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  1. In my 37 Plymouth, it has been changed to 12vdc negative ground. I have had no problems with the starter.
  2. That can be the beauty or the dull drums of this hobby. Everyone has a belly button and everyone has an opinion. The fact is it is your opinion that counts. Personally, I would look at the resale of the vehicle. In this case though, I think it would be a 50/50 split. Go with what You like and do a good job. Well, that's my 2 cents worth.
  3. LOL, you'll get use to that to the point that as you're working you start to feel something sticky on your hand only to find out it's blood. You can then be like OJ Simson and say I don't know how I cut myself. I do it all the time'.
  4. Welcome from the Yank in Limmy Land. At 69 years of age, I always wanted to be the owner of an old car when young. Things just didn't work out for me. I am glad it has for you.
  5. I had this problem. The more I drove the car the higher the pedal was almost like having Power Brakes. If I left it a day it would be normal until I started using it again. I readjusted the master cylinder free play and the problem went away.
  6. I have never opened up one of these but have on machinery. They are all basically the same. You have an electromagnet that when energized pulls in a set of contacts. after the coil has collapsed (de-energized) there is a spring that opens the contacts. I suspect the contacts are welded shut or there is gunk preventing them to open. A broken spring is also a possibility. They are simple devices and worth a try to repair yours.
  7. You should have one. At least last march you said you have one.
  8. You first need to see if your starter button is working properly using a meter I mentioned earlier. With key 'on' you should have 6vdc to the button but not on the other side until you press the button. If you have voltage on both sides you have a bad button Lets start there
  9. Check continuity on the starter switch. should not have a reading. Then depress it it should change. Do you have 6vdc from the start switch when at rest? Should be 0vdc Possible stuck contacts on your starter relay
  10. Here's a diagram. It looks like a 2 speed motor Look at page '8' for the diagram http://www.route66hotrodhigh.com/TechSheets/pdf/Desoto1946-48.pdf
  11. This guy has 5 videos on rebuilding a Chrysler flathead 6. I don't remember which video has your information. You might a;so want to check out Kieth's Garage.
  12. In my 37 Plymouth I have a 1951 230 engine with a 39 tranny. It all bolts together. The hand brake is a 37 as mentioned earlier. I would think that the best thing to do is take your engine and tranny out which is what you would have to do anyways to rebuild your car. Otherwise, it's a guessing game. You may find as I did on my 39 tranny that there are 40-41 synchros & clutch gears inside.
  13. The brake lever is on the right side on a 37. I see yours is on the L,H, side. The transmission is the same as mine except mine is a 39. So you could use a 37, 38, 39 transmission
  14. There is never enough stuffing. I sent you a PM
  15. I always stuff the bird. I make good use of every nook and cranny. I salt the cavities and rub the salt in, then stuff it. I use different pieces of bread including Soft Pumpernickel the onions and celery are softened in butter with sage, salt, and thyme. Mine comes out perfect every time. Thats one of the great things about Christmas.... traditions.
  16. Ooo, I believe that the turkey is a vehicle for the stuffing. Whats your recipe?
  17. Sorry for the confusion. My wife came to America 2 times. Once as a child. She came on the RMS Queen Elizabeth in the late 50s (I built her a model of it, drilled out 1,700 port holes by hand, and installed 200 LED lights in it) then went back to Briton in the early 60. She then returned in 1991 when we had 27" of snow on Oct 31 1991. We went from summer to winter in 1 day and never saw the grass again until May.
  18. Dan I am not sure if you know this but not too far from where I live, some 30 miles is Ludlow Castle. Construction started in 1085. Its interesting how many towns in America are named after English towns.
  19. She's looking very shinny. Did she get a wax job for Christmas?
  20. Ahh, my hometown. We do not get snow here in England, at least not where I live. I miss it sooo much! I remember that year it was as bad as in 65. When my wife came to Minneapolis MN from England in 1991 we had 27" of snowfall on October 31. They were ill equipped with warm weather gear and had to hibernate for a few days before they could get out to get some.
  21. A belated Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year to you all from the Yank in England!
  22. Yep thats correct. To the right of the shift lever is the hand brake. It is released by a button on the top Merry Christmas!
  23. Wow I use to be a neighbor of yours. I'm from Minnesota. Here in England, many people ask where Im from so I have them guess. In the 25 years I have been here, only 4 have said America. The rest say Canada. I even had a guy say he was really good at tracing accents and also guessed Canada. I usually respond with, "Have you ever heard of Winnipeg"? most have and then I tell them. I come from a little place just outside of there called, America". I look forward to your rebuild and Have a Merry Christmas!
  24. Welcome to the group. I am sure we are all interested in seeing your progression. Take lots of photos and let us know how you're getting on.
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