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    Enjoy old cars of all kinds and seeing cars at car shows. One of the things that I look at is the fit of the sheet metal and how straight the body is and the kind of detail that was done.
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    1948 Plymouth convertible- 1950 plymouth suburban

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    Painter and bodyman/body shop owner.
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    Painter-bodyman-insurance adjuster-retired.


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    Body work- Painting...

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  1. Great job, really looks good. Just finished the front floor sections and side braces, inner rockers, upper rocker plates on a 1948 Plymouth convertible and though I had a lot work- you made what I did look play. Thanks for all the pictures.
  2. The rear trunk springs are very easy to compress because they are self locking But to compress the springs you must remove the trunk lid, use a board to pull the hinge down to lock springs. But this does not help in removing or installing the hinges, because housing has a metal cover and the springs are to short and are hidden by the cover. The best to remove and install the springs is a srew driver and a punch in my opion.
  3. Dennis, I like your idea of using the washers to keep the hood springs stretched to install, but only if the fender is on, other wise a pry bar works great. Bob Ritter
  4. I just removed my convertible top bow assembly to sand blast for painting, the worse part was cleaning all the grease, dirt, and grime from around the rivets and bow arms, this was caused from the oils that had been used over the years. The problem with using these types penetrating oils is they don't dry and allow dirt and grime to build up. What you should be using is Dry Lube, it goes on wet and sets up with a dry wax like synthetic film, and it does not collect dirt and grime, you can use it on hinges, locks, or any moving part. I would suggest buying it in a aerosol can with a straw for r
  5. Have rebuild the trunk lid hinges on a 1948 Plymouth convertible, but now I'm having problems installing the springs, none of the service manuals are of any help. Has anyone have any information that will help, or installed any springs? I finally figured it out, it takes two people a pry bar, a long narrow punch, and clevis pin. You need to grind the clevis pin on the end so that it aligns the spring and the hinge holes easier. You use the pry bar to pull the spring down and align it with the hinge holes, this is where the other person becomes very handy. Thanks, Bob rritter2@ca.rr.c
  6. Aerosol cans are great for painting small parts like brackets, and when trying to paint larger parts you will get a lot of dry spots. The advantage to using aerosol cans is you can have the color your painting your car put in these cans. My project car is being painted complete so I had the color put in a aerosol can and used it to paint the locks, hinges and some small parts...
  7. Rain-x has a lot of different use,s, I use rain-x on my paint mask when spray painting, I just wipe the lens clean with soap and water.
  8. Most Insurance company use LKQ after a car becomes two years old, and the reason they use LKQ parts is money, most LKQ parts are half the price of OEM. They do not use used parts or LKQ parts on steering or suspension know matter the year.
  9. I think you are on the right track with the bed liner spray, and it comes in spray cans which makes it nice and easy to use. What I would suggest is using something to spray a test on before starting on the hood, as a rule you spray about 10 to 12 inches away from the panel, and the farther back you spray finer it gets and with the test panel you be able to see pattern you like. The underseal was not installed at the factory it was something the dealers did.
  10. I think it would be better to go with an alternator that looks just like the factory generator, they idle at 60 amps, cruise 55 amps, and top end is 60 amps. The best part is that you don't have to have a volta drop for your radio, heater, and lights. Any way something to think about. Why move the battery that is a great place for it, it's out of the way and how often do you need to check it. I have a 38 Dodge with the battery under the front seat and mounted in the floor and really like not seeing it until I need to. Thanks, Bob Ritter PowerGen (powermasterperformance.com) (630/957/4019)
    1. What I'm about to say may hurt some Mopar poeple feelings. I used the windshield kit from Dennis Carpenter that fits a 48 Ford convertible, the towers fit the square holes real good, you will need to do a little repair work on the cowl. Now what you will need to do is install your old linkage and ready to go. They really look good, hope this helps.
  11. Bob, Me and my son are restoring 1948 Plymouth convertible and I was wondering if maybe you help us locate a couple of windshield wiper towers. This a complete body off restortion and these towers are just about all were missing right now. I can see by your add that you have a mighty nice looking convertible and would know exactly what the towers look like. Thanks, Bob Ritter (rritter2@ca.rr.com)
  12. The best way to keep the engine from getty rusty is to seal the hood center molding crack with seam sealer being careful to keep the molding clip holes open.Before installing the center molding take some plumbers putty and put some on the flat side of the clip so when it puts down it will cover the clip hole.
  13. The Plymouth Doctor makes replacement panels and may have what you need, and if not he can tell you what to use. (517/625/7596) (plymouthdoctor@aol.com). Hope this helps-Bob
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