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  1. I have noticed this trend toward more risqué ads like lingerie or suggestive t-shirts that I don’t see on any other sites. what the proper request should be to the moderators @P15-D24 is to adjust your site ad sensitivity settings to avoid risqué ads being served. ads will still be shown but just different ones. https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/180609?hl=en
  2. Connect it one way with the float out of tank, turn the key and see if gauge moves when you move the float (slowly!). reverse if necessary. On the sedans it seems both need to be wired to posts and the tank itself is ground; while trucks the wire needs to be grounded.
  3. You can see in the banner of the first one in reverse - "1941 Plymouth"
  4. This is a good idea. I'm always missing the 3/16 wrench for that odd tiny retaining bolt.
  5. begs the question, if it didn't come from the engine, then where did it come from?
  6. To boot, googling "Riding on top of a car" results in lots of humorous images including the fact this is classified as "Car Surfing" I found some behind the scene footage of @bamfordsgarage on the dark web:
  7. The only word for it is "Fantastic!"; now for the behind the scenes video, or even live action snapshot?
  8. I too have been fascinated and intrigued by this oillite technology. There is a wonderful video on YouTube showing the history of its development at Chrysler, and there is a company still producing oillite bearings. unfortunately only Chrysler co made the original type built in filter, any anything you find repro will not include it. pretry much only if you find an NOS tank these days.
  9. One sure way to overcome vaper lock is to use a backup electric fuel pump to help push through the bubbles. Mine only starts hard after a few weeks when the lines are empty and evaporated. I turn it on for some seconds, and then it fires right up using the mechanical (though using both together floods the carb with too much pressure -- need a regulator for that). Also, if you've gone through the effort of replacing to metal, you can always exaggerate the fuel line routing toward the fender to ensure there is enough "cooler" air. Definitely get a heat shield for the fuel ( $20 fro
  10. Valves need to be backed off a bit? Maybe getting too hot and not enough space to cool off.
  11. Looks nice, but for $54k?! The target market for a dually flatbed restomod turbocharged diesel inline 6 (very cool) is a pretty niche market. I guess I would consider it to haul around my Windsor. That would be super cool to fit some ramps, and roll into an auto show with a classic on a classic.
  12. I'm pretty sure this requires a behind-the-scenes live-action video.
  13. You may want to consider 1) backward and forward motion when braking and tie it down in that firection 2. Even going 10-20 mph ok that contraption will be scary especially if the straps give and it starts to slide 3. wear a helmet 4. borrow a truck as the camera car and tie that contraption I to the bed rather 5 have someone take camera the camera car for us to see M
  14. @James-48-B1B-108 I have PM’d regarding transmission, manifolds and carb. (Have oil filter?) very keen on it for my b2b.
  15. And I thought those "Unleaded Fuel Only" stickers were just redundant legislative labeling! More interesting might be the kind of vehicles running the leaded fuel? Are the big automakers making lead-compatible engines for those markets? Obscure auto and truck manufacturers? As has been stated multiple times on this forum, Chrysler, in its engineering wisdom, pre-hardened the valve seats for us obviating the need for leaded fuel.
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