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    1949 plymouth p 17 2 door fastback, 1951 chevy 2 door bel air, 1953 chevy 6400, 1962 chevy nova, 1972 ford f250

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    live in farm land in idaho wrenching on old cars
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    retired but still wrenching


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    swap meets, fishing, old cars, tea

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    we are looking for a rear window for a 1949 p17 fastback. its the only curved glass on the car.


  2. 1949 p17 rear window View Advert we are looking for a rear window for a 1949 p17 fastback. its the only curved glass on the car. Advertiser 1949 p17 Date 11/20/2021 Price Category Individual Member Classified Wanted Ad  
  3. it doesn't have bushings. we are soaking them in penetrant and will air hammer them out. we will post pictures. we will have to install bushings because the holes are enlarged. we knew that we would have to make something, we just thought someone had used a kit from another car.
  4. what door hinge pin and bushing kits are you using?
  5. we need a front windshield and gasket. we find kits but we only need the front windshield. do you have any suggestions to get a good deal and save a few dollars?
  6. you need a stethoscope with a metal tube pushed in the end of the rubber hose. that way it won't burn when you slide it along the manifold listening for the exhaust leak. don't take it apart untill you diagnosis properly. it might be the manifold gasket, or a warped manifold, but use the stethoscope because it will pinpoint the leak and you can use it for other noise diagnosis.
  7. we are looking for a rear window for a 1949 p17. we have never found one. we thought you may know of something else that would work before we end up using plexiglass or a trashbag.
  8. you are correct. sometimes the king pins have no wear and the bushings are trashed and sometimes the king pins have huge grooves and make good shop tools.
  9. Well after a lot of searching the internet we found the number for the lower knuckle pivot bushing. if you ask enough people someone will have the old book of mopar part numbers. We paid very little on ebay after having the moog part number.
  10. we are needing lower knuckle bushings for our 1949 p 17. we also need king pins. who have you bought from and where do you find them? is there a substitute or an upgraded bushing?
  11. do you know if a 1949 p17 and a p18 use the same accelrator pedal linkage?
  12. we don't see any p-17s at the car shows. we would love to see your pictures. our car is getting the daily driver redo right now.
  13. the steering wheel on our p17 is cracked. what have you done with your steering wheel? filled and painted, covered, left it alone, or something new. we are sure everyone would love to see pictures and get ideas.
  14. I recently got a lot of 1936 Dodge truck parts, including 2 regulators. They are exactly the same...are they interchangeable left and right, or just 2 of the same side? Thanks for your help.
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