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  1. nice save! dirty oily rags can also combust in proper conditions
  2. i have a gates water pump on the shelf from r/a says made in china on box it is heavy so the chinese figured it out and added weight to it so it feels American i feel that the only difference in some parts is the price they do seem to be re boxed parts made buy one factory seems to me that metric is here to stay start letting the taps and dies mingle
  3. whatever you do before starting pull plugs spin engine to get oil circulating
  4. i read the cr 79.21 you are right i was under the impression that if it is installed it must work to pass was this ever the rule i guess the shop needed my business
  5. yes maybe better to buy a finished car to enjoy driving it sooner
  6. tested and replaced bulbs flasher worked tested out of car i took the switch apart in the first set of pictures the second i broke down that piece cleaned and reset but no contact i will look for this part i have options as far as the whole switch is concerned so I'm going to continue to play with it
  7. looks like the signal stat is my option
  8. i lost turn signals checked light bulbs, wiring, replaced flasher, hot-wired to turn signal switch removed switch it seems to not make contact inside switch any info for parts or something else to check cant pass inspection without signals ny law is if the car has it installed it must work
  9. i had a crank shipped to me it came in cardboard box with crank wrapped in plastic and completely spray foamed the plastic bag keeps the foam off the crank and easier to remove
  10. powermaster performance makes alternators that look like generator in 6v pos.ground there is a current thread talking about generators and charging
  11. then and now automotive website for manual

    1. Eneto-55


      Thanks for this information.  I'm seriously thinking of purchasing a copy - how much was it?  (I couldn't find a listing for manuals on their website.)

      Another question, does this show the diameter of the hinge pins for the front doors?

      Thank you.

      Ernest (Eneto)

  12. eneto-55 found the site. then and now automotive is where i bought it from online it is very helpful
  13. there is a wire that goes through the head to hold in place
  14. a b sells a kit may suit your needs
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