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  1. This lift once was in a shop on a steel plate floor, they used a torch to burn it free and in doing so left part of the floor plate still welded to each of the lift`s two posts. I chose to leave the extra steel in place as it gives a larger "footprint" to each post. The posts each have four very large Thunder-Bolts anchoring them to a concrete pad that was designed and poured to accept a two post lift.
  2. Amazing how that "horse-Collar" grill that also was referenced as part of the female anatomy just destroyed the sales of what was actually an "ahead of it`s times" car. It became synonymous with being a loser and Don Knots used a droptop Edsel as his ride in both The Andy Griffin Show and movie The Ghost and Mr. Chicken.
  3. Put a set of light blue fuzzy dice and a blue number two pool ball shifter ball in the 69 today. I thought of Don Coatney when I hung the fuzzy dice, I remember how much he hated them with a passion.
  4. Been working on the 69. The fuel injection system had a now discontinued fuel filter and a bad #3 injector. She's feeling much better now.
  5. I used mine when I replaced the gas tank in my D24 coupe, worked great.
  6. My lift is the best 400 bucks I`ve ever spent, I would be dead in the water without it.
  7. Well the garage was delivered yesterday morning and it looks like it has always been here.
  8. Beautiful car you got there.
  9. I had to hustle to get the garage pad ready for the Tuesday morning delivery of the modular garage.
  10. I had a sharp eyed buddy since high school who still has the 67 Chevelle we used to go to school in point out to me the doors and dashboard on my new car were from a 1968 Chevelle positively. This caused me to do more research and I found the Streetside Classics consignment listing that my friends cousin bought it from in May 2019. https://www.streetsideclassics.com/vehicles/1408-nsh/1969-chevrolet-chevelle-ss-396-tribute Finally I got the nerve up to call the guy who built the car, I have 2in stack of receipts with his name address and phone number on them. It rang about 20 times and he answered, I told him I thought I had his car and wanted to know if he would answer some questions about it. He had a heavy Tennessee accent and was very slow in his speech and thinking but he agreed. My first question was the 68 parts, he laughed and explained that he built this car for himself and that he was duplicating the car that he had as a teenager and it was a 69 that was cobbled together with 68 doors and dash. He said he never planned on selling it but said that life changes. He said he had the 402 BBC already and brought it to the best hotrod engine shop in Tenn. and had it redone with nothing but the best to go fast. He said it was set-up to produce 500hp and everything about the car was done with the very best components. I could tell that he was tiring and while I stirred up some good memories for him I could tell he was struggling. I asked him when he sold the car and he said many years ago and then he said maybe 2017. I have receipts of his from 2018 when he was still building the car. I thanked him profusely for building such a beautiful car and promised I would take good care of it. I then asked if he would mind if I called him again sometime if I run into an information dead-end on something about the car and he said sure. I found the engine work receipt and it is impressive just like he told me.
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