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It's P15-D24 25th Anniversary!!!

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We have grown to over 12,000 registered members and new members joining every day!

Things have changed over the years with new site software several times. Fortunately the software has gotten much more stable making my admin job much easier!

We have met and built new friends online and meeting many in person. And as the years have marched on we have sadly lost some of those friends.

I'm most proud of the way the community shares information and helps fellow mopar lovers.  


I look forward to many more years and thank you for your ongoing support!

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Wow! Congratulations and thank you for hosting this community.  We too have interacted and met several of this group's members.  Several of whom have turned into some very good and important friends.  And I know I have saved lots of time and money keeping my car on the road through the expertise and advice of other members.  I believe I joined originally in 2001 or 2002 in what was the 2nd iteration of the forum.  Back when many contributorswere still on dial up modems, and we needed to warn them that pictures were attached, so they wouldn't time out before the page got half opened.  Ah yes, the good old days.....

Thanks again to you and the moderators for doing whatever needs to be done to keep the door open and the lights on.

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I feel like I remember the truck side of this forum came along after the car side. I don’t remember how but, I purchased a part for my b3b from our host, (back when he had his “merc583” email address) at the time, seems like the truck side was being considered?


I joined and never contributed, then forgot my password and just stalked. Finally joined again when I was Financial able to work on my truck. 


I have had my truck for over 40 years now and this site has helped me feel not alone with my old Dodge and introduced me to some great friends! 



On the flip side this site has encouraged me to buy more trucks! And for that, Julie might have a different option of the site (but not the people) ?


Keep on truckin!


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