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  1. @Rodney_Hamon Why not get a "new" wheel cylinder from AB that also comes with a bleeder screw. Your beautiful truck is at the right stage to fix these problems before you go through more assembly. For $50, you can solve this problem reliably, and leave the original piece as a backup. ps: I love the white cab. My truck cab was also white at some point, and I like how the light reflects off the inside and show so brightly even at night.
  2. Pull the vertical 30 amp fuse to stop the auto-shifting. Check the wiring connections here that they are solid.
  3. The fluid drive solenoids are on the transmission itself called the Governor and The Interruptor switch. Recommend reviewing the troubleshooting guide from MTSC -- https://www.mymopar.com/downloads/mtsc/024.pdf and watching the videos -- https://mymopar.com/browse-mtsc-by-model-year-1949/ See July and August 1949. What you may have done though is affected the wiring that is on the fender near the oil canister, or possibly the oil to the transmission is low. The shifting action is related to the engine speed, idle speed, oil pressure, e
  4. What will make you more sad is when you see the price of a new set of seals -- ~$500
  5. @Dodge 48 this thread has been silent for 7 years but I’m hoping the COE got finished?! Would love to see some pictures.
  6. Frankly that must just be a scam. Stick it in an envelope and put an international stamp on it and be done - $2
  7. Local parts places only know by car and engine; they don’t ask for distributor. AB’s is the only place that asks me. The local parts shops can’t search by distributor number either, and the last one asked me what is a condenser. Looking at these distributors, a dizzy is a dizzy is a dizzy. Why did they bother to make so many variations of the basic one?! Even if the body is physically different, the points look and function the same and the condenser (what is the difference and couldn’t we look at capacitors as a modern well built alternative?). @chrysler1941 @S
  8. I’m in a similar spot but I’ve gone to a bench test I’m starting to experience all these failure points. My bench test is failing. I’ve gone through two ignition coils and four condensers. I’ve checked all the continuity and lack of continuity highlighted by @Kilgore47 Hard to tell which component is failing; thoughts?
  9. Wow! What a find and reasonably priced for the quality! Look at the interior - mint - not tattered, faded, or shabby. I would love to see the hydraulic windows, and what seems even more rare - the center dividing power window. There were only a couple thousand of these C40s made -- this has to be the best one out there.
  10. I mean, if *everybody's* engine and trans was painted, wouldn't there be *some* transmissions and engines that have at least some of the original paint color surviving. Is the paint on the engine so poor that it would have completely deteriorated after 75 years of heat cycles? I'm going with 1000 degree Grill black, and 2000 degree aluminum silver for the block/trans. This is a bit like finding an original Mopar battery... everybody knows it existed, but nobody can find a good sample of the original.
  11. And a fifth blade on the fan. Where do I get that option? The Christmas colors are... creative
  12. 12-volt wiring seems always like a rat's nest of wiring?! A huge mess always. Honestly seems confusing to me. The wiring in our original cars was very simple to follow.
  13. Chrysler guidance is to stagger them 180 degrees apart so a failure in one doesn't mean a quick failure in the ring below. The oil rings "back each other up". I thought it was in the MTSC, but I can't find it at the moment. The gaps *should not* be aligned. https://www.mymopar.com/downloads/mtsc/002.pdf
  14. Seems like silver was standard engine color even on the early hemis. I love these old videos showing the assembly lines. Why do we have such a hard time putting our vehicles together, taking them apart? Come on gentlemen and ladies! if Chrysler can build an engine, a whole car, while it's moving, we shouldn't have any problem while it's standing still, right? Chrysler may have created some small batch engine colors, but I'm betting the accounting department made sure they bought millions of gallons of aluminum paint https://www.youtu
  15. I thought this was settled as silver in other threads earlier, and I am thinking about this too for my Dodge truck engine that a previous owner painted Red, but I would like to repaint 2000 degree Silver. See the nice table for plymouths here -- https://p15-d24.com/topic/50095-proper-engine-paint-color-for-a-41-dodge/ Whenever you think you know the answer, it seems there is a contrary example. In the Desoto video (fascinating how they make the body) at 1:14, they lower "just in time" the Desoto power plant that seems to be both Silver and some dark color.
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