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  1. I have a Canadian 42-46 Shop manual and 46-56 Parts buyers guide for sale and posted in the Car Parts for sale and the parts manual in the truck parts for sale but the posts haven't shown up there. I know they have to be cleared by GTK. I'm wondering if I did something wrong.
  2. I totally agree with you guys and I have seen him post good info on another forum. Thanks Bill for sharing your knowledge and resourses with us. Brendan.
  3. For my kick panels I used the material from a hardware store that Greg mentioned. It is easy to work with and I painted them with Krylon Classic Gray. Also painted the parcel shelf with the same paint. Sorry don't have pics.
  4. Your 41 looks good. Hope you had a good recovery from your accident.
  5. Double fines for speeding in const. areas was only started in our province this year and I agree with it. In other provinces there is a law that you have to slow to 60kph when passing emergency vehicles, etc. but we don't have it yet, hopefully soon. Bob, the semi driver might have been under highway hypnosis, it happens more than people realize.
  6. Dave, I agree with you. I have had stacks of magazines here in the past before internet and gladly have passed them on to others before I pass on. In regards to models, when I get them I throw away the box because I like looking at them. I am in this for a hobby and have fun with it as most of us do.
  7. The Dodge looks good. Let's see, finances-time-wife. So I'm thinking you inherited a fortune, quit work and got rid of the wife!:D:D. Enjoy your car.
  8. Too bad the pic is not a little bigger, but I'll guess that it is a 1954 Vauxhall.
  9. Don, I bought narrow, ribbed trim rings from a VW dealer. I think Wirth's Custom Automotive carries them also. My wheels are a little darker than the body but I am thinking of painting them black.
  10. Bob, is that the rear seat from your coupe? I thought the club coupe had a parcel shelf. Is that an original rear seat?
  11. Dave, I am glad that you mentioned Skinned Knuckles, I didn't know that it is still being published. Auto Restorer is a great mag also. I subscribed to it for a number of years and the ones that I saved I sold to another member of this forum. Now that I think about it, all the reading I am after doing (about 47 years) I should be smarter than I am.
  12. That is a fine car and a good job on the website. It is nice for him to acknowledge Don and Pete for his inspiration.
  13. Bob, maybe you should check the ratio on that differential. It might have been changed to get better highway cruising.
  14. I was a subscriber to Cars & Parts for many years also but Robert, the one I referred to is Old Autos and is in a newspaper format. It is published twice monthly in Ontario and the yearly subscription rate is about $30. If you contact them at http://www.oldautos.ca I think they will send you a sample.
  15. Bob, I was sizing up those pieces on the skirts also and I think they may have come from a 59 Ford 300.
  16. Very interesting how things were done in the early days and to what we have now. Thanks for the explanation Don and Merle. Brendan.
  17. Interesting car. Is the fuel tank gravity flow like a Ford Model A? How is the coolant circulated? Ed, I knew the lady was somebodys wife or girlfriend. I think there was a picture of you and her posted here before.
  18. I don't remember seeing trafficators on North American cars(pop out signals on A pillar). I am going to guess Citroen Traction Avant.
  19. A lovely brunette that likes old cars! Do you have her phone #?
  20. As Don C. said the slant six is 27" long and you will lose the park brake and maybe have to use the rearend from the donor car if you have one. Nothing is impossible if you have a torch:) but have a closer look at your flathead.
  21. Joe, I don't think you are a country boy, maybe it should be a bull.. unless the cow was a lesbian.
  22. Robert, I sent you a PM. It would be interesting to see what it is like underneath from sitting in the grass.
  23. In my car I put the carpet on the tinfoil insulation, seems to work ok.
  24. I buy 6 volt bulbs from Canadian Tire.
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