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  1. On May 28-29 my Wife and I took our Miss Daisy to Eastnor Castle. It was a small event for cars but there were about 10 Steam Traction Engines there as well. We had a load of people come and talk to us about our car. Most people have never even heard of a Plymouth and many think the body style is from the 50s here in England. The highlight came when an elderly woman said to me, "I'm blind. Can you tell me what your car looks like"? I told her it was cream in color and then realized she may not know what cream looks like. She was a frail lady around 80 years old and a bit unsteady on her feet. I took her hand and showed her the car from the roof down the opened front windshield then along the long hood. I had her step on the running board and all along the side of the car. I then asked her if she would like to sit inside. She responded that she did not want to put me out. I assured her she was not. She got in the back seat and was amazed at how comfortable it was and how much room there was. The person she came with took a picture of her and she had the biggest smile on her face. She thanked me about 4 times for taking the time to show her our car. I don't know her name but she made both my wife's and my day. Of the 20 cars at this show, ours was the only one she came to. I hope we made her day as well. Eastnor Castle Miss Daisy leaving Eastnor Castle's Main Gate
  2. So I guess what I am hearing to my original question is, Yes it is ok to leave your GL1 oil with the small amount of assembly lube in it without changing the oil as you would do in a rebuilt engine.
  3. So a GL1 oil is not recommended?
  4. 1st and reverse gears were worn as usual but nothing broken and my funds were not there to replace them. So far it has not posed a problem. At some point, this tranny had been gone through. It also was from a junkyard with a big '39 DOD__' painted on the side in yellow. My car is a 37. Inside the stop plates were broken and the stop rings were all worn out. In trying to find the parts for this I found that the stop rings and stop plates were from a 1940/41 transmission.
  5. Thanks for the replys I only used enough assembly lube to hold the needle bearings in place. The oil that I used is Miller Oil 90 GL1. So far I have had no problems. I just don't want any in the future. The joy of removing the tranny and figuring out what I had was bad enough but putting it all back together on the drive wasn't much fun and the clutch release lever was, well had it not been for my wife inside the car with another set of eyes it would still be sitting there.
  6. In reading a few posts on rebuilt engines, I have a question: I rebuilt my 39 transmission late last year. I used assembly lube for the needle bearings. Do I now have to change the oil now that it is up and running? The new parts I had to change were the bearings, main shaft, 2 brass synchro rings, and 3 stop pins
  7. When I had to rebuild my transmission I needed a main shaft, stop rings and shifting plates. I found that mopar pro was by far the most expensive. needless to say, I did not use them. I also found that Andy Birnbaum's shipping costs to the UK were $85 flat rate. Even if the part you needed was $5 you still had to pay $85 shipping. I try not to use him either.
  8. Mine was overheating and I pressure-flushed the whole system. That helped a bit but not much. I then dumped about a quart of vinegar in the radiator and drove it around for several days and pressure flushed it again. I could not believe the rust and slime that came out. It ran much cooler.
  9. Yes that is the case. As mentioned by desoto 1939 hold onto the eccentric when tightening up that nut. On my 37 Plymouth, I also have 2 cotter pins. I assume yours does as well and should be replaced. If you can not turn the eccentrics you may have to pull the eccentrics and clean them out, I put copper slip on so they do not rust up again. I also did mine one eccentric at a time.
  10. Keith has a good video on making a brake adjusting tool AB price is $95. Kinda steep to my way of thinking. Here is Keiths video
  11. Are you getting voltage from your sol to the starter? If yes then its the starter.
  12. I was born and raised in Minnesota. We use to have a "Flood Run" on Motorcycles that went from Hastings to Winona in the spring. The last year I went there were 5-7K motorcycles.
  13. Back in 1966 My friends and I were riding around and went into a new bicycle shop. They were having a competition and first prize was a Schwinn Varsity 10 Speed Bicycle.I filled out about 6 forms and thought nothing of it again. Several weeks later My mother received a phone call from Penn Cycle asking If she had a son or husband by the name of Steve She was skeptical and asked what it was in relation to. They said I had won their first prize. I got to pick out any color bike I wanted and chose a Purple one. The bike was valued at $75. That about $700 today. I no longer have that bike I suppose the ex had it thrown out. Here is photo of one that looked similar
  14. Seat belts!? We don't need no stinking seat belts!
  15. My wife and I went to a fancy furniture store back in Minnesota. We saw a print of Kenilworth Castle England in a very nice frame. It was priced right and we were going to buy it except on the back of the frame it said it was Warwick Castle. My wife said we will buy it but the correct identification on the back needs to be changed. The clerk said it was correct and that they do not make mistakes. If it says it is Warwick then it is. My wife then said It was not Warwick Castle but Kenilworth. The clerk was not going to have us tell her she was wrong. Then I said, You are wrong my wife lived in Kenilworth and use to play in that Castle as a child before it became a tourist attraction. They changed the information. Kenilworth Castle Warwick Castle
  16. I have a vintage VP632 turn signal. It does not have the hazard capability. The problem I had with it is the bulb. If 6vdc you are ok but my car is 12vdc and a 12vdc bulb will not fit under the cover. I wired a LED and it works great. There is one on ebay for $29.50 https://www.ebay.com/itm/194725546072
