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  1. I've put buckets in a few cars, I think they look better without the headrests.
  2. Put a Volare front clip in my 47 Ford and I love it. Ride and handling is great, nice compact slightly adjustable torsion bar suspension. Only downside was the steering box is big and in the engine bay right under the motor mount but it was doable.
  3. Are you taking into account that the piston probably doesn't come all the way to the top (0 deck)?
  4. No increase in track that I noticed. Accepts factory 15” wheels too, most others won’t I am using the stock master cylinder with the pressure check valve removed. No other residual check valves added. Been on for several years now and 1000s of miles with zero issues.
  5. Drilling and tapping was easy and I did it on the car. I used vice grips to lock the spindle in place while I did it. Rustyhope is the best kit out there.
  6. And the light bulb goes on, forgot about that little detail . Thank you for the clarification...
  7. Rich, Is there a reason you don't connect the battery tender directly to the battery? Thanks, Adam
  8. If you put radials on your OE rims, keep an eye on them for flexing/cracking
  9. Yes, disassemble it and check your countershaft bearings. Usually noise in 1-2 but quiet in third is the countershaft, no power is transmitted through it in third, just freewheels so it’s quiet. Input or main shaft bearings will be noisy in every gear. Unlikely but remotely possible the pocket bearing inside your input shaft could be worn.
  10. Yeah but the H.A.M.B. has this: https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/hemi-tech-index.118764/ Well worth the read
  11. Hey Radar, Just a few thoughts and my point of view when buying old cars. The way I see it is there are several factors that determine a car's value to both the seller and buyer. Also, depending on where you are in the country/world greatly effects the price of old cars. Out here in CA that is a $6500+ car all day long 4 doors and all, probably more. Not sure what your Harley's value is out here though as I ride foreign bikes If you drive the car and like it, buy it... $6k isn't like shelling out $65k and it is probably an even swap give or take a grand. I've bought every one of my cars on a whim. If I sat down to think about it first, I would probably have no old cars. If the deal and $$$$ make sense and I like it, I buy it. Never use maintenance or upkeep as a calculation on return on investment, if we did this hobby would never make sense. Oh and don't forget there is always someone out there that paid half of what you paid for a like car making you feel like you got ripped off, ignore them. I hope you get it, enjoy it and drive the wheels off of it! Adam
  12. Use multi-weight oil.... It was designed for that purpose, especially with 6v.
  13. Point I was making is you don't need to do anything, 12v just makes it wind a little faster.
  14. I would put a fuse somewhere in the circuit. Curious, what did converting it to 12 volts consist of? My 6v clock has been running on 12v for years now...
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