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  1. Thanks Rob, I have to admit this car is a lot of fun to drive, it handles like a go-kart and that 250 six has a lot of pep and amazing low end torque.
  2. After the engine rebuild I was finally able to confirm what I had always suspected that the fairly new rebuilt carb that came on my car was no good. I finally got a new rebuilt unit this morning and as soon as I put it on my engine she started running like the proverbial "Swiss Watch". Took it out for a ride and it is a lot of fun to drive. handles like a go-kart and that 250 six has a lot of pep and low end torque.
  3. The repaired engine hoist worked great with the harbor freight ram running it.
  4. My engine for the 67 was finally finished and I put her back together.
  5. This made me smile and brought back some memories.
  6. I got a console made by Classic Consoles in Cairo GA today for the 69 chevelle and I must say they do a nice job custom making these to order in the correct colors. I ordered it thru cupholdersplus who is one of their dealers and had the best delivered price hands down by far. The build quality and craftsmanship is outstanding. https://www.cupholdersplus.com/
  7. Willets Point Queens Junkyard Row circa 1963, some nice cars were always piled up there during my boyhood.
  8. My 67 Chevelle`s motor is almost finished and ready for paint.
  9. I got a much nicer "Bob Falfa Skull" for the rear view mirror and figured out why my bucket seats had such a low-rider Snoop Dog rearward incline to them which was sort of ridiculous. Apparently the person who reupholstered the buckets did not put the inch thick black rubber bumpers/spacers back at the bottom of the seat back and that inch at the bottom translated into several inches at the top of the seat back incline wise.I bought the set of four and installed them now I can drive comfortably what a difference it made.
  10. This lift once was in a shop on a steel plate floor, they used a torch to burn it free and in doing so left part of the floor plate still welded to each of the lift`s two posts. I chose to leave the extra steel in place as it gives a larger "footprint" to each post. The posts each have four very large Thunder-Bolts anchoring them to a concrete pad that was designed and poured to accept a two post lift.
  11. Amazing how that "horse-Collar" grill that also was referenced as part of the female anatomy just destroyed the sales of what was actually an "ahead of it`s times" car. It became synonymous with being a loser and Don Knots used a droptop Edsel as his ride in both The Andy Griffin Show and movie The Ghost and Mr. Chicken.
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