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  1. Just read a story today, a local radio station is bringing it back! And in the SF Bay Area of all places! There still is hope!
  2. Unless he’s transgender gluten free and made in a nut free facility!
  3. Yup - so glad we solved our homeless problems in CA so we could focus on the real issues like comfy chickens!
  4. You found the vacuum leak - that hole that makes the engine die when you plug it. I don’t know if it’s normally covered with the air cleaner or the rebuild knocked loose something that was blocking that hole, but that hole should not be open to unfiltered/unmetered air.
  5. Is that the right carburetor for your application? I ask because I was running the Stromberg WW that came on my car. Never could get the choke working just right and idle would fluctuate from time to time - BUT it ran. Further investigation showed it was set up for a gyromatic transmission and had an unmetered vacuum leak in the area of the air horn. Replaced it with one set up for my powerflite and it runs like a champ. It couldn’t hurt at least temporarily plugging the hole and trying to tune it.
  6. Looking at other pictures, no. I am not too familiar with B&B carburetors, but that is below the filter and would be sucking in unfiltered air. Try plugging it and then tune it.
  7. Sad to hear about his passing - made it to his shop a couple times, had been trying to get back there. Don was an interesting guy!
  8. I live/work in San Mateo County. 101 is stopped or slow most all the time now, 92 is a mess at 6am and from 3:30 on, and 280 is like 101 was 10 years ago. Your county sounds like a little slice of Heaven compared to this place! Sure you don't want to come back?
  9. Come to the Bay Area. People drive like crap here.....when the traffic actually moves!
  10. I did it to the rear, but did not try the front since I had already converted to disc. I had to drill 2 holes in the flange per side, buy later model retainers and mount them behind the backing plates, and convert to slip on drums. It wasn’t too hard.
  11. Piggybacking on Merle’s Answer and in response to something that’s come up twice. You mention 12 volts to the ballast regardless of ignition position. So is that to mean you have constant 12 volts? If so, you’ve likely burnt up your points or coil. Although if so, I also don’t know how you could turn off the car! Can you clarify the 12 volt constant issue?
  12. From personal experience, I would either go with resistor plugs OR wires. I inadvertently went with both. I kept the resistor plugs and went solid core wire. Car idles smoother and is more responsive. You might consider spiral core wires. Seems like it’s the best of both worlds. you can also still run a condenser on an alternator as well.
  13. This might seem like a dumb question or even a why question, but here it goes! I just put new bearings into my rear end. My next step was to do the axle bearings. I got bearings and races. I found the adjustable bearing retainer (I already drilled the axle flanges for the later retainer) and am waiting for it to come in. Then it struck me. Does anybody know of a sealed axle bearing similar to the “green” bearings that will work with our rear ends? That would likely be easiest, but I couldn’t really find anything with the axle shaft dimensions. Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions! Nick
  14. May I suggest, you addressed replacing cable from battery to ground and battery to solenoid. What about the cable from the solenoid to the starter? Your system will only be as good as the worst cable. Next, I would do one new regular 6 volt battery. I may be wrong, but I thought Optimas needed a special charger and such. It sounds simpler to bring the system up to snuff and then continue from there. Who knows, as mentioned above it might not even be starter related.
  15. I was half expecting to see a phone in the rider’s hand!
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