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Turn signal switch voltage range

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I am planning a 12 volt conversion. My question is will the original turn signal switch handle 12 volts or will I have to replace it? I will be doing a complete rewire on my 1st series 49 Windsor.

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See no reason the switch will care at all!

The wire for 6v. are usually heavier than 12v., plus same for the contacts in the switch.


Change the flasher & bulbs etc. to 12 v. and all should be good.





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I agree with DJ, when I converted my 51 to 12v I just ran the same 6v switch, aftermarket one though not an OEM setup.


Generally speaking and without getting into electrical theory here, what is of concern is the current thru the switch, not so much the voltage.  6v systems push more current than a 12v system at the same power ratings.  So going from 6v to 12v is rarely an issue for switches.  The other way round though can be.

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