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Metallic slapping sound, and whirring sound


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I took my 47 Plymouth out for the weekly exercise run. When I started going in first gear, there was a metallic slapping sound coming from the engine compartment, like the fan was hitting on something, then a whirring sound.

Shifted to second, sound went away, then came back. Same when in third gear. Ran fine with and without that sound.

Drove around the block, and then went into my driveway, popped the hood with engine running and no slapping and whirring sound. Everything looks o.k. Engine purring nicely.

Drove it again, and the slapping and whirring sounds came again, intermittenly. A friend thinks it might be the driveshaft and suggested I jack up the back, put it on blocks and run it in gear to see what's up.

And ideas? Thanks, Ed Parauka

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Once you have it up and its not running turn the drive shaft and if should feel loose if they need to be replaced. It could be something as simple as the muffler touching the drive shaft

However if the boots are damaged (cut torn) they boots should be replaced and you could further inspect the ujoints at that time.

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Thanks guys for replies. Well, it's a mystery. The next day, I took the car out again to see if it does that funny clanking noise, and, voila, no noise, no nothing. The car ran fine.

Ran it a few miles, and still no noise. The only thing I can think of when it did make that noise was that it was a very cold morning. Up to now we've had relatively mild weather here in Connecticut.

I'm thinking of the blower motor fan, but then, why would it do it when the car is running and not at idle? Water pump? Checked it, and it's not loose. Something was turning and it was slapping up against it.

I'm thinking of putting a tape recorder in the car, and when it happens again (if it does) to record the sound, and take it to my mechanic friend. Ed P.

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Normspeed, How can I check to see if I have a vibration damper in my crank pulley? Is it difficult to get at? Now, the clanking sound is gone, so, maybe it's not the damper? If it was loose, wouldn't it continue to clank?

Sorry for all the questions. Ed P.

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