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  1. *SNOW!* what's that? The last time I saw snow was 25 years ago in Minnesota. England doesn't get snow, or winter for that matter.
  2. I see another video coming out soon.👍
  3. Whoo-Hoo! You're back in the saddle again!!!🤠
  4. You might want to remove the bottom cover on your bell housing before pulling your tranny. Then have someone depress the clutch pedal and see if the throw out bearing makes contact with the pressure plate. Recheck all linkages as well. If there is a gap between the pressure plate and throw out bearing there is a binding in the pressure plate. Did you reuse the pressure plate, rebuild it or adjust it?
  5. We had a very long drive. I can't say we enjoyed it as much as the snowball fight afterward. Shoveling snow was HARD work. I guess when you don't have it you then miss it. I'm kinda glad at the age of 69 I don't have to shovel snow. However the use of that snowblower when I was in my 40s was welcome and fun. My brother lives in Duluth he has that burden still of shoveling snow. HaHa poor fellow!
  6. I have a very bright LED green light on the turn signal switch body. Most of the time I remember to turn them off. No sound just a blinking light. The sound would be useless to me. I am hard of hearing to start with and our car has a 1960s glass pack on it. I would guess that most if not all of the fiberglass have long since been destroyed so I am running a straight pipe that ends just behind the front passenger. I have got no chance of hearing anything.
  7. As a kid growing up in Minnesota I loved the winters. I too had to shovel the snow with my brother and it usually ended up in a snowball fight. Now in England for the past 25 years, I am waiting for winter. I saw it snow once here and it lasted about a week. Back in MN my favorite time in winter was using the snowblower. My wife would say why don't you clear the drive? Well 2 reasons, 1) it's still snowing. 2) When the snow gets some depth to it the snowblower throws the snow much farther. I miss that.
  8. Great fun bouncing on those bumpers. Sometimes it worked sometimes it didn't
  9. WHOO-HOO! Now to see the reading when its empty.
  10. I'll take, I'm skint for 60 These game shows can be rough on a person.
  11. My 37 Plymouth is L.H. Drive here in England. You would be surprised how many LH American cars there are here. Not sure of the actual numbers but I would guess in the thousands throughout the country. My picture is my car in Liverpool where the Beatles came from. She was in the Das Boot series
  12. When I moved from Minnesota to England I never had a problem driving on the wrong side of the road because you're in good company. The hardest thing was looking in the rear-view mirror. I kept wanting to glance to my right. I do not find driving a L.H. Plymouth in England difficult. Its kinda like being home. I did have one incident in England where I got into the car to go someplace. When I put my seatbelt on I excitedly said, "Where's the steering wheel"!? Oh, that's right it's L.H. drive, Stupid boy!"
  13. Phew! I've heard it great stuff but didn't realize it was that good.
  14. I always use my W.I.F.E. (Willing Indigenous Free Engineer). It's great for those bonding moments and has added benefits as well.
  15. How did they get that gray car to stick to the ceiling?
  16. Andy Bernbaum https://www.oldmoparts.com/
  17. I think its funny when the boy racers here rev up their little 4 poppers with glass packs. They think they sound so tough until I rev up my 230 with a genuine 1960s glass pack. Ya I know they are a lot faster than me, but they don't know that and our Miss Daisy is 85 years old. The only way their car will reach 85 years is as a baked bean can. Lol
  18. `I am assuming that you are referring to call-out numbers 41 & 44 I am assuming the "Crown Gear" is the 'Ring' gear # 46 and that you want a .008" backlash between #45 & 46
  19. My first car was a 65 Barracuda. 225 Slant 6 with auto tranny. I bought it in 71 for $525 with 40k on the clock. I sold it in 79 for $100 with 115k on the clock. It was the best car I ever owned. Always started even in the Minnesota winters with -27 degree temps. Welcome to the group!
  20. Here is what happened. While I reinstalled my tranny and hooking up the drive shaft. I wanted to know what gear ratio I had. When I turned the drive shaft I noticed it would turn about 1/8 turn before the wheels would turn. I tried this several times in both directions. That was about a month ago. Yesterday when reversing I noticed a clunk coming from the rear end whenever I let the clutch out. It only happened when in reverse and not going forwards. I assumed it to be the gear backlash or am I missing something else?
  21. They don't call it Arm Strong Steering for nothing.
  22. I have noticed the backlash in my rear end needs tightening up. I believe that shims are needed but where do I get a supply of shims or am I going to need new gears? If I need new gears what ratio?
  23. Can I crash the party with my 37 P-4 Plymouth?
  24. Do you have the stock 13" wheels or are they 14" My 65 Bacaruda had the 13" with manual steering. I never found it a problem. But I only had bias-ply tires However my 37 Plymouth with 16" radials is tough when parking.
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