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  1. You can see the pin is smaller diameter in the part that goes through backing plate than the part that goes through shoes.
  2. Yes the pin comes out the brake side. Loosen nut and drive from backing plate side out to the brake side.
  3. I tried JB Weld on two machine screws that i ground flat to increase surface area. They were end studs, didn't last long. Was thinking maybe longer studs with something springy behind nut so flexing of the hood did not put so much pressure on them. Will be interested to hear what other members did.
  4. Love the double clutch section, especially "advantages will be readily recognized"
  5. Something so right in working the come along to begin the journey, I agree that is a lot of ratcheting but it builds ownership! Looking forward to pictures of your rebuild.
  6. I think you have to remove the floor board(s). At least the toe kick ones.
  7. I reinforced that section of the cab with square tube and angle underneath before I pulled the cab.
  8. This is how i did the underside of my cab. I used POR15 on it and was very happy with results, though time will tell.
  9. Where did you source transmission bearing parts and how did you find part #s?
  10. I have found that instead of pulling straight back, if you apply angular pressure it works better, just kind of tip them out of their holes.
  11. You are pressing from the back (nut end of bolt) right?
  12. The bolts I was talking about are 5-19-4 in this picture. And what i call spindle is the Knuckle ASSY in this picture.
  13. So by "long bolt" do you mean the brake anchor bolt ( goes through holes in bottom of spindle ). That should have flattened sides on the brake side of things that you can put a wrench on it and possibly turn it. If not that one then perhaps a picture indicating the problem bolt. If it is that one, there is nothing holding it but rust and the wisdom of years.
  14. Still have not finished the running boards, but I can't keep my truck off the road!
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