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  1. I could use some help. I am looking at a truck with no engine or transmission. I was a hydro/ auto transmission truck. Are the frames the same for both combinations? I have a engine and transmission that is a stick. Frank
  2. Did the member that needed parking brake for there truck find them?
  3. Is there a sores for new quarter glass for these trucks?
  4. Is the member that wanted brake parts for the parking brake on there truck still in need?
  5. I was referring to the resistor for the transmission. I had called it a ballast resistor and I think that may have been wrong All my trouble may have been the dirty carburetor, As I have not changed any thing else The car seems to be fine now the carburetor was very dirty with very fine sand or rust. I will set the timing readjust the idle mixture and the idle. Then drive it for a few day s The only reference to the resistor was in the repair manual when it talked about the circuit breaker. and it said " it is 12 ohms".
  6. Good morning, I have read all the reply's and am very grateful for all the input. I did check the resistor and it appears to be just fine at 11 1/2 OHMS . Then I took off the carburetor that was brought up and boy was I surprised at the condition of the insides. The amount of very fine stuff (rust ,sand ?) was amazing. I slowly cleaned and blew out all the passages with a piece rubber hose. Then removed the hard line from the pump to the carb as to add a fuel filter before the carb. I have driven the Coronet and all seams to be great once more. Many thanks to all. Frank
  7. Donald the Desoto club is on my list. Yes I have a L.W.B. that looks like it was once painted like your car. I have some questions about my car that some tell me that can not be. I had been doing a lot of reading in this forum and also thinking that at last glance that maybe this could be voltage related? I will swap out the carb just to check off that avenue also. The term ballast resistor that I used could be wrong. that could be from my 60s and 70s Mopar's. I will want to put in a Pertronix conversion kit after I get back to running good the was it was. I thank everyone's input Frank
  8. I had found a post were the person needed a 7 ohm resistor for his Tip Toe shift ,with a Pertronix conversion. The resister or ballast resistor information that I found is on page 32 under GYRO-MATIC transmission. in my Dodge shop manual for D29-D42. It is in the same box as the circuit breaker on the brace that also holds the air clearer. The resistor's wires are black and blue, The black goes to the coil and the blue to the interrupter on the transmission. Hope this will help someone help me. Frank
  9. I need help. all of a sudden my 1950 coronet will not idle and I can not drive it also. it will run in the drive way at a high idle but soon as you let off the gas it dies. I want to check the ballast resistor and I only find a very small section under the transmission were it says that it is 12 ohms not 1.2. I made many calls trying to find a 12 ohm ballast resistor and are coming up with nothing. Can this be a miss print after all these years and it is 1.2. I have seen articles about a 7 ohm that was hard to find in regards to a Pertronix conversion, That will be next. I was even told that it does not exist. Frank
  10. I will give this a try. Is there a length of time? too look for to know it it is working for me? Thank you
  11. Hello to all, I have been reading for a while. looks like a great group of people. Hope some of can help. My 48 Desoto's engine is stuck rust in one cylinder. what can I use? I have used many types of oils. Next is molasses?
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