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  1. I have noticed that Inline Tube has an 8 piece brake line kit for a 1948, 3/4 ton, B-series Dodge truck. Since they do not list for any of the other B-series trucks I am wondering if that kit will fit my 1953 3/4 ton or are there differences between the 48 to 53 models? Thanks, John
  2. I guess that's what happens when you're working on an old vehicle. Every owner has made their mark somewhere along the line. I'm just going to take my time, photograph everything, and take notes. Again, I appreciate the help and input, and I wish you all well with all of the crap that's going on. John.
  3. Hello, and thanks for the responses. Again, I have a 3/4 ton truck and the drums with studs and nuts. I am not planning on changing them out. The drums I purchased with the parts lot, I agree, will be for a 1/2 ton truck and it makes sense that this is the drum difference between them. Digging through the catalogs I feel the shoes, wheel cylinders and miscellaneous other parts should work on my truck as they are the same part numbers for both the 1/2 and 3/4 ton units. I feel like I still came out ahead as I can sell the 1/2 ton drums. I also have a set of drums from the rear end of a Chrysler, approximately 1948 if anyone's interested? Los Control, am I wrong in thinking I've seen trucks running 11" drums in the rear and 10" in the front? Again, thanks much for the help. John
  4. I recently picked up some used brake drum parts for my 53, B-4-C truck from a seller on eBay. They were advertised for a 1948-53 truck and it appears to be what I need as far as the shoes and cylinders go. The deal also came with the backing plates and drums. Now, though the drums appear to be the same as mine dimension-wise they use wheel bolts instead of studs and nuts. Mine have the studs and nuts and I am wondering when Dodge went from bolts to studs on these trucks? Did someone swap drums at some point on my truck or is it correct? Are the drums I bought actually from a car of that period and not a truck? Trust me, I feel stupid for asking the question but I couldn't find anything searching elsewhere. Thanks, John
  5. I thank you for your time in helping me. I have the drums off and will work on yanking an axle to be sure of the spline count. I'll also work on same for the 48 Chrysler axle and post my findings. By the way, if anyone is interested, I had a post sometime back about parts washers. I thought I'd buy my own and wasn't sure if I would go water or solvent based. (I heat my shop with an interior wood burning furnace.) The thought was that the solvent based units would work better, though getting rid of the dirty fluid would present a major problem. Well, I ran across a Safety Kleen driver while we were both having lunch at a local eatery. Turns out I now rent a new 30 gal. drum unit with a good sized tub for $130.00 per 6 months. That's $22.00 a month and someone else changes the fluid and filters. Just thought I'd pass this along.
  6. How many axle splines on a 53 B-4-C? I am getting mixed messages in trying to find an answer. Some claim 10 spline axles were replaced by 15 spline axles in 53. Thanks.
  7. This is to the Missouri guys out there. I live in south central Missouri about 100 miles from Springfield and 50 miles from Rolla. Can anyone recommend a shop that can do differential work? Have a 4:10 and want to get in the 3:90's to 3:50's ring and pinion. I have a rear from a 48 Chrysler which I believe is a 3:54 ratio. Not sure if it'll swap out. I also wan to farm out the brakes on the same 53, 3/4 ton I have. Any help is greatly appreciated as I would like to get it on the road this summer. Thanks, John H.
  8. Bobacuda, Thanks for the info you gave, and for the follow up from JBNeal. It will prove useful as I have not started wiring yet. John
  9. Thanks much. It will be good to meet someone else who shares our hobby and interest. I'll drop you a line on the forum come summer. Take care! John
  10. Wow, I must really be a southerner. I go up to Columbia to the V.A. from time to time and I wouldn't mind meeting you on one of those trips. Maybe when I get my 53 on the road here this summer I'll take that 3 hour trip and turn it into a 6 hour, er 7 hour, er whatever and roll up your way.....if invited of course?
  11. Hey Austin, I am located in the Houston/Cabool, MO area. Are you in my area? Thanks, John
  12. Hey Jeff Balazs, Can I ask what set up you used for your disc brake setup on that 3/4 ton? Sounds very interesting.
  13. I don't know, but being an old trucker I wouldn't rule out renting or borrowing a car trailer and making a road trip. Yeah, it takes time, so call it a vacation and enjoy the ride, the stops, and the scenery. The seller may have other items of interest or you may drive by something else you might squeeze on the trailer?
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