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  1. Took the lid off and got it apart. There was no gasket under the nut. Made a gasket out of some felpro sheet material. Not leaking now
  2. Finally got my p15 running. Canister is leaking around the nut on top It's almost as if it has too much oil in it. Any ideas?
  3. Is it unusual to cross the polls on the solenoid and bump the starter without the key turned on. I thought the switch needed to be on.
  4. I thought my leads on the brushes were soldered in, but its jb weld. Guess i can grind it off. Any ideas?
  5. Ace had bushings for my choke shaft in the carb
  6. I was going that route but he is out of stosk
  7. Took the starter to oreily. If these guys can't find your car in their computer they can't help you. Their tester won't do 6 volts. Only 12. I noticed the brush end of it gets quite warm where the bushing is
  8. Sounds like a good idea mr. Adams
  9. Since i don't really know what a good one looks like i would say it's ok. Could the bushings be out of round? Thereis some vibration
  10. Ken, the battery shows 5.86 volts when running
  11. I had it apart. Brushes arent worn bad. Not a lot of slop in the bushings. Someone has soldered the wires for the brushes in. The speed varies. And when i turn off the juice the motor stops instantly.
  12. I have my starter out on the bench. Put the juice to it and it spins fine at first. After running 10 sec it begins to slow down, way down. Battery shows 6 volts. Any ideas?
  13. AB sells a rebuild kit for 47.00. Anyone here ever tried it? I have the starter out. Hooking juice to it shows it is very sluggisk.
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