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  1. I seem to think some of the 360's came with Quadrajet carbs. Saw a couple of them on old cop cars in the past in wrecking yards.
  2. I live in Illinois, I don't think there are many rust free donors around here. I saw some new ones on Ebay a few months ago but they were for 55 Chevys. Looked similar though.
  3. What are people doing to repair/replace the spare tire well on a P15. Mine was repaired by someone before I bought the car and they did a terrible job. I'd like to correct it.
  4. I'd be interested in knowing what parts you used, pulley's, engine brackets etc. Additional pictures would be nice too.
  5. Doesn't the 48 Chrysler Windsor have the larger bolt pattern wheels? Not 5 on 4 1/2?
  6. Gonna be pretty hard sanding that standing on your head.
  7. I must have been asleep when you did the seats. Was that a kit or did you have them done somewhere. From what I saw of the front seat in your test fit post, it looks good.
  8. Most cars from the mid 50's until now have outside air coming in when the heater is on. In my 47 Plymouth with the single heater the defroster vents are useless because without the admission of outside air you are just recirculating the same damp air that's in the car. Causing all the windows to fog up. I also experienced this in my dad's 52 Plymouth when I was about 7 yrs old and he'd hand me an old rag to wipe the inside of the windshield on my side.
  9. Had a 48 Plymouth with the dual heaters. My understanding is that when the cowl vent is open the air flows through the heaters whether they are on or off. On my 47 Plymouth with a single heater the cowl vent has nothing to do with the heater.
  10. I live in Chicago and remember going into Warshawsky as a teenager. I thought I was in hotrod heaven. I bought my first tool set there, 50 pieces for about 9.99. Didn't last long. J.C.Whitney was the mail order only part and always cheaper.
  11. I'm sure a lot of people would be grabbing up those floor shifters.
  12. When I first saw this picture I thought you had a blower sticking up out of the hood. Then I realized it was a couple of mail boxes. LOL
  13. Been thinking about doing the Aerostar coil springs on my 47 Plymouth. Other than being cheaper is there any other advantage over stock replacements? I've also done a search on this topic recently and found a lot of contradictory information regarding installed height. Some say it raised the front of the car up like a gasser, I saw some that said slightly higher than stock while someone else said a slightly lower stance. Also some have said they cut part of a coil off or a whole coil. My goal is stock height or a little lower. Any advise? I would like this to be the last time I have my front e
  14. You may want to put this in the classifieds before you get scolded by a moderator.
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