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  1. 6v positive ground question

    No it doesn't. I was pleasantly surprised when I changed my car from positive to negative ground that the starter was unaffected. Marty
  2. Dim headlights

    One thing to remember is that these cars came standard with 30 watt bulbs, with wiring and switches to suit. I put 55 watt 6V halogens in my car, and had to add headlight relays because both the headlight switch and the dimmer switch started heating up due to the extra wattage. Marty
  3. Doug, this is exactly the way the water tubing on my old car is set up. Marty
  4. Steering

    .... or you can just get the OEM steering box rebuilt with all new parts. It ain't cheap, and shipping is a pain due to the attached steering shaft, but it can be done. Midwest Remanufacturing did mine, and did an excellent job. Marty
  5. no fuel

    I agree with Niel; if you need fuel hose, you should buy a fuel-injection-rated hose at your friendly neighborhood auto parts store. Marty
  6. Scarebird question for my P15 disc brake forum members

    It looks to me that the caliper bleeder valve is down by the steering arm, which means that you have the calipers mounted on the wrong sides of the car. The bleeder valve is always the highest thing on the caliper so they can be used to get the air out when bleeding the brakes. Marty
  7. Alternator installation confirmation

    I just removed the regulator and all of the wiring and used a single feed. It's been so long I don't remember where it was connected! Marty
  8. Alternator installation confirmation

    I used a 60 amp 6V alternator for years, and it wasn't a problem. You could count the number of times it pegged the gauge on one hand; the rest of the time it would be at the high end of the scale for maybe half a minute, then would move down to lower charge levels after that. The battery would have to be pretty dead for it to pull 60 amps. Marty
  9. '53 L265 Cooling System performance

    You only had a 20 degree F difference from the top of the radiator to the bottom. The top reading wasn't bad, but my thought is that the bottom reading should be lower. My thought is that part of the radiator is plugged; has it been worked on at all? Marty
  10. Positive ground head lights

    The 6 volt halogen bulbs that I ran back in the day were 55W low/60W high, and were definitely beyond the capability of the generator, the headlight switch, and the dimmer switch. I installed a 6V positive ground 60 amp alternator and a dual pole 6V headlight relay. The idea was to remove the amperage from the headlight switch and the dimmer switch; they only had to switch the relays. Ran that way for several years until I finally switched to 12V for other reasons. Marty
  11. Inlet valves

    From his initial description, my impression was that what we see is what he found ..... Marty
  12. Inlet valves

    Those seals were clearly installed by someone who didn't understand how they work. They are supposed to be on the other end of the valveguide, not the valve head end. Marty
  13. studs replacement

    Your photo is a classic for what happens when you drive with the wheel nuts loose and the wheel beats up the studs. You could probably run a die down the threads, put the wheel and lugnuts on, torque them down properly and drive off into the sunset ...... Marty
  14. Chrysler Industrial 265 Specs

    You're a braver man than I am if you would install used lifters on a new cam; my experience is that such a move usually results in highly worn cam lobes. Marty
  15. No thermostat in thermo housing

    I ran my car for years without a thermostat; I finally put one back in just so that it would warm up faster. Marty