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  1. I think that is why they have the welded nuts on both sides of the harp, so you can adjust for different frames or engine block lengths, but yeah you should be able to rotate that harp 180 degrees, just have to wonder if that gives you the clearance you need.
  2. I am Kroil man myself. Used to use Liquid Wrench before they "deoderized" it. Worked better than the new liquid wrench products. After all these years I still remember the smell of it due to heavy usage here in the rust belt. The smell of Kroil is very similar so I wonder.....
  3. Nope that will do, different bracket than I have but gives me ideas....
  4. Say buddy, can you post a picture? I think mine are factory too, at least I have seen the exact same set up in pictures of other peoples trucks....
  5. Oh I use my truck a lot, I just also bounce a lot. 3/4 Ton with helpers, pretty much hitting the helpers on every major bump. Thinking about rubber between the helpers and their stop bracket just to lessen the noise when they hit. Only way that I have found to smooth out my ride is with a full load of firewood.
  6. So for the locally available parts i picked up yesterday. Stud 620-541.1 is pretty close, but knurl diameter seems too small still. Waiting for the other parts to show mailorder. Will check fit against my hub with the missing stud. For the nuts, Dorman 611-052.1 seems to have too steep of a seat angle, not sure how it would mate with wheel, will check later. Dorman 611-053.1 has closer seat angle, and is a bigger nut, with 1" hex instead of 7/8". I kind of like that it is bigger, but i think my X lug wrenchs are 7/8 max, though I am not against finding a different
  7. Here is another possible candidate: https://www.dormanproducts.com/p-72235-610-541.aspx Like the ones JBNeal listed above, it is a little long, but the .685 or .682 knurl diameter seems about right ,so 610-618 or 610-541 Don't see anywhere near me with 610-618 in stock, but can get qty 1 with free shipping so ordering that. 610-541 is available locally so picking that up on Thursday. Also ordering 610-048.1 which is actually 5/8-18 but looks more like the one I got from DCM. Prices are about 1/2 the DCM cost, qty 10 about $10 each.
  8. I am guessing that you are talking 3/4 ton, (B2C) correct? If so there is another thread discussing this conundrum. However that discussion is about right hand threads. If you are replacing all, perhaps you would just switch to right hand? Any way here is that other thread. Right hand are available at $20 each from DCM, we are discussing getting a lower cost option.
  9. I like and approve of you putting "fun" in quotes.
  10. "For the cost I think I'll take a chance and order 20." Dimensions don't look right to me. 3/4 or 1/2 threads depending on which line you read. I did find these part numbers at Autozone at one point, have not purchased one of each yet to see if it will work or not: https://www.autozone.com/tire-repair-and-tire-wheel/wheel-bolt-and-stud/dorman-wheel-stud-610-389-1/70494_0_0 https://www.autozone.com/tire-repair-and-tire-wheel/wheel-bolt-and-stud/dorman-wheel-stud-610-510-1/70766_0_0 lengths are not mentioned in specifications. Probably purch
  11. For the record, here are the measurements I get from my original: Thread 9/16 - 18 Total Length 1 3/4" Thread + Shoulder 1 7/16" Length Shoulder 9/16" Shoulder Diameter 11/16" ( smooth, knurls were gone ) The 1172 and 1163 from Van Horn have 5/8 inch shoulder diameter, otherwise other dimensions are close enough. I think the mopar part listed in the parts list ( Mopar 913848 ) is for 1 ton truck. Vintage Power Wagons shows wheel studs but no dimensions and with clipped heads, I don't think they are right for
  12. So my truck stalled ( luckily in my driveway ) and I could tell it was a fuel delivery issue. When it got warm enough and I had time enough I did the problem solving to find that my fuel pump was no longer pumping. Well that fuel pump is one of the newest parts on my truck but what the hell, I went looking for a replacement part. Whilst googling for the part a post from this forum popped up in the search so I read it. Found out about these rocker arm pivot pins walking out on newer fuel pumps. I pulled my pump and sure enough, that was the problem, pushed it back in, staked it, and back in bus
  13. Found it, scroll down a little here: Parts List
  14. If what you are looking for are the 3/4 ton studs, I ordered a couple for my B1C, and I am still looking for a better deal, but the DCM studs really work and fit but are $20 a pop: BR-280-R Wheel stud 9/16'' Right Hand Thread $20.00 1 $20.00
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