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  1. I have a 1941 Plymouth Coupe and have the option to get an 8 3/4 out of a 1967 A100 Dodge van. I know my rear is 60.00 for the width, but haven't had a chance to measure the vans rear. I have access to a jig that is set up to narrow a Mopar rear so if it is too wide, no biggie. I am trying to look up specs on the van for that year and am not 100% sure what the guy has until I can get a chance to look at it. If anyone has knowledge on this I appreciate your thoughts.
  2. I dig the 3 window Dodges. Nice find!
  3. Just found this topic, I think that front end is gorgeous with that custom bumper! It really fits the flow of the pointed front grill on that body style.
  4. I will be in the market for one of your brake kits this year for my 1941 Plymouth Coupe. I just have to get past the holidays and get my car fund back in the black.
  5. My car is currently waiting to be gone over. I bought an unfinished restoration, so I have wiring to sort out first. I'm learning as I go as well. Due to the holidays, I won't be doing much swap meet stuff. I have to entertain all the family that like to use my house as an escape from the Great Lakes winters.
  6. Hello from a fellow Arizona Business Coupe owner. Mine is a 1941.
  7. pflaming Sorry I missed your question. The steering wheel is painted white, I haven't opened up all the boxes that the seller used for the misc pieces, so I don't know what the trim ring looks like yet or if there is a horn assembly etc.. The rest of the interior garnish and dash are painted brown, with a bit of a faux woodgrain. It fits the overall color scheme of the car, so it will do for now. I'm looking to see if I have a rear view mirror.
  8. Thanks for that info. I figured there would be broken springs or sagging ones, I just wasn't sure how low it was from factory? I have redone a 1954 Ford bench seat, so once I get into it, I will be able to see what I am up against. Also, can anyone recommend a good, all weather car cover?
  9. So, do the seats usually sink this low or do i need to figure out how to redo or stiffen up the springs? I imagine that they have had a lot of sits since the 40's, but I sink so low into the seat, that I can't see over the nose of the hood. Anyone have any resto tips on this?
  10. Niel Hoback Thanks for the information! Beetle is a fan of fezes...ok not really. In my defense my lady friend did that for some christmas cards, so he was out of my hands at the time. ChrisRice Think of this, it has found a rust free home in the desert of Arizona and It is a keeper, not for sale.
  11. Lucky Day! I took delivery of the coupe not more than ten minutes ago. I still have to go through and inventory all the parts and see what I need to get, if any. Is there a source for getting a matched set of key lock tumblers for the door, ignition and trunk? Or rather get trunk to match the door? I am a newbie to pre-war MoPar's and I have to build my network and learn who has the market for what. Here are a few more pictures.
  12. Young Ed: You are precisely right! jcmiller: Thanks for the hint, I'm going to work on that today.
  13. deathbound: I hear that, never settle. I've done it in the past a couple times, but I have two of my bucket list cars (Model A and this Plymouth) and about 8 years total in finding both of them. DCurrent: I love that front end too, it is a neat mix of Art Deco and Streamline Moderne, I know purists say that Art Deco ended in 1938, but you can help but notice the chrome light bezels, chrome grill surround reliefs and (interior) dash board and gauges and think...yeah there is some industrial art design love going on here. I've looked at a few of these in person, I have a not so great story of renting a Uhaul truck and trailer (on a whim and via the prodding of someone whose money wasn't being used -heh friends are great everyone needs a cheerleader), driving across the desert to Long Beach to look at a 41 Coupe. When I arrived and gave it a good hard look, I found that it had road signs and plywood for floors and about a foot of bondo holding the rear apron/trunk area together.. But the ad said, super clean and the pictures were very careful in showing the good parts. So I turned the truck and trailer around and reflected on the $500 I sank into a red-eye run to Ca and back in a day, coming up with colorful names for various people involved, (myself included).Thinking back on that trip, I learned a lot and kept on looking for one that suited my needs. I think I found it, I just need to get it home. jcmiller: I did use a site like uship.com and was inundated with about thirty replies! So I spent about two hours looking at the top five best quotes, then cross-refrenced them using google to find reviews (good or bad) of the companies I found. One thing I did learn was that most/all? of these companies are brokers to individual shippers who bid/accept contracts to do pick ups. While that isn't a bad thing, they really are not connected to an independent contractor with a truck, so this is where my trepidation comes in, as I would like a bit more skin in the game from the person giving me a quote with regards to the truck they will get my new/old car on. Like anything in life, you have to take chances; a few of my friends in town have used different shipping brokers with varying amounts of success in the past, so there is some solace in that. I just was wondering if anyone has been down this road and could point out the really bad ones, if any were notorious. I have a couple narrowed down, and the real clincher is finding one that is covered, has a winch and will not mind that the cars brakes are not connected or in useable order at this time.
  14. I am still waiting on the owner to finish gathering the parts for the car and he is sending me a notarized bill of sale and registration history papers in Alabama via USPS. Can anyone here recommend a shipping company or know of any to stay away from? Here are some pics he sent me:
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