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  1. Diff looks great, but I have been mining some ugly gunk out of the axle housing. IF I had only realized I was going to do all this, I would have removed the pinion input shaft nut (TIGHT!) while the tires were still on the ground...
  2. Hi Group What is the approved, currently available gear oil for our cars' rear axles? I see a lot of acrimony over GL-4 vs. GL-5, etc. Thank you.
  3. OK and what is the approved, currently available gear oil for our cars?
  4. OK- I will not seat the cups flush w/ the end of the axle housing. To extract the side I have already done, will compromise the new bearings, but so what. Once I have both axles out, why not pull out the differential, and rebuild that, too? Peace of mind. Thanks. Ward
  5. OK, so if you need a puller to extract the rear axle shaft & bearing from the axle housing, the OD of the bearing race must be a press fit into the axle tube bore, right? If that is the case, how are you supposed to check the axle end play by simply tugging and pushing on the end of the axle? The free play is the distance the bearing race moves outboard until it contacts the back of the brake backing plate; this gap is controlled by the shims behind the brake backing plate. All perfectly obvious to me except my bearing race is too tight in the axle housing to allow the axle & bearing cone to move outboard at all. P.S. Do we have a new figure for high speed end play as referenced in some Service Bulletin from the 1950s? Clarification, please!
  6. It would be great if someone could post an overall thickness dimension for stock cylinder head that are known never to have been cut!
  7. Time to knock off all those pesky mosquitoes
  8. https://forums.aaca.org/topic/200808-isnt-intake-manifold-pre-heating-obselete/
  9. Thank you for the help! It is 100Volt. I found some good info in the attached Radio Manual figures. Has anyone ever seen the grounding braids installed on their firewall grommets? I will be the first on my block, I'd wager. If anyone wants the entire MoPar 802 manual, let me know, and I'll email a .pdf copy Thanks Ward
  10. Thanks, Rich I have been working on these cars since 1972 and this is the first of these add-ons I have come across. It slips right over the fuel gauge terminals. FYI, the dealer- installed radio is a MoPar 602, by Colonial Radio, LIC, NY, which has been recapped already. Ward
  11. Hello Group I am in the process of rewiring my 1946 and I see an old wax/cardboard condenser attached to the fuel gauge. Amazing what a bright work-light reveals. Does anyone have details on this part; its rating, part number, modern replacement, function? Thanks for any help! Ward Duffield Pine Plains, NY
  12. I just found this helpful overview: http://what-when-how.com/automobile/fuel-pumps-automobile/ I guess I will cut the steel lines and install sections of rubber hose at both ends. Thanks again. Ward
  13. Has anyone found any photos or diagrams to share of a stock vacuum booster pump installation? I have most of my five-year resto sorted, but still have not finalized the plumbing for the vacuum booster pump. Thank you Ward
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