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  1. they are fun cars I had a 49 and 51 surban
  2. my 1st moper was my 1st car a 1959 Plymouth Belveder, brought my dad to look at the car that was 1968 . owned others mopars since.
  3. Been a long time since I checked this forum. Nice what you said and yes time goes fast. Hopefully our vehicles will continue on once we are gone.
  4. Hey Harold I we will I will send a email this works out, ED Ed
  5. I am talking with the guy I sold it too about 10 years ago. He is a friend or I would not sold it too anyone one else. if it works out I will post more, Thanks Ed
  6. I can make the length work Just need the actual width.
  7. Its been a long time since I posted here but have a chance to see a car I sold in th epast. need to know if it will fit in my new garage anyone have dimensions on a 47 P15 business coupe bunper to bumper thanks
  8. This was a write up Rich Hartung did a few years ago Try this link ammco tool
  9. GL4 should be good for you trans/rear it should be in most auto parts store . It can also be purchased on amazon link below Sta-Lube gl4
  10. How to set timing and other good things are explained in a service repair manual. Best to get a original or even a reproduction for the car but a older general repair manual will explain the process and getting a manual will be much cheaper then a tow truck ride and a bill from the garage. You could even try the the local library they should have a manual that will explain the process.
  11. Send a message to member Don Coatney he installed a Desoto engine in a plymouth not sure which engine.
  12. the gl5 should be ok for the rear. The gl4 is usually recommended for the trans. Not sure how much of a difference it makes but I just keep a gallon of the gl4 in the garage for the older vehicles.
  13. The clutch pedal should have some play before it engages I forget exact amount but a 1_1/2 to 2" should be ok
  14. I have a 35 -36 manual no photos of door spring here is a description from manual on the door spring, Are you sure its the correct spring, many ebay sellers are lacking in knowledge of parts they sell. 36plydoor.PDF
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