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  1. martybose

    ECI dual reservoir master cylinder?

    Busycoupe, As one of the people who was active in Don's megathread on the ECI master cylinder mount, I can say that the kit I received could have been used as is, if I was willing to accept (1) the horrible side-to-side clearance on the shaft, (2) the lack of either pedal stop, and (3) the requirement to drill additional holes in the frame rail because they didn't bother trying to line the holes on the bracket up with existing holes. I just chose not to. Marty
  2. martybose

    A Matter Of Exhaust Decibels

    When my full dual exhaust setup was made it used 2" pipes and a couple of big glasspacks. After a couple of years I took it back to him and had him replace the glasspacks with a pair of standard three-pass turbo mufflers. Much nicer, in my opinion. Marty
  3. martybose

    Big block install

    The one that I looked at (and passed on ....) had the 440 installed way high so that nothing interfered with the steering or the 440 oil filter. Fine for straight line use, but not what I wanted for street driving. Marty
  4. martybose

    Vac assisted electric wipers?

    a cheaper solution is just to add a vacuum reservoir. You can get them from old cars or just buy a new metal one from most hot rod catalogs. They have a check valve that hold vacuum even when you stand on the gas. Works well. Marty
  5. martybose

    Electrical issues

    When I had a custom 00 battery ground cable made up I speced it to reach one of the starter mounting bolts, with two extra 2 gauge leads, one to the frame and one to the body. Never had any grounding issues after that! Marty
  6. martybose

    Saw a neat engine at the Charlotte swap meet.

    I'm more intrigued by the accessory drive; it must have been some interesting work to adapt those pulleys! Marty
  7. martybose

    temperature behaviour/ reading, cranbrook 218 engine

    I can't really explain it, you just need some needle nose pliers and try bending it. The trick is to adjust it so that both low and high readings are accurate; it's relative easy to get one right while throwing the other end of the scale way off. You just need to keep changing the water temp in the pan and see what the gauge does. That's why it takes so long, but after a while it kinda makes sense and you can get very close. Marty
  8. martybose

    Antifreeze and your car

    I hope you have better luck with it than I did. While it solved my boiling problem, I was never able to stop it from leaking from an amazing number of places. Head studs (resealed several times to no effect), Intake bolts, radiator hoses, thermostat housing. I gave up trying to fix them, and drove for several years just topping it off occasionally. The guy that bought my car changed the radiator, flushed out the block and changed to conventional antifreeze; problem solved. Marty
  9. martybose

    Edgy heads being poured now

    I looked at the Edgy head way back when, but didn't buy one because I didn't like the fact that there was no water outlet at the firewall, so there was no way to run water through my Edmunds manifold. I ultimately found an Edmunds head, which cost me as much as the Edgy would have after I cleaned it up, installed Timeserts for the damaged sparkplug holes, took a skim cut on the surface and had the head polished. Marty
  10. martybose

    Edgy heads being poured now

    Let's face it; there are too many variations of piston volume, piston depth, valve cutouts sizes and gasket thickness/volume to make any conclusions about what compression you will get with any combination of blocks and heads. If you want to know, you measure everything; if you don't want to know, you bolt everything together as is and it will probably work just fine anyway. Marty, who did measure everything and had a 9 to 1 motor with an Edmunds aluminum head.
  11. martybose

    2 engine questions

    On the subject of the waterpump I would add that the later internal bypass pump has an extra hole in the backing plate that lines up with the hole in the late model block that is the internal bypass. If you want to use a newer pump in an external bypass motor you need to change the backing plate to the one off of your old pump; if you don't you will have a large water leak. Marty
  12. martybose

    Overdrive transmissions

    Externally the Mopar variant is unique, as they are the only ones that use that particular setup with the governor to control activation. Marty
  13. martybose

    Rear shock relocation

    I seem to recall that Butch's Cool Stuff (the ad at the top of this forum) has a rearend shock package for our cars. Marty
  14. One of the joys of these carbs is that they don't have vacuum-operated power valves. Marty
  15. Good luck with this! About 15 years ago I tried to get a dual 97 setup on a modified Offy manifold working, and never got it right. I had adjustable main jets, and I could get it to run right at low speed but be extremely lean at full throttle, or I could get it to run right at full throttle but not idle. I briefly considered going to Holley 94's to get a working power valve, but ultimately switched to a different manifold with a set of Langdon Carter-Webers, which worked perfectly right out of the box. Marty

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