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  1. Hi,

    I am restoring a '53 Cranbrook convertible as well, so I am really interested in the process you have gone through.

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    2. Julian1v


      Have you seen the Cranbrook convertibles in "The Blob" and "Where The Boys Are?"

    3. bluefoxamazone


      In "the blob" I have seen it but the other movie that you mention is unknown to me...grtz


    4. Julian1v


      Another blue one. The film is actually quite good. Unusually forward thinking for the USA of 1960 and a classic car spotter's smorgasbord.

      Screenshot_2019-12-03 Pinterest.png

  2. strange because the information came from tinytach (the seller)...
  3. Hi Sam, tihs device can't handle pos. grnd.....I was told...
  4. in inches I suppose..? :-) so for our metric friends: EX: 0.25 mm IN: 0.2 mm Thanks for the info!!
  5. hi, what were the clearances used for both inlet and outlet valve? thanks
  6. I use a 20/50 multigrade oil and my needle does not move a bit away from 40 or slightly higher. Not if I am idling nor if I am running at 100km/hr.
  7. Happy B-day Mr Asche. The carb that you made for me works like a charm.... thanks again.
  8. also try to apply the force as closely to the head as possible. Use a good brand of penetrating oil and some mild heat..
  9. hello, pastries... one of the reasons I can't seem to get my weight under control, haha.. and the beer, and the chocolates... What did you visit in Belgium? Planning on coming back some day...?
  10. Thanks Doc, I am going to digg in this in the coming days... grtz, Franky
  11. howdie! small question... what are exactly the symptoms of a bad working heat riser??? thanks, greetings from Belgium! Franky
  12. I also have one of those but it is a bit hard to check under the bonnet while driving...:-)
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