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  1. Just point the car downhill ,, a small hill..... After she understands about the clutch... close your eyes ,, wait for the BOOM... no BOOM ,, success.. I had to learn uphill...
  2. I have seen many generic center console that would fit .. I have several from cars that I have junked out ..try a junk yard ..they might have just what you are looking for ..
  3. i saw little oscar quite a few times back in the early 60's .. had a few whistles.. inside wasn't all that impressive ..
  4. Cool pictures......SCAREY......
  5. I have been re-keying my own locks for years... my 63 carryall,, old motorcycles,, the shed,,and a few I don't own anymore ,, all takes the same key ..made life simple ....take old locks apart ,,put parts in small box with dividers,,by playing with pins like a game ,,it goes together pretty quick.
  6. I was given the name "C-Bob" from 2 club members ,, A- Jim & his brother B-Bob ...my wife almost got me the name choines..
  7. Just make the pumpkin into pie ...I'm sure you can find some friends to help you get rid of it .......
  8. Wow, they put colors in your bushes?? Cactus is only green or brown ..
  9. Had a car shipped from Disneyland area ,,to just outside Casa Grande AZ. AROUND 400 miles.. cost $200.00
  10. Wow ,,, plowing a driveway ,,snowshovels,, splitting wood,, things that made my dad leave Chicago 58 years ago ..spent a winter in Washington state ONCE....I'll stay in the southwest from now on ....
  11. Update ,, car still sitting in back yard ..still trying to find some parts .. Need .. front and back wind wings .. And glass for rear window .. then the usual Stuff ..have to make steering coulm from scratch ..
  12. I had been told,, way back ,, that older motors needed lead in the gas to run without ruining valves,,(stellite valves in newer engines ) ?? Also something about detergents in oil washing away too much stuff in motor ...anyone have any problems ???
  13. Still 103 deg. Feels like a sauna ..if I'm not outside by 6:00 am ,,,not going to get outside ... A few more weeks ,,temp will drop to 70's then I CAN work outside all day ,, if I WANT to ...
  14. Canada ,,Indiana ,,it must get a little chilly up there ...we love winter here .. cold is 40deg ... Only use defroster to knock fog off Windows ..sure could use air conditioning for most of year .. I have family in Canada ,,Chicago,, and Washington state ...tried it for a winter ,,, way too cold ... do these cars work in that cold of weather ??.. I know that my 63 chevy carryall suburban ,, was like a refrigerator ,,froze near to death....
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