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  1. I think taping off the head bolts before painting might have been a good look.
  2. I think your car already has later model wheels on it. Those look like late 70's or early 80's wheels to me.
  3. Sad to hear about Don's passing. Although I never got to meet him, we shared information going back to the old forum. Don was always one of the first to answer if someone had a question and usually added a photo. I often wondered with all the picture taking, when did he find time to actually work on his car. I messaged him in September to see how he was when I saw his Dodge was for sale. He said he had just gotten out of the hospital. Don will be missed by myself and many others. Rest in peace Don.
  4. That backs up my theory plus the fact that the manual lists a by pass hose for Special Deluxe only. I think after 50 the by pass housing was eliminated.
  5. The page from the service manual you show is only partially correct. P15 Deluxe used the same thermostat housing you have on your motor. Special Deluxe used external by-pass. This had me puzzled for a while. My 47 Deluxe has the same housing you have and a 48 Special Deluxe I had used the external by pass. On page 67 of the shop manual under Cooling System Data if you go to By Pass hose it shows Special Deluxe models only. The plate on the back of the water pump is different also. My Deluxe housing was badly rusted so I picked up a by pass housing and the bypass nipple for the top of the pump. So.....I am running internal by pass and an external housing with the correct thermostat for the housing (big rubber washer that sits on top of the thermostat). I haven't experience any problems.
  6. 6500.00 seems kinda low on a 2010 Road King unless it's got a lot of miles on it. If you're happy with the idea of a trade, go for it.
  7. Interesting. Thanks for sharing. I always thought 49-51 Fords (Shoe box) were one of the least appealing body styles they made.
  8. YukonJack


    Now the web site and phone has been removed from your post.
  9. YukonJack


    I just tried going to Harms website and came up with nothing. Is this a recent ad?
  10. Hey Greg, Any update on the tie rods?
  11. Harbor Freight has cases of roll pins in assorted sizes. Cost about $7.00
  12. Greg, were you able to get all 3 part numbers?
  13. I only see them listed for Inner and Right Outer. No Left Outer listed.
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