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Jumping clutch Question


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Hey all. Have been a member for a while just havent posted before. I love the forum and has already helped me with numerous tasks I have completed over the winter. Eveything from lowering to rewiring.

Anyways to my Question. I was reading other clutch related posts and came across one that seems to be having the same issue as me. Unfortunatly no one answered his post. So Ill try again.

Heres the issue, When I am getting rolling from a complete stop on a bit of an incline or slightly unlevel ground, I let out the clutch pedal and the egine or clutch seem to (jump) and make all kinds of noise if i put the pedal back down and let off the gas it stops,(but of course I didnt get going) I cant figure it out.

If I am comming down a slight grade or copletely level ground I cand get in

1st by letting out the pdal with a bit of gas no problem. Once driving Im good, no slipping just getting going from a stop is giving me problems.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who has any ideas

Thanks Everyone And here are some pics of my old beauty






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Could be clutch adjustment or maybe a glazed flywheel/pressure plate........car looks nice btw, when ya gunna paint it ..........lol........andyd

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It could be a miss alignment between the bell housing and the flywheel. The manual talks about using a dial indicator and shimming the transmission until it is a true 90 degrees to the flywheel. Then again it could be bad needle bearings between the input shaft and the out put shaft allowing up and down movement between the shafts. I think what you describe is what I call judder which seems to shake the body off of the frame until you push the clutch in. Try taking off in second gear and see it that does not stop the juddering.

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Was only kidding about the paint tho'.......but shiney paint is less wind restistance so will go faster.......I noticed that the wheels are gloss red.......the quickest of all paints......lol........andyd

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Several things can cause clutch chattering when starting from a stop. As others had mentioned a glazed or damaged flywheel. It is possible, as in my case a previous owner ran on a badly worn clutch plate and wore grooved in the flywheel. It may need top be resurfaced. Plus worn engine mounts. I just recently replace the rear mounts and resurfaced my flywheel for the identical problem.

Very smooth now.:)

Good luck with it. Keep us posted.


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