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  1. I removed the steering gearbox yet again. I noticed that with the cross shaft out and the rod and bearings and cups in, the bottom cup was recessed into the housing. When i put the cross shaft back in, the cup came back out to flush with the gearbox housing. I made a shim to go between the bottom cup and cover to take up the gap. This corrected the play in the box and gave me room to adjust the play. Other than some binding when turning left, the play is about right.
  2. I used the pinion nut and an impact driver to get the seal in place
  3. I have laid under the car as the steering wheel is turned from lock to lock. I can't detect a great deal of play in the tie rod ends. I still see play in the steering box. I admit i'm not an expert in this.
  4. I know we have beaten this subject to death, but i need to vent. I have rebuilt my steering box with a kit from AB. I've had the thing back off the car a cpl of times to see if i missed something. With the box on the bench. I can get the play down to a desirable amount. One thing i have found is that if you have a small amount of play it gets amplified through the rest of the components. I'm beginning to believe the gears are worn out. I found replacement gears through ams obsolete but they want a lot for them.
  5. Wanted to get opinions on the quality of fuel we are running these days. I say it's crap. Do you folks run any kind of additives?
  6. I ended up with 2 batteries. One for the memory wire and one for the power wire. Works good. I know they will need charged eventually.
  7. I tried 2 of those. One quit working. I fried the other trying to hook it up.
  8. On the modern radios, the yellow wirw is for memory and the red wire goes to the ignition. I have both of those hooked to a mower battery in the trunk. My p15 is still 6 volt. When i unhook the battery so that the radio isn't on constantly, i loose the memory. Any ideas?
  9. I've rebuilt it twice. The second time with a kit and video from mike's carberators.
  10. It seems i have to keep tweeking the fuel/air mixture on my p15 to get the idle to smooth out. Any ideas?
  11. Casper, i hope you removed the lower part of the inner fender to gain easier access to the valves.
  12. jgreg53

    Gas filter

    Ok i will check that out. Thanks
  13. jgreg53

    Gas filter

    I'm talking about a clear plastic filter between the pump and carb. I never see the thing full of gas.
  14. jgreg53

    Gas filter

    Thanks but my question was should the filter be full of gas?
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