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    1953 Dodge - What have I got into

    I hope to see you at Tim's Clements BBQ next spring. 😊😉
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    greg g

    Loss of power while driving

    Filter.... Heard the guy who invented auto correct died last week. May he rust in pi$$.
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    A lotta guys will get Tired of This Thread soon
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    Not posted in a while, I guess I've been too busy working on my truck. Here's a few things I've done over the last few months. Cut the steel bed out and replaced it to some new wood. Used poplar from Lowe's and stainless strips from the web Fixed the two side windows with new glass. Fixed all the gauges and sourced a used speedometer All the exterior and gauge and blinkers lights working now Replaced the rear shocks, they were really bad. Cleaned up the interior and made some temporary seat covers. See, I've been busy 🙂
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    Gives me the willies just looking at it; can't imagine me getting under that contraption. 😁
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    I know it's your car and you make the decisions, and I know there are lot of guys on here that are for doing anything and everything to modify these old cars, but I would like to put in my two cents for keeping it original with 6 volts. And I also like the original oil bath air cleaner, even though there are many here who prefer to update that to a paper filter. Sometimes I don't know why the guys who want everything to be modern don't just buy a Dodge Demon or a Plymouth Duster, rather than a 48. I don't mind putting on modern radial tires and modern paint and all that, but just prefer to keep the other things historically correct. It will mean your wiring harness will cost more if you get the correct cloth covered type, but you can keep your original gauges, and radio, clock, etc. You did a very nice job polishing that up. Congrats on getting a great car! Plymouth Builds Great Cars!
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    Welcome. Saw that car on CL. Personally I like the 6v. Works just fine.
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    Jeff Balazs

    1952 Dodge B3B

    Believe me I understand you. I literally worked on mine every day just so I could keep the momentum going. It is the best thing ever when you get it going down the road. Hardly a day goes by when I don't get at least a big thumbs up from someone. These trucks simply put are the just the best option out there for a rewarding project. They got it all going on.
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    Good blog entry there Tim. It seems what is old is new again or in other terms, the 45 year ago guy sounds a lot like a certain member of the forum, who fits the bill of what ever he has is clearly the best and the only way to go. Sometimes I wonder if those people ever learn. Clearly the one on the forum hasn't. I wonder if the 4 barrel dude learned his lesson ? Thank you for taking the time to explain multiple carbs and flathead mopar inner workings. As usual I learn more on your blog in one entry, than I do from reading thousands of posts by the want-to-be experts on the open forum. Barb

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