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  1. So I didn't really want to drive the truck in the rain but today what I knew would eventually happen did - got caught in a shower. Good news, the cab was dry and without leaks. Also the engine compartment stayed pretty dry. Of course the vacuum wipers acted like a lazy dog who sometimes listens to you but most times just ignores you. They sometimes work fine at idle and sometimes don't. They have very little interest in working when traveling along at 55 in fourth gear although if you get off the pedal for a moment they will give a courtesy wipe. Oh well kinda glad this happened as now I don't have to wonder if I will get wet sitting in the cab like I used too in the several British makes I have had in the past where a towel was mandatory.😂
  2. You are welcome. Let me know if you have any more questions and good luck!
  3. The best description I can give you is the upper is "IN" and the lower is "OUT" of the filter. The mount has the "IN" on the left (towards the front of the truck) and the "OUT" on the right (towards the cab). This diagram shows it better than I can describe. Hope this helps. Oh and your right JBNeal, when I took this picture I had added some oil and put the cap on backwards. Fixed it before driving. Always a good idea to double check your work not matter the detail! 😄
  4. I am with Merle. Had mine done by a local upholstery shop with tuck and roll and the result is comfortable.
  5. The middle boards are 5 inches and the two side boards are 10. These are specific for a 1953 B-4-C. I got them from this website https://bedwoodandparts.com/ so check with them for your particular truck to get the right size. I did not get them drilled although that is an option, I wanted to drill them myself to make sure any bed movement over the years could be accounted for. They did come with nice channels for the strips to fit down into.
  6. That is a good one! This bed only hauls very important cargo like my golf clubs. 😎 Hopefully we can load up some people for our annual Christmas parade in town. 🎅
  7. I used pine wood and painted it with Black POR-15 and a topcoat of Black Rust-o-leum for UV protection. The boards are very strong and nothing will penetrate that POR-15 coating. The company Mar-K did a test of many different finishes and POR-15 outlasted all. Check out the Wood Finish testing they did here (http://www.mar-k.com/index.php?p=tips-and-tricks)
  8. They are flex lines with NPT fittings and can be made to suit your needed length. If I remember right I got all the lines and fittings from the local NAPA store.
  9. I put a spin on filter. Used this mount https://www.amazon.com/WIX-Filters-24755-Filter-Mounting/dp/B0014BIAG0 and this WIX filter https://www.wixfilters.com/Lookup/Exactmatch.aspx?PartNo=51050 This is a by pass filter needed for these engines. I did have to make a mounting bracket as you can see in this picture. I am happy with this setup and is a lot less messy.
  10. Make your own is the way to go. I got my wire from Tom's Engine Barn. They come in several different colors.
  11. Nice looking! What paint did you use?
  12. Your work looks great! I used NiCopp as well and agree on how much easier it is than stainless. I did take some rubber fuel hose, split it and wrapped it around the brake lines where I thought it might be exposed to rocks and such from the road as an added protection. Might be overkill but if it keeps a line from being damaged worth it.
  13. Here is a picture of my key. No logo or anything on the key but it is brass color. Maybe the logo has been worn off over time, not sure.
  14. My 53 B-4-C has 11" brakes all around. I got some great parts from DCM including new wheel cylinders after trying to rebuild and failing with the original cylinders. If you are going to redo your brake lines I highly recommend NiCopp lines - easy to bend with patience.
  15. My 53 B-4-C has studs and nuts not bolts. Also the drivers side are left hand thread, the studs have L stamped into them while the passenger side have R stamped into them. Hope this picture of the drivers side helps.
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