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  1. MaMopar liked to muck about and change small stuff to screw with us. The ears on the blocks are one of those items. Although they are not 100%, they are very similar and usually not difficult to make them work. Word of caution. MaMopar used three seperate bolts in the mounts, be sure you do also.
  2. I like engine swap projects, been doing them since the 60s. Is the swap right for you/your truck? Only you can say. The intended swap is not complicated. Look at this swap, you will have similar needs: https://p15-d24.com/topic/18782-dans-hemi-swap-project/ Take a look at your existing engine/trans and especially the bellhousing. Anything attached to the bell will have to have a similar attaching point made when installing the TF. If you have a column shift it can be modified to shift the TF or, you can install a later auto-trans column assembly. The other usual complication is the e-brake and the potential fix of installing a later rear axle. A better gear ratio is a side benefit.
  3. Yes. Talk to a couple of your local machine shops. See who has the tools to do it right.
  4. ...not sure if the question was actually answered... but, yes, you can make the swap as a complete unit. ...The back of the blocks are the same as is the crank flange although some cranks can be 6-bolt most are 8-bolt. Just swap everything from the block/crank back from each engine. As to whether or not you will have rear mounts where you need them...?
  5. Good to hear that you have it together.
  6. There are only two parts that make this confusing; the crank and the flywheel. The little 23" 201-208-218 crank flange does not extend as far from the face of the block as the rest of the engines; 1" vs 1.185" The flywheel for these cranks will then have a deeper offset to compensate because the bellhousings were not changed and the starter still needed to engage. These flywheels will generally have only 4-bolts. The easy way out for you is to use a 230-style flywheel.
  7. ...you guys 'up North' must have way too much cash to play with.....in addition to the sell price be sure to add 10% buyer's premium...
  8. Good topic so I'll give it a bump for the Sunday crowd. Adapting a late model trans is doable but, generally, the old bell is removed and you'll be adapting at the back of the block. Obviously, anything attached to the bell would then require some fussin'.
  9. I was NOT critizing anyone's work but I do question methods and (cap)abilities...perhaps that is the engineering career side of my brain. Your question has been asked and answered many times and it would 'appear' that each new query has the expectation of a paint-by-number answer/approach. If you are the builder then you need to evaulate where the frames are closest to being in the same place and then figure out how to blend them in a safe and structurally sound fashion.
  10. Is the new trans a 46 RH or 46 RE ?
  11. ...just my opinion, and not meant to pick on you but............if you have to ask then you probably are not up to the task.....
  12. There is plenty of swap info on this site if you take the time to search. here is one...
  13. Please do not beat on that 'ol horse anymore...shes getting tired. If you want photos of a late 5-speed swap, look at my web pages. The AX15 and NV series will both require similar install.
  14. Hopefully, with whatever adapter package is chosen, the starter/flexplate/flywheel issue is covered......😉 There is still -1- of the oem adapters listed on ebay.........
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