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  1. Drill with wire brush is your friend here. If/ When you start to make it out go gently.
  2. Take the whole assy to the locksmith. I did with Fraden several vehicles ago. They dealt with in short fashion. Don't know if they are still in business it was 20 plus years ago. One of our old Volvos.
  3. I believe the predator has apx 700 cca rating. Sometimes these places have seconds, labeled crooked, scratched case, or over 6 months old on a shelf at a retailer get returned to the warehouse. Usually 50% off retail with 1 year warranty. Last one got for the p15 was 55 bucks lasted 6 years. But you need to speak to the manager and ask. Interstate warehouses do this too. Battery in my JD mower was 95 retail, 67 at Interstate for second. It's going on 7 + years.
  4. There are only 2 or 3 places left in the USA making car batteries. Lot of sticker brands coming out of those manufacturers. Last 6v group 1 that I got lasted 7 years. The current one, Predators branded is 3 years old and going strong. It has never been exposed to Temps under 20 F. In the garage for winter it gets disconnected and set up with a black and decker maintainer 1.5 to 3 Amp charge rate. Same for the 12 v preditor in the Studebaker truck. Been buying batteries from our battery world fo 15 years or so.
  5. We will be international this year. I have it on good authority that Great Britain will be well represented at this year's Picnic USA. One from England, 2 from Ireland and a couple of Canadians. Be glad to welcome our commonwealth friends. Hopefully our common languages will not be a problem...
  6. Those always reminded me of what we called buck leather saddle shoes. Sharp but comfortable. Don't see many 2 door hardtop Plymouths around d any more. Really a treat to see one. Glad you had the patience to persevere. I would make room in my garage for that at the drop of a hat. A member of this forum once said this about old cars. If you own an old car, sooner or later you will need to mechanic on it your self. Glad it worked out in your favor. Don't be a stranger as you drive around in your beautiful car. You get today's Mr. Tech award for best use of remote resources.
  7. First thing to check is the release port in the bottom of the mc reservoir, take the cap off and shine a light down so you can see the bottom through the fluid. You should see two ports. The small one let's fluid into the piston, the larger one relieves pressure when you release the brakes. Take a piece of mechanics wire and clean out that port to assure fluid is returning to the reservoir. There needs to be some room in the reservoir for fluid to return. Second make sure there is about 1 1/2 inch of free play at the top of brake pedal travel before the linkage engages the piston. Without freeplay, the sesidual valve can't release. Thirdly, any brake fluid on the shoes will cause lockup.
  8. Seems to me he needs to have a long conversation with the shop that did his work. Didn't they do a compression check before they took his money? Did he do a break in procedure? Sounds like they might have not staggard the rings during reassembly.
  9. I can't male out the number in the photo, but engine swaps for units out of wrecked cars, rebuilds by dealerships, rebuilds by national chain stores like wards, sears, western auto, Jasper and more were pretty common occurrences. Without previous owners history, it's a crapshoot. Sometimes there will be a brass data tag riveted to the block. Many times all that's left is the rivet head and a corner of the tag. Look in front of the distributor for any evidence of the tag or rivet. In the cylinder head above #6 cylinder is a threaded plug. You can remove this plug, insert a 7 inch long piece of stiff wire and measure the stroke by turning the engine over by hand. The wire will ride the piston so you can find bdc and TDC. 4 3/8 is a 218.
  10. Nice ride. Always liked the roof line and windows on those coupes. Welcome. If it were mine, I would dress up those artillery wheels. New paint and polished trim rings and hubcaps would set the car off. Look on line for some typical wheel pinstripe patterns used in the 30s
  11. https://www.allpar.com/threads/the-chrysler-plymouth-dodge-desoto-fluid-drive.229898/
  12. So today was prep the car for the P15 Picnic Tour. Kate went into the shop for a pre event look over. And her annual NY Safety Inspection. After putting about 1200 miles since her last time on the lift. The following g results were evident. Coolant, green and clean and at proper level no visible leaks Engine oil, down 1 pint Trans oil down about 4 ounces, topped up. Differential fluid level up to snuff Hoses in good condition. Battery acid at proper level Radiator fan and pulley checked water pump greased Brake mc fluid clear and at proper level front brake friction material at about half wear no glazing drums within spec.apx 50k miles since replaced Belt looks good Parking brake adjusted Lights all working Steering parts in good shape Front tires set to 32 psi show 8/32 tread Rears set to 30 psi show 10/32 tread Drive shaft no excessive play Shocks no visible leaks Brake lines all good no visible leaks Fuel lines and filler hose no signs of leaks or excessive corrosion. Differential vent free and easily moved about. Had the dist out a coupleweek back, lubed it treated the points to a couple swipes of the point file, and then gapped. Plugs pulled gap checked and reinstalled. And now with cooler mornings and evenings, I cracked the heater valve a turn or so. Did I miss anything? I was charged for 30 minutes labor $55.00, the $10 nys inspection fee and sales tax. So 70 bucks worth of piece of mind. Will clean the inside glass, get the travel tools, and road trip parts cache loaded. Keep calm and PICNIC ON.
