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  1. While this isn't my truck I thought everyone would enjoy it. I took this picture yesterday at a local pumpkin festival. It does not look like it has been repainted. Note the pinstripe on the grill.
  2. Lookin good Bud! Glad to see you finally got your pictures posted. I have been watching for them.
  3. Now I remember how I got the idea that my 52 would have the "Big Horn" hood ornament. The picture Reg posted doesn't say weather it's for a car or truck.
  4. The tailgate was a little dusty and I didn't realize it would be so obvious in the pictures. That's what the tiny spots are.
  5. Here are a couple of pictures of my tailgate. I'm very happy about the way they turned out.
  6. Yea, life sometimes gets in the way of doing thing we want to do. I plan on pulling it back off and paint the red inside. I have some paint left over from when I painted the tail gate. I should post a picture of that. It turned out nice. I haven't put it back on because I hadn't decided what to do about the lettering weather to try and paint them black or just leave it as is so I don't screw up a perfectly good paint job.
  7. Thanks for all the support. I was always unsure which one was correct. Somewhere I thought I read that the “big horn” one was correct but now I know.
  8. Well I took everyone’s advise and I was able to install the hood ornament tonight. Let me know what you think? I have another question. Is there supposed to be some type of gasket between the hood and the ornament?
  9. Thanks for that advise. I can see ho the bit could wonder given I’m trying to drill on the ridge and I can’t center punch it because it may put a crease in the hood.
  10. Thanks for all the help. The good news is I also have the correct one and it’s in very good shape, thanks Reg. I wasn’t sure which one was correct but now I know so I’ll work on it to get it lined up an drill away. I’ll get pictures and update everyone.
  11. I am in the process of mounting the rams head hood ornament on my 1952 Pilot House Truck. There are no holes so I will have to drill them myself. Obviously I have only one chance to get it right. Because of the curvature oh the hood it's difficult to determine exactly where the holes go. Can anyone provide a measurement from the bottom lip of the hood center section to the center of the first hole? I have attached a picture of one I copied from ebay. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. That was my next question how you attached it to the top of the master cylinder. What type of nipple did you use? Is it a machine thread or pipe thread?
  13. I thought that linkage looked like George’s. He built the linkage for my dual carb setup.
  14. Is that a remote brake reservoir in the last picture?
  15. A real thing of beauty. Congts on a job well done.
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