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  1. Used an axle puller or slide hammer
  2. I ordered two 28521 part number. For 1948 plymouth. That's what's in the book for a outside rear cup. But when I get them the are like 4 inches in diameter and to big to fit into the house for the diff. Does anyone know the correct size or cup I need? They need to be like 3.2 inches not 3.8 inches. Even Rockauto sent me 3.8 inch cup.
  3. I haven't taken it out yet. I can't see a number. Just assumed someone who know the part number so I can order it and get the part here faster.
  4. The cup or race over the rear passenger bearing. I have taken mine out yet.
  5. Can someone please tell me the part number for the rear race for a 1948 plymouth 4 door. I haven't pulled mine out yet but want to order the correct one. Thanks
  6. Can someone send me a link or show me a good one to buy to remove a rear axle from my plymouth! Thank you
  7. Can someone show me the correct slide hammer to purchase? I need to do the exact same job. Thanks
  8. So do I need to remove the bolts on the rear differential? How does the axle shaft come out of the rear diff? I read the manual and I'm not getting it. I'm newbie to this.
  9. I'm replacing the axle and it see I need an inner and an outer seal. Also how many bearings do I need? 2? Thank you
  10. I haven't taken off the axle stub/axle spindle/axle. But is 32 1/4 inches the right length of a pass rear?
  11. Ok I will take a picture today.. Around 630pm when I get home from work.
  12. No not doesnt. I found a kit but it's for an eddlebrock. Not sure it will work.
  13. I was wondering where I could get this arm/linkage. The top is broken and I can't get the clip on it. It keep popping out of the hole.
  14. Can some one tell me what size fuel line I need to run from the fuel pump to the gas tank. Also what size compression nuts I need so that I can flare the ends and connect the new line with the pump and new tank. Thanks. 1948 plymouth deluxe
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