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  1. Great contrast on the shot, really brings out the best in those louvers! Thanks for sharing.
  2. Nice shot, very artsy. Bet that would look great as a B&W photo.
  3. Yep, Southern Yellow Pine. I just went to website I bought it from and I guess they are doing a major redo as the site is down with a message to check back soon for something special. Paint...because the powers that be won't let me use creosote 😁
  4. Got my bed wood from Bedwoodandparts.com in pine and have cut, drilled and test fitted. Always a little nerve racking to make those first cuts! Thanks to many who have written about their install and helped answer my questions. Now I just need a couple of decent days to paint it black and do the final install. The wood is nice and came nicely sanded and grooved for the strips.
  5. Nice pattern, looking forward to seeing them installed!
  6. I also sandblasted my frame - had to do a lot of tilting to get all the sand out before paint. Your pics are showing up fine and look good. Lots of good information on this site for a 12v conversion - sure helped me.
  7. If you do need to rebuild the carburetor, here is the link to the kit I used and am very happy with. The Carburetor Doctor - https://www.carbkitsource.com/
  8. No interference with the seat cushion, they ride above the bottom cushion. Here in Florida there will be a lot of window down arm on the door riding and not so much window ip armrest driving.
  9. I didn't find any screws either just the round clips holding the window channel to the wind up mechanism. It does take some wiggling to get the window out of the top.
  10. This truck apparently had vent windows at some point but someone took them out and bent the mounts out of the way. Work with what you got right? I thought it a strange place for the arm rests as well but that is where the mounting holes are in the door so that is where they are. This 53 B4C has had several things people have commented on as odd but in this case the mounting holes sure look stock and there is no other option. Maybe a unique arm rest location for this year and model.
  11. Got new glass from DCM along with new runners and installed them today. Putting on the runners was not as bad as I thought it might be, hammers near glass gives one pause even if they are rubber. A little Dawn on the window tape and the runners hammered on pretty as you please. I also put on the door panels with arm rests and am pleased the locks work from the inside and the key works on the passenger side. Once I get my bed installed, taillights and running boards it will be time to drive and have fun! The end of an almost three year frame up build is getting close.
  12. I will second the quiet ride option. Good material and really good customer service willing to answer any and all questions.
  13. Thanks for the prompt reply and clearing up the confusion!
  14. I am hoping to clear up confusion and/or confirm something with the bed supports. It looks like on the support nearest the cab spans far enough to have a bolt in the metal part of the bed, but it is only one of the four. So, my conclusion is the wood is doing the actual support of the metal part of the bed. Have I got this right or am I missing something with the supports? Thanks for any helping a confused person...
  15. This is why this forum is so valuable. Good insight and an angle I had not considered. Thanks
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