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  1. I set mine cold mostly because of the headers I have. .002 added to the intake, .003 added to the exhaust spec. Checked one cylinder hot once and the intake was right on spec and exhaust was slightly loose. Remember, slappy valves are happy valves...
  2. Mr. Lucas = The Prince of Darkness
  3. When you are sure it's ignition, it ends up being fuel When you are sure it's fuel, it ends up being ignition
  4. I do enjoy both, but the build is the ultimate challenge, driving is the reward. If I just bring a car back (like my profile 49) it will usually stay somewhat stock. If it's a body off, it gets modified and the sky's the limit (or wallet). I drive my 49 a lot, 5-10k per year but when I was driving in SF Bay Area traffic, it had to be modified a little. Those that live in the Bay Area understand the types of cars/drivers we are up against, so disc brakes and radial tires might give you just enough edge to keep out of trouble. Driving these old cars has become exponentially more fun since I escaped the Bay Area for the sticks but I do drive them back to visit parents/friends. A lot of the time driving the mostly stock 49 is the most fulfilling, there is a certain charm that gets partially lost with hotrodding.
  5. I'd check for something else wrong or loose for your bump steer. I have never had that issue with these front ends and unequal length steering rods.
  6. Exactly ^^^^^^^ Easy to disassemble / reassemble so no need to leave the metal part out.
  7. This is what you're looking for. I removed the rubber portion and reinstalled the metal part, no other valves added. Did it in the car..
  8. Check your old engine fans very carefully. Here's the one off my 49, made a hell of a racket when it let loose.
  9. When doing motor swaps, sometimes the OE suspension is not an option. Hence why I went with the front steer Camaro.
  10. Below is a list of the last 5 cars I built with IFS and my thoughts on each one. Maybe it will help you with your decision 1. 1947 Ford - Used a Volare clip - Probably the second best driving car I have! It rides excellent, handles well, good brakes, adjustable ride height. Cons: It has a massive steering box in a difficult place to deal with. If you can deal with that, good choice because you wont have to hack off your front frame to do it. Put about 80k on that car including multiple trips from California to Kentucky for the NSRA nats. I think an aftermarket company is making a smaller box now? 2. 1935 Ford - Used a TCI Mustang II kit with tubular control arms. No need to cut the frame on the Fords. Cons: Doesn't ride nearly as well as above and the steering is twitchy and I would give it a B-, but hey, it looks good. Don't drive this one as much but not because of the ride. 3. 1947 Plymouth coupe - Used a 2nd generation Camaro clip. Had to modify the radiator support to fit the steering box. Rides good and handles extremely well especially when you add the quick ratio steering box. Not twitchy at all like rack and pinion. Cons: It's too wide! I had to buy the Fatman narrow control arms to avoid buying silly looking wheels but that = $$$$$$ 4. 1956 Ford Panel truck - Again Mustang II but I used the welders series this time (same geometry) Rides better than the 35 and steering is a little less twitchy probably because it is heavier and longer. 5. 1949 Dodge - (My profile picture) Stock suspension with a Rusty Hope disc brake kit, no shock relocation, 1 coil cut. I drive this car a lot! Rain or shine! It doesn't even get a garage. On the road, this car rides the best BY FAR. It even handles acceptably, it's still a king pin suspension. I only wish it had power steering but that's only an issue when stopped and I am not as young as I once was. I will never put a rack and pinion in it because I prefer how steering box cars drive. Some time back a member here put a ?Mustang? power steering box in and it didn't require a ton of fab work. Best of all, our quirky pitman arm fit the sector. I would search for that thread but it was a long time ago.
  11. As bad as California is, I am so glad we don't have to go through these BS inspections and argue with a 20 year old about 70 year old suspension parts. Did you have to drive it in the stall for him because it has 3 pedals on the floor?
  12. You can thin and spray Rustoleum with good results. On the can it states up to 10% I think but I mix it 2:1 with acetone and 10% enamel hardener. If it's going to live outside, you can clear it with any good quality automotive urethane clear for the UV protection.
  13. My instructions don't have page 7, otherwise identical. Funny, on page 7 he mentions the spindle nut issue but in prior pages the pictures clearly show the spindle nut correctly installed. I would choose the third option for the spindle nut.
  14. Instructions haven't changed. Maybe you're not getting the spacer on all the way? I had to tap mine on FWIW, Unlikely to mess up a 5/8 fine thread bolt with a 1/2 inch impact unless you can't cut simple threads...
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