  13. These cars are why they built the blue roads. Find them, drive them, enjoy. Find us Rt 20 or US 11 or 15 take a long weekend. See America.
  14. greg g


    Once again I will relay what my old-school machisnist ( he worked for Don Gartletts when his swamp rats were Ford flathead powered) told me when I asked about sustainable cruising rpm for these long stroke engines. He was talking about fresh rebuilds and moderate mileage engines in good general condition with operating Perameters within factory spec with reasonable wear. His rule of thumb was 80 to 85 percent of factory HP rpm. Or the 2900 to 3300 neighborhood. Get out you slide rules and run your numbers with 3600 rpm for most flathead Chrysler 6 cylinder applications. Hope this gives you some peace of mind. It's worked for me on dozens of long mileage runs, 200 plus miles.
  15. Whoa! For a minute I thought you were decopageing it...
  16. He is not really a barker yet. The trash truck got a couple of barks today. He did also notify us of a package delivery but settled down quickly. He was quiet and friendly to Dave L, and Pete D at the Tuesday cruise in.
  17. Hey Dan are you going to be able to join us in Manchester NH for the Picnic Tour this year? If you can't do the whole thing, consider doing a day trip Friday or Saturday. Details are on the forum and on its facebook page.
  18. We have had two other dogs to obedience school, an Afgan hound and a Bernese Mountain Dog. Both did passably well. Using the same training techniques on this guy is like water off a ducks back. You can tell he knows what to do, but all in HIS OWN TIME.
  19. Anybody going to this meet? https://www.nationalchryslerproductsclub.org/meets/2022.php
  20. Buy a vacuum gauge, learn how to use,read and interpret what it shows you. Enriching the mixture by running the choke is a sign of a vacuum lead on the engine side of the throttle butterfly. Start by checking the butterfly pivots if they are worn, they can cause lean running condition. Use an unlit propane torch Crack the valve and point the flow toward suspected places, check all the areas where there are places where air can enter the engine below the carb. Do this with engine at idle. If the idle speed increases or the engine smooths out while the torch passes by a leak, thar indicates a vacuum leak.
  21. He rides amazingly well and has been very well behaved with strangers, kids and other dogs while out with us. Doesn't like magna flow or other loud exhaust. At home he is a wild man. Found him in the middle of the dining room table, chewing up napkins, also got an aluminum can out of the recycle bin, was chewing that. No blood or small piec3s missing so probably OK. He also has been hiding one of my shoes if I slip them off after sitting down in the living room. He is a very hard headed fellow. Smart but stubborn. We are working him. Learning his patterns.
  22. Indeed. He replaces a smaller unit we had for 13 years
  23. Got a new GPS, his first trip in the Coupe will be this evening to the local cruise in. Just got him Sat from a rescue. His name is Crash, his story is he fell or jumped off a truck at 65 or higher, truck left the scene. Broke his left rear. Picked up by a good samaritan. Seems to be healed up well. Still a little bewildered by last few weeks of challanges. Shelter listed him as Airedale terrier, but his size is more in line with a Welsh terrier characteristics 13 inches tall 21 pounds, at 6 months. He seems to be a good rider so far in our other cars. Hope he gets on well in the Plymouth.
  24. Do a vacuum test with a gauge. Go to second chance garage for a how to, and comprehensive lesson on interpreting what the gauge tells you. They also document how to set timing with the vacuum gauge. Good stuff to put in your knowledge base.
  25. We had a 64 2door. Six three speed. Fairlane 500. Burgundymetallic, tan interior. Bought in 67 with 32000 miles. For 500 cash Drove it for 2 years and put another 30k on it. Because it was a stick shift, we traded it when I went into Army basic training. We bought a 66 Mustang 2+2 289 automatic, the dealer allowed us 895.00 in trade for the Fairlane against the 1375.00 on the mustang. We financed the balance for 2 years. If I remember our payment was 23 bucks a month. We drove the Mustang till 72 when I sold it to my brother in law for 650.00. This meant we drove the Fairlane for free for the 2 years, with all the transactions and no expenses other than gas and oil and front swaybar bushings both those Fords were the best car deals I ever made except for getting my P15 for 225 bucks.
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