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  1. Put a tach on the column today, it has the appropriate nostalgic look and works well.
  2. Yes it works on those very well, it can`t scratch anything like steel wool does and always makes an improvement, it`s some sort of chemical reaction that occurs and the rust and tarnish just come off as gray water. Just keep replacing the wadded ball and changing the water, you can rub as hard as you can and no harm is done.
  3. Replaced the valve seals using a valve spring compressor and an air line made to screw in like a spark plug. I used 90psi of air to keep the valves closed, it worked well. The original seals came out like brittle plastic often shattering into pieces, they were long past their useful life.
  4. Took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather we had last week to clean up some of the tarnished brightwork on the Chevelle, I used the aluminum foil and water method and as always it did a fine job.
  5. Works very well, you first send an ice pick thru and then use that to guide the iron around the hole.
  6. Got around to finishing the new carpet install and cleaned and reinstalled the seat belts. Used an old soldering iron to create nice clean bolt holes in the carpet.
  7. Here are two of mine, 2011 F150 Lariat and a 1967 Chevelle Malibu Sport Coupe.
  8. I used Rivet-Nuts to mount the mirror bracket
  9. I replaced the Sun damaged dash pad with a reproduction I also mounted the passenger side mirror which was an option available only from the dealer in 1967
  10. Replaced incandescent 1157 tail light bulbs with red led bulbs New Red LED bulb on the right
  11. Incorrect desilvering windshield mounted rear view mirror. Correct Reproduction Mirror
  12. We had a slight break from ole man winter that gave me a chance to wash off the road dust from the 100 mile trip bringing the car home. I also added the for me the obligatory stainless exhaust tip.
  13. Thanks for the kind words guys, I think of it as another antique time machine to try and catch Peter Pan in. Here is a shot of the car with the stock wheels.
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