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  1. I just had the core replaced in my 1950 Dodge Coronet. The shop used a vertical tube core cleaned and painted all for 608.00 out the door. Then my heater core that was 268.00 more. I think they both look great. I will get some picture Sunday as I just got home from work.
  2. With the input i have read. What about keeping the carbs cool. Heated intake, And cooler carbs by using a phenolic spacer.
  3. That filter looks just like my 1950 Dodge Coronet filter. Is it an extra you have?😃
  4. Looking for information and pictures with all of your help please. My 1950 Coronet has a four blade fan and no fan shroud. I would like to know if the flatheads ever came with a OE five blade fan? Also I think i see part numbers for a fan shroud. Do any of you have one that you could send me pictures of please, I would like to find one. Thanks for everyone help. Frank
  5. Have any of you used a new Thickstun intake? "Duel Dodge Duel Plymouth". I like the looks of the intake runners. One thing in question is the two nuts on the inward side of the two outer runners. Any information would be helpful pros v/s cons. Thank you Frank
  6. Do any of you have knowledge of how old is to old for sealed cans of Torco octane Boost. My mother in law gave me a case that has to be about eight years old, My late Father in laws . I think it should be disposed of any ideals?
  7. I have spent some time looking in our pass posts and in the technical. I would like to know if there was a duel point distributor used in a 23 inch engine? I what seen aftermarket one for a 25 inch, Very hard to find parts it was a mechanical advance also. Thank you
  8. I want to thank everyone for a response. Enjoy your holiday.
  9. I think I found out that my gap must be to big, I will check tomorrow.
  10. I could use some information please. I am working on my 1950 Dodge Coronet. I put in new points and thought I was very careful when setting them on the bench to .020. If my dwell meter only shows a dwell reading of 21. Is my point gap to big or to small? Shop manual said I should be 34 1/2 to 38. Thank all of you , you come thought Frank
  11. I have a 1950 Dodge Coronet. at one point i had 225-75-15 on a 7 inch wide wheels at recommended 40p.s.i. and the steering was i little tougher the present. I now the same tire size. 225-75-15 on a 5 1/5 wide wheel at a recommended 44p.s.i. with much easier steering. Hope this helped.
  12. I think a 16 inch wheel has a bigger center if i remember correctly 13 and 1/4. This will also let you have this center put in a later 15 inch (whoop) wheel so you can have your hub cap ( clips )and the clearance we will need for big drums or disc brakes.
  13. Sean, I had bought an alternator for 1950 Dodge. 6 volt for positive ground system, one wire. The instruction said to run the one wire to my amp/volt meter then back to the battery. I have not put it in yet as I am finding other things that need touching up first, Not to many changes at one time. Good luck Frank
  14. I have been reading and have a question I have a 1948 251. I bought a 265, Stamped C53. The 251 has a steel canister oil filter and the 265 like the engine shown on page one has a cast aluminum oil filter housing. Is this a visible way to identify the two engines?
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