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  1. Would this be a military numbering?
  2. Back in 1970-71 my friend and I were driving around and we stopped to see the most beautiful and weird Northern light display. It was like we were in a bowl and someone was pouring red syrup on top and it rippled down and changed into different shades of green. That was in Minnesota. We used to see the Northern light every so often but never like this.
  3. My wife had a 96 Land Rover Discovery She named it Nora after Nora Batty of Last of the Summer Wine, a British sitcom Our 37 Plymouth is called, Miss Daisy My 1990 Dodge Dakota was named Aunt Sally by my wife. another British childrens show.
  4. I forgot to mention that the commutator may need to be turned down. any machine shop can do that.
  5. When you hit the foot starter pedal will the starter turn over? If it does then there is a problem with the linkage pushing your pinion gear into the flywheel If it does not turn over it could be the switch on top of the starter or the brushes in the starter itself. All of which is an easy repair.
  6. Got a meter? start checking your circuit. I am not sure but is yours a push-button start or foot-operated?
  7. The P18 was installed originally in a 1949 Plymouth car. 217.8 Cu in 97 hp the D19 was originally in a 1941 Dodge The engines were the same displacement but the dodge was 6hp less As Bob says Plymouth wins!
  8. I had to hon out my front wheel cylinders and replace new seals. They were not pitted so all worked out fine. Can you hon out your existing wheel cylinders?
  9. I have had to remove my starter twice. I was fortunate. Someone cut a slot in that bolt and I was able to remove it with a Big screwdriver.
  10. I suggest a 5 lb hammer and jam that sucker in there. 💪 With a little JB Weld you'll have no problems. 👍
  11. OOPS! Quality Control Sleeping on the Job Again.
  12. Welcome to the group. There is lots of good knowledgable people here so make use of them. Thats what we are here for.😃
  13. I am married to a wonderful English lady for 30 years. We moved to England 27 years ago. I have not lost my American (Minnesotan) accent.
  14. I speak in what you call American English. I darn well better I'm from Minnesota. Ya sure you betchya. lol This was a German production and is in English subtitles. I never met the actors and have no idea if they spoke English. We were directed in English. I don't know who took that picture. It was not from the film. It looks like they are setting up for the next take. The girl in red on the left was one of the directors and not in the film. It was funny to see 'Fire plugs' They must have had 4 of them in that tiny street. They were all real. They even had a newsstand with newspapers from the 1940s on it. I attached a photo of the final seen. The building on the right is where my car was parked but off-screen
  15. I did ask about my turn signals, they said it will be ok. It was supposed to be in NY hence the NY plate. Yep radial tires. All the clothing that was worn was 100% original and the women all had their hair done to the 40s style What you missed is Plymouth did not make that color car in 37 Basically, we were all backdrop for the movie. I have not seen it yet but I am told my car was in the distance where the small things are not noticed. It was also a small production movie so they obviously took liberties. We were paid several hundred pounds, Hotel for 2 nights, travel expenses, and because I was also in costume I got paid a little more. Filming was 12 Hours 5 pm to 5 am with dinner at 1 am included.
  16. Our car on the set of Das Boot Season 2. Filmed in Liverpool England 2019
  17. You could take your bearing to a power transmission company that sell bearings. You might get a better price than Birnbaum. Also here is Timkins Cat. to help you identify your bearing. https://www.timken.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/7011_Bearing-Dimension-Catalog.pdf
  18. Ya know what REALLY burns my a__? A flame about 3 feet high Here in England the drivers are so polite. If you have a car in front of you and no one behind you on a main road and someone wants to merge into your lane of traffic. That lovely person in front will stop and let that person in. Stopping the flow of traffic and causing me to slam on the brakes. Why oh why do they not realize that if he just continued that person at the intersection would have a clear lane after I go by.
  19. I use to think, 'How can I drive this truck into a brick wall at 70mph and survive'.
  20. Not mine! She is wonderful, helps me get my tools and assists me when needed. My wife is the reason I bought our 37 Plymouth.
  21. In 1978 I was going to replace my 65 Barracuda. It was turning into a rust bucket in Minnesota. The front fenders were only held on by stubborn rust. I wanted a pickup, but which one? I listened to all the hype and had a brother-in-law who worked for Ford Motor Company. He assured me it was a good choice Coupled that with, "Built Ford tough" slogan and "90% of all ford pickups are still on the road today", I bought an F150, 6 cylinders, 4 speed with overdrive. It had a 12,000 mile warranty. I had problems from 3000 miles with the transmission. The service backup was, well, pathetic. My dog could do a better job than they did. At 12,164 Miles at night I was on the last leg of a 300-mile trip home when the left front wheel bearing disintegrated at 70mph. Prior to this I had 3 seals replaced in the rear end. I finally replaced the transmission with a manual 3 speed. That truck was the biggest piece of junk I have ever owned. So what part was bad? The whole damn thing!
  22. Yep that is what my steering looks like.
  23. the end of my drag link does not have a cotter pin in it. The end has a grease fitting installed.
  24. how do I disconnect the drag link from the steering arm?
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