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  1. I had one of cotter pins break. The castle nut backed off and the tire wheel and drum almost fell off.
  2. I did go from bias to radials. Steering was fine til then
  3. I've become very familiar with the front suspension of my car. All tires are coker. Tire pressure is correct.
  4. my p15 pulls right considerably. I can drive down the middle of the road on top of the crown of the road and the car goes straight. Is there any way to compensate for this, or is my front end just worn out?
  5. Success! Worked on the dizzy and got the points to stay in place.starts right up now. Running better with points. Thanks for all the advice.
  6. Well, I turned the rotor 180 degrees and she started Motor was vibrating. The screw holding the points stripped out and allowed the points to bounce around. Done for the night.
  7. I did rewire the coil to original. I moved the motor to where the timing mark is lined up with the pointer
  8. I have moved the timing all over the place. Tha rotor is point towards the #1 cylinder at TDC. Since I'm getting fire it should do something. It's not even trying to start.
  9. I reinstalled points in my P15 after pertronix quit on me, Now she won't start and pops back through the carb. Any ideas would be appreciated. points set at .20 and firing order is right . i'm getting spark per my timing light.
  10. I tried it. I tore the original apart so I had the top and the bucket. Oreiliys had a WIX filter that fits perfectly. I think the car actually runs better.
  11. when ever I fill my tank which is rare, my gas gage does something strange. It goes up to full then back to one half until I use some of it up. Any ideas?
  12. The best deal I found was from tanks inc.
  13. Does the motor run any better with the paper element? I haven't seen on here if it does.
  14. I've rebuilt my b and b three times. New throttle rod bushings new choke rod bushings and I still have to run the mixture screw almost all the way in to get it to idle. I think I have a massive vacuum leak somewhere. Dammed if I can find it.
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