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  1. Been thinking about doing the Aerostar coil springs on my 47 Plymouth. Other than being cheaper is there any other advantage over stock replacements? I've also done a search on this topic recently and found a lot of contradictory information regarding installed height. Some say it raised the front of the car up like a gasser, I saw some that said slightly higher than stock while someone else said a slightly lower stance. Also some have said they cut part of a coil off or a whole coil. My goal is stock height or a little lower. Any advise? I would like this to be the last time I have my front end apart. Currently using stock springs with 1 coil removed and not happy with the ride quality.
  2. You may want to put this in the classifieds before you get scolded by a moderator.
  3. Or not, now that I see them together. Lol
  4. This looks kinda like the color you are using.
  5. Not sure if this is any different from what you have.
  6. Andy, Is that the original location for your spare tire?
  7. Some of the head bolts go into water passages. Did you put sealer on them?
  8. Start the engine cold. The upper radiator hose will remain cold until the thermostat opens. When it opens the upper hose will become hot.
  9. Typical teenager, talking on the cell phone while driving. Lol
  10. I paid around 54.00 each. Thought it was pretty reasonable
  11. That is a latch. The center also raises and has a pin.
  12. I bought these about a year ago, but haven't used them yet.
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