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  1. Thanks for the pictures, those with the wood or bone knobs really look sharp. I don’t think I have the fresh air option, truck seems to have plenty between the window and vent that opens up. I guess just running the fan may even add something as well.
  2. Does anyone know with a gauge what the stock mechanical pump produces? Does it do the same at idle verses 2000 rpm? I am going to need this route and was looking at 12v pumps.
  3. I had a pleasant surprise today show up at my shop door! This is the heater that will soon be in my truck since someone else liked the original heater that belonged in there. Now— question is what heater controls do I need and where do they belong in the truck?
  4. I have been pondering this for awhile and have never seen any pictures of Right hand drive trucks. I noticed my frame is drilled for RH and was wondering if all were made that way?
  5. Ok, back to the drawing board. I bought those from e-bay and they look to be 1 size too small. The major dia of mine will need to fit 1 1/8” shaft unless the threads are turned down. Just a quick check, the outside housing of the tie rod (currently on truck)measures 1 3/8”, the new (still in box)ones that match the part number correctly are only 1 1/8”. It is possible that they were switched I guess? Does anyone have a Wf 1.5 ton that can measure the drag link shaft size? From what I can tell, my truck does match everything on the register for a ‘47 WF 1.5 ton except being manufactured in LA
  6. Glad to know that works, I was going through some old flat head tools and looking for something like that just in case I would need it down the road.
  7. So how does that work on Cylinder #4 behind the manifold and still need to remove keepers?
  8. Odd that comes up for LA, Ca— tag says Detroit?
  9. I think it is a WF, I’m not sure if it is any other letters as I can barely read the tag. I am mostly guessing by the grill and it looks like 13700 GVW the best I can read the tag.
  10. What information did they need? Original part number? I’m guessing these are a standard size then? I have never dellt with them prior, I’ll give them a call. Thank you, Kevin
  11. Looking for some help. I need to rebuild the front end on my ‘47 1.5 ton truck. Are these somewhat universal to something else as I have not been able to locate them. I didn’t want to tear apart anything until I find a good source for replacements. This is one item that an aftermarket upgrade could be used in my opinion. I will also be replacing king pin bushing but think that I should be able to make those if new ones are not available. Thank you, Kevin
  12. I was nervous on this one as well. Back in the spring when I bought this truck the PO said is was real weak the last time they ran it 20 years ago. From what I understood, no one had been in the engine before including adjusting the valves. I could see weld on the intake and they had swapped carbs to a Holley. After I had the engine running, it was losing power when hot and noticed a vacuum leak when warmed up. I decided I would not touch anything until I had replacement parts in case I would have this trouble. After pulling some replacement parts (manifolds) thought I would be in the clear.
  13. Day 5– exhaust manifold is off and in pieces, not sure what can be salvaged there. Good news was that I have (1) of the long bolts out as well. Now the 2nd could be a task as it doesn’t budge yet with heat, next to the welder I guess.
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