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  1. This might or might not help. Not all distributors are the same.
  2. Same one I installed in this oil filter.
  3. And don't forget to service your turn signals by rolling up your winders.
  4. A fiend contacted me a few days ago He was talking about how he has spent several years without any luck running a car thing down. That issue is that he got a spare Chrysler (L8) Eight in case he ever needs it for his 1946 Town & Country. The interesting thing is that on the block, in about 1/2 tall, raised lettering is cast the work "SPECIAL" in caps.
  5. You are correct. But spring length was mentioned earlier in this thread.
  6. The valve springs in my 251 Desoto (old and new) are all the same length.
  7. Bought this 50" cut Graveley in the late 80's for a buck by writing it into a house contract. Used it on the farm to pull hay wagons as well as cutting several acres of grass. Gave it to my son 5 yeas ago to replace his Cub Cadet.
  8. You will have to ask the new owner of my car. (Hotrodtractor) Failure occurred after I sold the car.
  9. I used a 4# cap with an aluminum radiator. Even with that low pressure there were welsh plug failures.
  10. Mark your brake shoes with a "sharpie". Drive a few miles and inspect for even wear.
  11. Plug must be installed for a full flow filter to work. Not all 25" engines have capabilities to convert to full flow. Must've the diamond port (3-4) as pictured.
  12. I mage a bearing mount and eliminated the oillite bushing.
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