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  1. martybose

    Witch hub for disk brakes?

    Almost all of the available kits use the stock hub, I think that ECI is the only one that replaces the hub with a new aluminum one. Marty
  2. martybose

    Langdon HEI timing & vacuum

    Amusing to see this thread come back to life 12 years after I started it. I'm not going to try to justify it, but I eventually backed the initial timing down to about 4 degrees with the vacuum connection to manifold vacuum. It was that way for several years with no issues. Marty
  3. martybose

    Fan blades. Mounting

    When mine threw a blade it sliced through both the passenger side fender and the hood. I was amazed at how much damage it caused. Marty
  4. martybose

    Disc Brakes

    I installed an ECI front disk kit in my 47. I was a little disappointed that I had to do some additional work on the caliper adapter bracket to clear an interference issue, and I was surprised that installing it widened the front track enough that it was worth my while to try a different offset front wheel. But overall it was a nicely designed kit that substantially improved braking force. Marty
  5. martybose

    speedometer calibration

    It took a while, but I found the GPS system that drives a mechanical speedometer. It probably isn't cheap (no price listed), but it certainly solves this problem. It's called the SPEEDBOX, it's sold by Speedhut on their website http://www.speedhut.com Marty
  6. martybose

    speedometer calibration

    They're usually advertised in the hotrod magazines, like Car Craft or Popular Hotrodding. Unfortunately I just threw out all of last months issues, so I can't give you a direct reference. Marty
  7. martybose

    speedometer calibration

    You can get a GPS speedometer setup that drives the OEM gauge ........ Marty
  8. martybose

    speedometer calibration

    I'd start with putting a GPS app on your smart phone, getting the car up to a GPS-indicated 60 MPH, and note what the speedo is displaying. THEN go to a speedo shop, give them the info, and have them fix it. They can easily determine whether a speedometer gear would fix it or whether a gearbox for the speedo cable is needed. Marty
  9. martybose

    What is the limiting factor on mopar flathead rpm?

    All of the above, and probably more. I suspect crankshaft and block strength would keep you from going too far with supercharging them. Marty
  10. martybose

    Dual carb linkage

    A way different setup with a top of the line linkage on a set of Carter-Webers on my old car. Used all pillow block bearings and stainless shafts and fittings, cost way to much (over $400) but was fun to build. Marty
  11. martybose

    positive camber

    From my experience, none. We actually built a fixture so that we could shorten the upper arm to get it back to zero camber. Marty
  12. martybose

    I am at a cross road

    I'm concerned with the statement that there is no reverse if the OD cable is pulled. This shouldn't be possible, as the OD transmission has an extended shaft on the reverse shaft so that the act of putting the transmission in reverse will force the OD unit to disengage so that it locks up to enable the car to move backwards instead of spinning the overrunning clutch uselessly. This sounds like there is a fundamental problem with the transmission/overdrive mechanical interface. Marty
  13. martybose

    I'm done, too.

    You and me both, kiddo. Marty
  14. martybose

    2018 HAMB Drags

    Unfortunately, none of your links seem to work! Marty
  15. martybose

    Exciting week with the Montana Dodge Boys!

    I went up maybe 40 or 45 years ago, but I still remember the experience well. It's a whole different experience than drag racing or even road racing. Our car broke a rocker arm on one run. The driver brings it back, and my buddy and I dive in take off the valve cover and start to work on it, then we look around and everyone is gone! We said the equivalent of "What the hell?", and were told that we couldn't run again till late tomorrow, so chill out and we'll work on it after lunch! A totally different mind set. Marty

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