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  1. Los_Control's post in Recommendations Needed was marked as the answer   
    If it is stainless steel trim and you have it, good chance someone can save it.
    My ss grill bars on my truck were smooshed flat. In a couple hours messing around I was able to get them looking pretty good.
    If it is not something you want to do yourself, maybe find a old school body and paint shop, one with a older worker that remembers this type of work .... They will enjoy fixing it.
    It can be welded, hammered out and polished.
    This may be your best choice if you actually have the original trim.
  2. Los_Control's post in Dash brace? was marked as the answer   
    This makes sense to me.
    I bought the same radio with same bracket. In my truck there is nothing close enough to mount the bracket to.
    I believe I will need to make a bracket to mount it to the firewall.
    Possibly this is why the poster brought up the steering column bracket, thinking the radio would mount to it.
    Just did a quick trial fit, that bracket as is, is worthless to mount the radio in the truck.
    Should be simple enough to fabricate one though. Is a tight fit to get the radio in there.
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