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  1. Welcome Seth!! Looks as though you are off to a great start!! Congrats on a nice solid project car! It is missing a few trim pieces but that is what is fun! You can slowly add them on---makes it fun! And again---WELCOME!!
  2. Thanks Don, it has been some time since I replaced TO bearing however I do not recall it being plastic--I will try to take a look to confirn. 1949 Wraith, I checked some time back and appeared fine. I will certainly look again. Thank you both for your input!
  3. Thanks Tom. I too am sceptical but thought I would ask. I have "judder" when starting in first gear. I have had it for 28 years---from the day I purchased the car. I replaced clutch, press plate, throw out bearing plus resurfaced flywheel. I also replaced rear engine mounts. To no avail--- still chatters when starting out in first gear. I have not replaced front engine mount. Thank you for your input. I will continue to look----hopefully something will resolve it!
  4. insaneradio


    I have tried three different one. I have not been impressed. Opinions may vary!😀
  5. I am grasping at straws. I am chasing clutch chatter problem. All the obvios items have been checked and or replaced. I read in a thread somewhere about worn shackle bushing could cause chatter. It appears mine are worn. Is it a possibility worn bushings cause clutch chatter??
  6. Thank you Don. I had seen that previously. It simply will not work on my P-15. I will try to find the thread where someone referenced a mount change during production. Thanks again!
  7. I have had clutch chatter on my 47 P-15 for the last 28 years. I have lived with it but I am growing tired of "living with it". I have resurfaced flywheel, replace clutch, pressure plate, throw-out bearing. I checked clutch adjustment etc. The only thing I have not checked as of yet are rear shackle bushings---I read about this on another thread. I also replaced my rear engine mounts. Here is where my question originates------On my rear mounts I do not have the lower rubber bushings installed. I ordered new one and they will not fit into "cup" in cross member. They are WAY to "thick". In-fact my mount bolt and sleeve are way too short to extend through lower rubber bushing. I read in another thread that at some time the lower rubber bushing was eliminated. Did they do this on the 47 P-15?? I see no way that the lower rubber mount bushing could possibly have been installed. There is simply not sufficient room for it. Plus as I stated the bolt and sleeve are too short to accept one. Your thoughts???
  8. FWIW I am an avid antique radio collector/restorer. If your set has not been serviced it will need to be. The old wax/paper caps will need to be replaced as well as resistors checked etc. You might get lucky and have the set play after vibrator replacement however it will not be reliable or safe
  9. Did the dial light illuminate? If so than fuse is good.
  10. My p-15 too requires excessive cranking after sitting for a couple days. I am curious as to how you relate this to the fuel? Not a challenge but learning!
  11. There are great looking replacements on Ebay too.
  12. Thanks for the replies. I too would like to powder coat however I will have to look at what colors are available.
  13. Simply amazing work!! So far above my pay-grade it makes my head spin!! An absolutely beautiful car! I absolutely love the color! My hats off to you my friend!
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