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  1. That second transmission looks at lot like mine with the same case number 088221. A New Process 420, the same used in M37 military applications and it is a four speed. Maybe this website can help: http://www.jobrated.com/tranmission-id.html
  2. Finally got to the old Gulf station in Quincy, FL just up the road from where I live and took some pictures. It is not a working station but is set up with all kinds of memorabilia and from the street sure looks like it operates.
  3. Nice looking and the color is great! 😁
  4. That is interesting. Makes me wonder if my tailgate has been replaced at some point and is not the original.
  5. That is a sharp looking bed! I am also jealous of that tailgate with the raised lettering - mine doesn't have that option it is just plain.
  6. Your bed looks great, all the knots really add character.
  7. I think the two are different. The New Port Engineering website list motors for replacing stock electric and motors for replacing stock vacuum units. I would imagine you will find the arms are different lengths. Pick your best set of arms and go from there I guess. The kit did come with replacement pieces where the motor attaches to the arm to replace the rubber. Good luck!
  8. Yep, that is exactly the problem. The new motor extends to right under the hole for the switch and blocks off any room. Just glad I was able to find a hole to put the switch and did not have to make another! Anyone considering going with the electric wipers needs to take into consideration where the switch can be placed.
  9. So I finally got a chance to install the electric motor for the wipers. Got it from DCM although it is a New Port Engineering product. It wasn't to bad of an install although doing anything under the dash does require some squeezing and such. The only issue is the switch - it will not fit in the location on top of the dash due to there being no room for it and the motor. I did find a location to the left of the steering column under the dash where the switch fits. Actually this works better as the big ugly black wiper labeled switch is now facing down and cannot be seen! I do have to do something about the hole on top of the dash - maybe it is time for a hula girl 😏 Also had to plug the vacuum line and the hole in the firewall, but now I have wipers that will actually wipe away rain in a timely and consistent manner! On a side note, driving along the other day and heard the most godawful scraping noise suddenly. Pulled over and found the large wingnut for the spare tire carrier had fallen off. I don't have a spare just the carrier so no rim and tire was there. A short walk back along the road and I found the nut. Now the wingnut is spun on with the ears up so the carrier covers them and will hopefully prevent a repeat. Another lesson learned...more to come I am sure!
  10. Try dcmclassics.com. They have several styles depending on application.
  11. Where did you get your disc brake kit? Also what master cylinder are you going to use? I could not find a dual master that would fit on my 3/4 ton B4C, all of them are too long and would hit the steering box. Hopefully your box gives you more room.
  12. So I didn't really want to drive the truck in the rain but today what I knew would eventually happen did - got caught in a shower. Good news, the cab was dry and without leaks. Also the engine compartment stayed pretty dry. Of course the vacuum wipers acted like a lazy dog who sometimes listens to you but most times just ignores you. They sometimes work fine at idle and sometimes don't. They have very little interest in working when traveling along at 55 in fourth gear although if you get off the pedal for a moment they will give a courtesy wipe. Oh well kinda glad this happened as now I don't have to wonder if I will get wet sitting in the cab like I used too in the several British makes I have had in the past where a towel was mandatory.😂
  13. You are welcome. Let me know if you have any more questions and good luck!
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