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Rims and tire conversion for 1940 FARGO pickup.

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I am new to this forum.  Inherited a 1940 FARGO pickup that was left out in a farm field for years.  I want to replace the 16 inch rims with CHEAP 15 inch rims and tires for moving the truck.  I have the truck bed, fenders and hood removed and stored.  The frame, drivetrain and cab are under a tarp.  Tires are all rotted.  I want to be able to roll it around in my garage on 'wheel dollies' when it arrives home.  What year and model of Mopar or Ford rims (from rear wheeled cars or trucks) from the 1970's or 1980's will fit onto those 1940 drums.  Can I use the 1940 wheel bolts to secure the rims?  THANKS !!!



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My opinion is any steel wheel that does not require special lug nuts will work. ...... A problem you will have is .... your stock truck hubs will have a locating pin for the factory wheels.

You will have to smash it with a hammer and chisel to remove the pin for modern wheels to fit it.


Because your truck has lug bolts, not wheel studs with nuts ..... The locating pin is simply there to help hold the wheel while starting the bolts in place.

So it is up to you if you want to keep the pin or not. ...... Mine were removed long before I bought the truck.

Here is a photo of a 1960's Dodge truck, you can see the holes in the wheel between the lug nuts for the pin. .... So later model wheels do have them ..... still not cheap or easy to find.


Open photo

So a Jeep Cherokee or that style, Ford Explorer, Dodge trucks with the 5 on 4.5" bolt pattern will fit. ..... probably many fords ....  Crown Victoria? you need to measure the center hole to be sure it is same or larger then your existing wheels.



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Thanks.  I am aware of the locating pin on brake drums.  Wondering if the 'flange angle' on the lug bolts will be the same angle of the lug bolt holes on the 15 inch rims used by rear wheel drive Mopars or Fords back in the 1980's.  I may simply take one of the 1940 wheel and tires to a place that sells new rims (Canadian Tire ) here locally.  They sell new steel rims for about $80.00.  Possibly buy one and see how the centre holes, flange angles of lugbolt holes and off set compares.  Want to mount LARGE (tall) 15 inch tires onto the rims.  Will check left front for Pitman arm clearance as well.  Then, if this rim and tire combination looks like it will work (clearance of Pitman arm) on the left front drum, I can buy another 3 rims and look for a deal on tires.  

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Honestly I think maybe you are making too much out of it.





These wheels are from a 70's Dodge and fit fine ..... they were used for years before I bought the truck. They are using the original lug bolts.


Many many many people over the years have installed modern wheels with original lug bolts .... never heard of a issue with the taper of the bolts.


Some have drilled & tapped out the original drums and installed studs .... then used lug nuts with the original wheels.

Never heard a issue about the taper of the lug nuts fitting different wheels.


I need 1 more wheel to make a full set of 4 .... I have one odd ball wheel that takes a different size hub cap.


The photo above is from a face book market place user .... It will work on my truck and math the other 3.


He wants $75 for the wheel, I will need to bring my tools and pull it, then I will need to have the old tire removed and pay disposal ..... will cost me $20 in fuel to go get it.


On ebay a clean wheel that matches sells for $85 + delivery. ..... Just saying it might be cheaper to have the ebay wheel delivered to my door.


So if you can get a new wheel for $80 .... Thats not bad.

Wheel smith makes reproduction wheels that will match mine perfectly for about $140. ..... I'm thinking that may be the best way to go.



But for some rollers to move your project around ..... any old set of tires on steel rims that are bald and hold air from a local wrecking yard will work for you.



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If you just plan to use these as rollers and eventually put the originals back drill holes on them rather than knocking the pins off. 

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