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  1. bobostski

    reproduction dash knobs

    I got a set also. I offered $100 for the choke, throttle, and headlight knobs and 2 cables. He took it. I had to drill out the headlight knob as it was threaded and didn't fit over the headlight switch.
  2. I found this on line today . It's a mopar filter giving equivalent filter numbers for the full flow filter on De Soto and Chrysler. I don't know if the numbers are available today but it would be a place to start if you have this filter. This type of filter was only available in the 25" engine and will not fit a Plymouth or a Dodge.
  3. bobostski

    Throttle, choke, head light knobs

    I just bought a set of the knobs fromVintage American parts. He had them listed for $132 or best offer. I offered $100 and he took it. He's sending throttle, choke, and head lights knob, 2- 49 "cables and 2 crome bezels to hold the cables on. This includes shipping I think this is a great deal.
  4. bobostski

    NOS door mirror ?

    You can get a catalog of dealer accessories that Chrysler put out for your year car if you want to see what the mirrors look like that they offered.
  5. bobostski

    1940 Dodge Colour Question

    There has to be a bit of original paint somewhere on your car. it's time to play "hide and Seek"...
  6. bobostski

    Ignition lock question 48 Dodge ?

    The drivers door lock and the ignition should be the same key. My 49 Chrysler came without keys and I took out the door lock and had a key made for it. The key then worked perfectly in the ignition. It cost me $65 but i thought that was better than taking the lock apart like your doing.
  7. bobostski

    Spot light bracket #

    OK, i just answered my own question. I found this application guide just now. It's a number 10. L for left,R for right. Now how long should it be? 168-51 Application Guide.pdf
  8. bobostski

    Spot light bracket #

    Does anyone know the number the the spotlight bracket for a 1948 Plymouth convert? The spot light is a Utility H1. I believe the H1 is correct for a 48 Plymouth.
  9. bobostski

    My 48 Dodge Interior Pics - & color question

    Just a question. What would you do in the engine bay? How far would you go to clean or restore it? With a car this original I would only replace rubber pieces as needed. I think a car with new paint and or a nice interior should have engine detailed.
  10. bobostski

    Top Of Gas Tank Leaking

    The tank on my 49 Chrysler rusted out on the top also. It had been stored for almost 30 years in an airplane hanger. I think moisture condensing in the tank rotted it out.
  11. bobostski

    Dim headlights

    This is the listing from on line... Headlight Bulb - High & Low Beam (Halogen) Product Line NAPA Lamps PART # LMP H6006 FITMENT Complete Vehicle Conditions WARRANTY Download Reserve Online Price (USD) $15.29 /Each Was $16.99 Call Store for Availability. (214) 760-9104 Qty ROL 10% Off
  12. bobostski

    Dim headlights

    I bought a set of these bulbs at NAPA. If I remember right it's all they carry. The had to get them from the ware house. I just looked them up and they are listed for $16 each.They are made by Wagner.
  13. bobostski

    Hood Emblem Paint

    To fix the cloisonné' on my 50 Chrysler hub caps,I took clear Rust-o-lium paint and added a small amount of color to create a transparent paint. I then blobbed this paint into the missing area. It took several layers to build up the color. The color looked pale at first but the thicker it got, the better it look. The color on these emblems is vitreous enamel. Not the paint but the same thing that is on the old advertising signs. It is a type of glass that is applied as a powder and is then heated up to about 1800 F. It melts to produce a shiny surface but will crack or chip if bent or hit. The enamel on the signs is opaque. The enamel on the emblems is transparent. Usually the metal surface of the emblem is shined up and has textures so light passes through the enamel and bounces off the surface with a sort of glow. The emblems are usually made of copper. Where the enamel is broken off, the copper will oxidize. If you try to shine the copper back up with a little fine steel wool before applying the paint color repair you will get a better match to the original look. This will not be an invisible repair but will look a lot better. If you get the color but it still isn't filled up, just switch to only clear. If you use regular paint you don't get that stained glass look. I believe the black is opaque. If you pay to have it done ,they will strip off the old color and chrome plating. Shine the surface and reapply the new enamel and heat it on. On small part the heating can be done with a torch from below but most of the time the part is put in an electric kiln. Then the part will be re-chromed. Enamel will not stick to chrome hence the plating after. FYI, cloisonne' refers to the technique of applying enamel to a surface where the colors are separated by metal creating individual pockets. The Chinese did a lot of this and I believe invented the technique.
  14. bobostski

    Looking for a good oil

    I removed the oil pan to clean and found the steering arm was in the way off removal.I turned the wheels and I was able to get it out. I thought I would have to take it all apart. Just a FYI moment.
  15. bobostski

    Electric Fuel Tank Locking Cap parts wanted

    Here is a picture during the filming.

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