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Dash trim post clips or ??


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When I removed such as the Plymouth / dash trim / etc there were very small clips that held them on. Is there a source for these?  On a side note, I think I am recovering but it is very slow. Major fatigue and concentration problems. Not complaining, just reporting. 

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I think I know what you are referring to - when removing some of mine, I ended up breaking the post off instead.  The clips I'm thinking of are those push on deals that have little tabs that prevent them from coming back off.  I think the hardware stores MIGHT have something that would work, but I'll probably use that thin double sided foam tape to stick mine back on.  Will it survive the heat in a closed up car?  I should do a test first, because it would make a real mess if it "ran".

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Gorilla Glue makes a two sided take for emblems. I used that and it is more than sufficient. I put it on the piece to install, then removed the protective take for final placement. The photo is the current status of my 53 Plymouth dash. Once all the switches and the gauge console are on it will pass mustard.  



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I believe the killer is Col. Mustard in the library with the lead pipe!


Did I guess right?


Wrong Mustard you say?  🥸



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I had the same problem when I removed the two moldings from the glove box, both clips broke on my 48 Plymouth. I used the same two way tape they use to install the side moldings on the newer cars. I also used hair dryer to heat it a little.

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