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  1. nonstop

    Worse drivers?

    I live/work in San Mateo County. 101 is stopped or slow most all the time now, 92 is a mess at 6am and from 3:30 on, and 280 is like 101 was 10 years ago. Your county sounds like a little slice of Heaven compared to this place! Sure you don't want to come back?
  2. nonstop

    Worse drivers?

    Come to the Bay Area. People drive like crap here.....when the traffic actually moves!
  3. nonstop

    next on the list... improve braking

    I did it to the rear, but did not try the front since I had already converted to disc. I had to drill 2 holes in the flange per side, buy later model retainers and mount them behind the backing plates, and convert to slip on drums. It wasn’t too hard.
  4. Piggybacking on Merle’s Answer and in response to something that’s come up twice. You mention 12 volts to the ballast regardless of ignition position. So is that to mean you have constant 12 volts? If so, you’ve likely burnt up your points or coil. Although if so, I also don’t know how you could turn off the car! Can you clarify the 12 volt constant issue?
  5. nonstop

    Tips on radio static

    From personal experience, I would either go with resistor plugs OR wires. I inadvertently went with both. I kept the resistor plugs and went solid core wire. Car idles smoother and is more responsive. You might consider spiral core wires. Seems like it’s the best of both worlds. you can also still run a condenser on an alternator as well.
  6. nonstop

    Axle Bearings

    This might seem like a dumb question or even a why question, but here it goes! I just put new bearings into my rear end. My next step was to do the axle bearings. I got bearings and races. I found the adjustable bearing retainer (I already drilled the axle flanges for the later retainer) and am waiting for it to come in. Then it struck me. Does anybody know of a sealed axle bearing similar to the “green” bearings that will work with our rear ends? That would likely be easiest, but I couldn’t really find anything with the axle shaft dimensions. Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions! Nick
  7. nonstop

    start with 12V, run on 6V

    May I suggest, you addressed replacing cable from battery to ground and battery to solenoid. What about the cable from the solenoid to the starter? Your system will only be as good as the worst cable. Next, I would do one new regular 6 volt battery. I may be wrong, but I thought Optimas needed a special charger and such. It sounds simpler to bring the system up to snuff and then continue from there. Who knows, as mentioned above it might not even be starter related.
  8. nonstop

    Cell phones and driving

    I was half expecting to see a phone in the rider’s hand!
  9. nonstop

    Cell phones and driving

    I am glad your granddaughter was not hurt! I think the problem is MUCH bigger than just cell phones. I am always seeing people doing the “red light prayer” with their head down, but even with the hands free stuff people are way too caught up in conversations. Distracted driving in general is a problem! Personally, i think people are more apt to drop a cell phone while driving to get both hands on the wheel than they would be to drop food or coffee in a panic situation. And one of my big pet peeves is people who drive with their dogs on their laps.....not looking forward to the collision where the air bag goes off sending the dog into the drivers chest. And to top it off, everyone has an excuse for it..... Sorry for the tangent.....
  10. nonstop

    My Scarebird Install 1948 Dodge part II

    Just throwing in 2 cents - I have the Scarebird kit on my car and love it. The hoses they recommended in mine were too long and rubbed against the tire (I had checked it and it looked like everything cleared) so best to stick with the shorter ones. Also, I have the ECI dual master set up and power brakes with a residual pressure valve to the front brakes. It all worked pretty well together, but something just seemed a bit off. A combination valve really pulled it together, and the car stops smooth, level, and straight with minimal dive. Just something you might want to look at before you get too far.
  11. nonstop

    aftermarket radio and speaker installation

    I ended up with this..... https://redirad.com/ simple hook up, plays through mp3 or phone or whatever and keeps stock AM function.
  12. Hello nontop,  I have a 54 Chrysler with the 331 v8.  I was interested in your cold running problem.

    My car is slow to warm up and when checked with thermometer barely gets to 175 or 180 after 30 minutes.

    Have 180 thermostat after 160 degree but didn't seem to make much difference.  Haven't been in real hot weather but in 60 or 70 degree temps.  Thanks for any ideas.

    Joe in Iowa

    1. nonstop


      Hey Joe,


      I ran the 195 thermostat for a while.  It ran well, and warmed up a little quicker than it was with the 180 degree thermostat.  A couple weeks later, I developed a pinhole leak in my aftermarket radiator.  It was likely a coincidence, but I put the 180 thermostat back in to play it safe. While it’s slower to warm up, I feel more comfortable knowing I have a little more wiggle room, especially with the warm weather on its way.


      Let me know if you have any other questions!



    2. joe54 ny

      joe54 ny



      Thanks for your reply and apologize for being so slow, offline for awhile.

      I'm going to try putting the heat riser back in and see if that makes a difference for faster warm-up.


      New question, I changed the Powerflite fluid and am having a heck of a time getting the right level.

      Seems way low when cold, below add, and then over full all of a sudden.  Any tips on checking it?


      Thanks, Joe in Iowa

  13. nonstop

    1946 Plymouth Coupe Rear Brake Upgrade

    My brakes came off of a 65 Coronet, but the backing plates from a lot of different years will work. They are 10 inch drums, but you could probably adapt the 11 inch drum set up as well. I also bought 8 3/4 bearing retainers. Since they were thick (plenty strong), I Bolted them to the flange behind the backing plates. I didn’t have to cut up the original backing plates this way.
  14. nonstop

    1946 Plymouth Coupe Rear Brake Upgrade

    You can also add Bendix rear drums instead. Did it, and all that was entailed was drilling the mount flange for the other backing plate. Also gave me the chance to have slip on drums.
  15. nonstop

    T5 trans in 46 1/2 ton

    You can adapt later 8.75 backing plates that have a parking brake.

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