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  1. made one out of fibreglass and polyester resin. Still works as a charm....
  2. Any idea what type would fit under my '53 Cranbrook convertible? I am looking to buy these in Europe. So if I could get a recent type number, I can start to look for a countertype over here.. (Monroe, Gabriel maybe...) Thanks
  3. THanks for the hint! I know Rockauto very well. I have ordered in the past BUT freight cost and customs taxes make it very expensive to buy in the US and have it shipped to Europe...Fortunately I have some friends in the US to help me with this.... 🙂
  4. certainly not meant to find these parts in Europe...
  5. I am not an electronics guy but why would it be nescesary to stabilize the 6 V supply when the needle bounces when you take a turn or hit a hole in the road? If the car stands still the needle doesn't jump at all...and.. is the gauge in the dash reading a voltage variation or a resistance variation? any idea?
  6. I asked this question in a previous posting but I think I might get better answers in a new topic. so, has someone ever found a solution to dampen the reading of the fuel gauge. The needle reacts "nervous" when driving trough a hole in the road or taking a turn. We have checked the grounding and added an extra wire. We have adjusted the float so it accurately reads full and empty. Is the float internally dampened or how does this work originally.., any ideas on this? would a new sender be the solution?
  7. would someone know how to solve the instability of the gauge reading? We have repaired the gauge, taken care of a good grounding but the needle jumps up and down while driving... any clue's?
  8. thanks for the info guys! I can move on with this! best regards, Franky
  9. hello! just removed the gauge sender from the tank... the gasket to seal off the sender from the tank was made out of cork but is now totally gone. What is the best choice gasket material to make a tight seal? Has someone tried an o ring made out of gasoline resistant rubber? Since I am over the pond in Belgium, ordering a new one at the known places in the US is out of the question. I have to make my own. Any suggestions? Does the tank need to be grounded properly to get the gauge working correctly? If you look at the attached picture you see that the steel wire connecting the float has been soldered. Is this original or has someone before me been playing around with it? Any help is highly apreciated. Thanks Franky
  10. Hi,

    I am restoring a '53 Cranbrook convertible as well, so I am really interested in the process you have gone through.

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    2. Julian1v


      Have you seen the Cranbrook convertibles in "The Blob" and "Where The Boys Are?"

    3. bluefoxamazone


      In "the blob" I have seen it but the other movie that you mention is unknown to me...grtz


    4. Julian1v


      Another blue one. The film is actually quite good. Unusually forward thinking for the USA of 1960 and a classic car spotter's smorgasbord.

      Screenshot_2019-12-03 Pinterest.png

  11. strange because the information came from tinytach (the seller)...
  12. Hi Sam, tihs device can't handle pos. grnd.....I was told...
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