  17. You might want to check the voltage with the lights on and running to see what charge is going to the battery.
  18. I worked in the print shop of Control Data. We had 9 ATF Chief 17 Offset printing Presses. Each one had a number marked on the water bottle. You could put 5000 sheets of paper in the feeder at one time. There was a Vacuum & air pump for the feeding of the paper. 2 sucker tubes would pick up the sheet and send it down the registration table where it was printed and deposited into the delivery tray which also could hold 5000 sheets if needed. The guy next to me was Roger, he was a bit slow and I would help him out where I could. I found that I enjoyed fixing these machines more than running them to the annoyance of the manager who's job it was and I did a better job. Roger one day was having problems getting a sheet of paper to pick up by the suckers. In 2 hours he had not gotten 1 sheet to print. I offered to help him and he barked at me, "You worry about your press and I will worry about mine"! The fix was an easy one where the sucker tubes had to be rotated slightly down to make contact with the paper. After 2 hr of Roger doing nothing he went to brake. I then moved his sucker tube so the machine would work. When he came back I said, " I shouldn't help you because of the way you spoke to me but I will anyways. Your problem is the number on your water bottle is not facing forward". He didn't believe me. I said run your machine. He did and it ran perfectly. I then said, "If I turn the bottle it will stop feeding". and it did when I turned it back it worked again. I did this several times and every time it would not work when I turned the Bottle. I really thought he would bit but no he did not. To my amazement he had to run the back side of this paper. Now the paper was curl up and the sucker tubes would have to be moved. He did not know this so he played around for another hour trying this and trying that to no avail. He then say down totally dejected and frustrated and in stead of asking me for help he went to his water bottle and started turning it. I GOT YA! There was a switch in the delivery that when the tray would lower to its max it would hit this switch and turn off the pump. I merely stepped on it as I turned the bottle to stop the feeding and released it to start up again.
  19. When living in Minnesota, Born and bred, I owned 10 firearms from shotguns to muzzle loaders to pistols to WW1 rifles. Never did I use them for self defense. Here in England with the goofy gun laws they have I gave up my guns before we moved. Now we have a German Shepard called Ellie and her aggressive bark is enough to ward of anyone who even walks by our house.
  20. I seem to remember Henry Ford experimented with an engine he called a X-8 engine in the 20s. I don't believe it came of anything
  21. In the 80s I carved out the basic car for my son. He wanted it to look like a 1980 Lamborghini Countach with open wheels. He finished the sanding and then painted it black with about 7 coats of Clear Lacquer on it. This this had a very high gloss to it. He took it to the meet in a sock because it would show up finger prints on it. There were about 5 classes of trophy. Unfortunately he did not win anything but came second in 4 categories. In the best finish he lost by a flip of a coin. He was gutted. I said that you should be proud of yourself. No one else who won were in 4 categories like you were and you still have a very stunning car. I use to love going to these events when my boys were in Cub scouts.
  22. It sounds like you passed on a pretty solid car for a young person to enjoy as he learns about these lovely old cars. Good on ya!👍
  23. We here in England have several shows to attend. Rally of the Giants is all American and probably the largest. To Club members its free. My wife and I like to go to the Welland Steam Fair. There is so much to see it takes two days. It also is free and only by invite. We don't mind sitting next to our car and talking to people. We usually bring a small camp stove and brew up a cup of tea. Owning an American Car in England is a unique experience and most people are not use to seeing them. We will usually let interested people both young and old sit in our car. I do find charging the car owner a fee, unwanted especially when the public has to pay as well to see the cars. The insurer, Footman James has a Coffee and Chrome meet every so often where its free and you get a cup of coffee/tea and a bacon butty. The problem with this is it's always on a Sunday and I would rather be in Church sense I am one of the Preachers there. On Wednesday about once a month there is a Wheels on Wednesday in the grounds of Spetchley Park. It dates back to 1605 and all cars are welcome for £5
  24. I remember those travel statues. You don't see them any more. My wife use to live in Tenerife and she said you see a lot of them. I wonder if that statue could actually grant you a safe journey? Oh well, that is a Beautiful dash!!!
  25. I had to install Guillotines (no not that type) in the Printing trade. They were commonly called Paper Cutters. The one that I had to install came from Germany. All the unpainted surfaces were sprayed with cosmoline. It was 2 days of cleaning with 2 people doing it. The first time I did this the engineer that was training me kept on saying, "I hate this stuff"! When I asked him why he said, "You wait." We were using a solvent called, Blanket Wash. The stuff came off fairly easy but he kept saying, "I hate this stuff"! I could not understand him saying this and every time I asked him why he hated it he would only say, "You wait"!. It took 3 days of cleaning and after a week the Guillotine was installed and operators trained. At the airport as we were going home, him to Chicago and me to Minneapolis. I asked him one last time why he hated the cosmoline. His reply, "You wait"! With that we parted and I was none the wiser. 3 months went by and I had to install a Guillotine with the help of one of our younger engineers. As we started cleaning the cosmoline. I said, "I hate this stuff"! Roy said why its not so bad. I said, "You wait"! Roy was a bit bewildered at why I kept on saying, you wait just as I had done. On the last day of cleaning Roy asked me again and I came clean. I said when you go home tonight and eat dinner and when you wake up tomorrow to eat breakfast. Every time you bring your hand to your mouth you will smell that cosmoline. That is why my instructing engineer kept on saying "You wait! It's not a strong smell but it get sickening after a while and lasts for several days no matter how much you clean your hands. It's a smell that the first time you use it, isn't bad. However the next time you are around it you just can't stand the smell of it.
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