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  1. Start at $5,000 and work from there. Have a bottom line figure you won't go below.
  2. It can be done but you will have measure and notch the fire wall as the \6 is a good deal longer than the flathead. The radiator will have to move forward some as well. Engine mounts will have to be fabricated and you will have to be mindful of the oil pan fitment around the steering linkage. You'll have to consider transmission mounts. You have you work cut out for you. Another member is install a 4.0L Jeep I-6 and ATO in a 49 or 50 Dodge if I recall. Share pictures!
  3. I'm going with the Wilcap adapter and starter.
  4. My 1949 Coronet was converted to 12 volts with alternator when I purchased it and the Gyromatic worked fine once I returned the idle speed to a correct 475 r.p.m. A new 12 volt battery livened the shifts up as well. I found no evidence of any Runtz or other step down aids within the system. I'm going a different route and pulling the Gyro and adapting a 200R4 transmission.
  5. I obviously haven't been on the forum in quite a while. I am shocked and saddened at the news of Don' s passing back in December. We privately messaged a few times. Always instructive and kind. Condolences to the family.
  6. Wishing all the MOPAR overheads a Happy and safe Thanksgiving!!! 🍠🧁
  7. ACJCF2

    rear end swap

    Ditto on the Cherokee (XJ) 8.25" Chrysler rear. While a bit pricey, Butch's Kool Stuff has a rear end mount kit .
  8. ACJCF2

    Va, NC,SC

    Yep, no damage, minimal yard debris.
  9. Thank you Dodgeb4ya, for the picture in #2. I have the same "Directional Signal Switch" on my '49 D30. I figured there had to be a spring or something for the two top forked arms to function with. My switch will not self cancel. Now, to find a suitable spring.
  10. If your local gas station offers it, use ethanol free marine gas. A bit more expensive but without the problem of ethanol.
  11. If you use the search feature, there are photos of one installed. You have to fabricate tabs on the lower control arm.
  12. Thank you casper 50 (fellow Devil Dog), I was thinking I may have to resort to making my own.
  13. I am in search of a source for the parking light assemblies on the front of my D-30. These would be the gasket between the body and light fixture. So far Steele Rubber, Metro Molded, and the other popular parts providers have yielded nothing. Any suggestions? PM me if needed. Thanks!
  14. My first "old car was a 54 Ford Customline 4 door I bought in '09. It was six with an automatic. Nice car but a lot of floor cancer. While riding to breakfast in my buddy's '48 P-15 coupe (2014 Daytona Turkey Run), I thought while looking through the split windshield that I had to have on. So I sold the Ford and bought my '49 Coroner 4 door the next spring. No regrets, the flathead has more pep than the 223 in. Ford six.
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