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  1. I've got her in the garage and jacked up. Going to be a busy week. I'll get in it later.
  2. I know the only things that you can change are toe in or out and camber. Caster is built in.
  3. Doug and Deb I just recently adjusted the brakes. There right . It was hard to turn right before that. When turning right at a stand still I'm pulling myself off the seat and the thing squeaks through the steering rod like something is in a bind.
  4. Is there any one alignment adjustments that if out would make my 48 hard steering to the right?
  5. Is there any one alignment adjustments that if out would make my 48 hard steering to the right?
  6. That does look like my worm gear. I'm wondering if I just changed the worm.
  7. Could someone tell me if there is a different box that will work on my 48 plymouth? I have seen mention of Vega boxes.
  8. Doesn't sound very lazy, lazy. Doing the work yourself?
  9. Do you remember the old fan belt yardstick? It was a measuring stick with a slide on one end. That was the way you bought a fN belt. It's easier these days with an actual part number. There's one thing they really don't want to do is take it to the back and try to match it up .
  10. If your talking about core plugs or freeze plugs, I replaced one with a rubber expansion plug. It worked .
  11. I've adjusted this thing from loose to tight and every where in between. The play is in the box itself. After putting it all together there are gaps between the bearings. I have tried different shims trying to take up the slack then it makes it hard to steer especially turning right. I believe it's called preloading g the bearings.
  12. My brakes are good. Created my own adjuster tool. I clamped my vice grips on the castle nut. I fabricated a piece to attach to the adjusting rod of the vice grip bent it around to touch the brake shoe lining. Worked quite well. I had changed all the hardware several years ago. My steering gearbox has been a problem for a long time. But until I sell a kidney to afford a new sector gear and worm gear. I'm gonna pull it all off again and see what I can do. I've rebuilt the box twice.
  13. It's going to be a cold winter here in Kansas. I just today put her in the garage. My heater works but not that good.
  14. I need some ideas. What's going to be our wintertime projects? I think I'm gonna revisit my steering issues again.
  15. There are times when neither of the three stores don't have the part nor can they get it. Take something like door hinge pin bushings. They have a blister pack of a variety of sizes but none of them fit a 48 plymouth. I had ordered the new pins from AB, but couldn't find bushings.then someone told me that pins from a mid 80's Chevy truck would fit. And they did
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