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  1. This is a very cool picture with two fine "projects" in it.
  2. Absolutely not the same as it was a few months ago, it also seems like amazon packages are being given extra special treatment to not arrive in a timely fashion. They now consistently arrive 2-3 days later then their promised delivery dates and sometimes even longer.
  3. George Carlin explained it best over 30yrs ago, unfortunately it`s only gotten even worse since then.
  4. The Bench Seat Console for the 67 came and once again it is flawless in construction and looks like it belongs there. A very comfortable and functional addition to the car.
  5. I replaced the 53 year old dry-rotted door seals and the upper hard-top window seals on the 67 Malibu.
  6. Here is one of the places where I learned about the sulfamic acid. https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/radiator-flush-cemicals-question.16278/
  7. I did the first oil change on the newly rebuilt six at about 50 miles and it had the expected "dirty" look to it and I plan on changing it again in another 200 miles. So far the gas mileage has been so good I thought my gas gauge had gotten stuck at a half tank, I can see why this motor was used in all the Checker Cabs. I`ve been taking her out to run errands to continue the engine break-in period and it seems to continue to improve as it breaks in.
  8. The inline six was running a little hotter than I liked so I put in a 160 high-flow thermostat that made things better but I then noticed the flow thru the radiator wasn`t as fast as it should be. I know this car sat for a couple of decades with old anti-freeze in it and it had crystallized partially blocking the tubes. I contacted a large radiator shop near me and was quoted $200 to do a rod-out with no guarantees and $100 just to boil it out but they don`t use acid anymore as the EPA has banned them now. I then tried some old time remedies I removed the radiator laid it on it`s face and filled it with vinegar for 30hrs. Then I read that Sulfamic Acid was what was used to dissolve anti-freeze crystals and you could buy it in dry crystal form from Home Depot as grout and tile cleaner. I mixed it with boiling water and filled the radiator for 40mins then neutralized with soda ash followed with a lot of high pressure hosing from the garden hose. It worked and now has a decent coolant flow and my engine is much happier.
  9. Thanks Rob, I have to admit this car is a lot of fun to drive, it handles like a go-kart and that 250 six has a lot of pep and amazing low end torque.
  10. After the engine rebuild I was finally able to confirm what I had always suspected that the fairly new rebuilt carb that came on my car was no good. I finally got a new rebuilt unit this morning and as soon as I put it on my engine she started running like the proverbial "Swiss Watch". Took it out for a ride and it is a lot of fun to drive. handles like a go-kart and that 250 six has a lot of pep and low end torque.
  11. The repaired engine hoist worked great with the harbor freight ram running it.
  12. My engine for the 67 was finally finished and I put her back together.
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