab. Not perfect but will be fine. Is in such a place nobody can ever see it, and a smidge of filler will make it fine anyways. The master cylinder is kicking my arse I cleaned it up 2 years ago, replaced the rubber cub & bench bled it .... Never finished the lines to connect it. But it was performing as it should when bench bled. I have a proper rebuild kit for it now, so I soaked the master cylinder in Berrymans carb cleaner for 2 or 3 days. A very light hone & assembled .... I did not bench bleed it this time ... Sure it will be fine. I did complete all my lines & attempted to bleed .... no pressure from master. So it is back apart .... the relief port is plugged. .... Guessing when I soaked it & scrubbed it, I knocked some crap into it? The supply port is simple & goes straight from the bowl to the cylinder. The relief port seems to be a passage cast into the bowl. Just going to have to spend this afternoon trying to clear it. Or replace it ....
  24. I feel your pain on the sciatic nerves .... The way I understand it & feel it ... Is arthritis growing around the nerves that pass through your tail bone. The arthritis pinches the nerves to your legs .... causing pain to the legs. ..... Not something you get over. I wake every morning & judge my day from the existing pain I have in my legs, before I get out of bed & add too the pain. We just learn to deal with it. I have been disabled for 12 years because of a back injury, Social Security just uses the sciatic nerve damage as a reason .... This is why I bought my truck in 2018, very slowly working on getting it back on the road. I think of the truck as a physical exercise. Lifting, bending, twisting ... is good forced exercise I normally would not do. Just putting the truck up on jack stands can be all I can do for one day. I understand where @Bryan says needs some warm weather ....All we can do is try, accept our limitations as a challenge & keep on going. Lying on cold concrete with arthritis is a huge problem.
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