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  1. Kevin, your Erie agent is correct. I should have been a little more clear. Erie’s antique vehicle coverage will only cover vehicles that are eligable on their standard auto policy. Flat beds and larger trucks are not eligable on a standard policy. They have to go on a commerical policy. Cars and pick up trucks are not a problem. I hope that helps.
  2. I’m an Erie agent and they now offer agreed value coverage for antique and classic cars. I also sell classic car insurance through American Modern Insurance. I have had some claims experence with them and they were great. No hassles and no deductibles for either collision or comprehensive. One of the disadvantages to American Modern is the no towing restrictions. They also require that the vehicle must be stored in a fully enclosed, locked garage. Erie insurance does not have these restrictions. Hagerty, American Modern and Erie have very similar rates. You have to consider everything and not
  3. It’s something like, what do you get when someone says “hand me the drill”???
  4. Looks like you’re going to be very busy. Good luck and take your time.
  5. I purchased one of his kits a number of years ago and just now getting around to geting them installes. I found the kit a lot easier to install than I thought it would be. The only thing I had someone else do was the tapping of the spindals. I took them to my local machine shop but I don’t remember what the cost was. I did upgrade to the Jeep master cylinder. I’m still working on it so I can’t coment on exactly how it will work but I don’t anticipate any issues. I’m also adding my dual carb set up. I had Charley build the intake and exhaust manifolds for me. They fit perfectly. I can’t wait to
  6. I am finally getting some work done on my truck. About five or six years ago I jumped in the truck to take it out after a long winter in the garage. I pushed in the clutch, took it out of gear, put on the brake and the pedal went all the way to the floor. I played around with it for a while, got disgusted, put the cover on it and forgot about. When we were forced to close everything down earlier this year it gave me time to start working on it again. I have a friend of mine that has a garage that offered to help. I had previously put together the entire front axle/brake assembly from Rusty Hop
  7. Hey Merle, how about some close up pictures of you tauno cover hardware.
  8. Ok, now I understand. See I knew it would be simple. Thanks Young Ed.
  9. Here is my problem. I have a small motorcycle bluetooth unit that I am trying to wire up. Seems simple enough except for an electrical illiterate like me. It has 4 wires- White-remote control antenna, Red-ACC power, Black-negative. Now this is where I have the problem. The last wire is yellow with an inline fuse and is listed as positive+. If the red wire is power how can the yellow be positive? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  10. No problem Tom. This information will be helpful too.
  11. Currently working on the manifolds. The intake has a fine threaded hole on top toward the rear of the engine. Can anyone tell me what it’s for?
  12. Hey Merle,

    Do you still have the pic's of the tonneau cover installation?

    1. Merle Coggins

      Merle Coggins

      I did a quick search of my posts and found the one I did on this topic back in the day. That was quicker than searching through my picture files to find them.


    2. Jim Roach

      Jim Roach

      Thanks Merle. That was a big help. Finally getting back to work on my 52 starting with the disc brake upgrade. I bought the complete setup from Rusty Hope around 6 years ago so I guess it’s time. 

  13. It’s still 6v. I installed the battery the same as the previous one. I was thinking the same thing about having the battery installed incorrectly but double checking it seems correct given the different sizes of the terminals and the previous battery orientation. Everything worked fine the last time it was running.
  14. Well after about eight years I’ve decided that 2020 is the year I’m going to get my 52 back on the road. The first thing I did was to get a new battery. I got it hooked up, jumped in the seat, turned the key and the first thing I noticed was my gas gage pegged to the far right full position. The gas tank is not full. This just doesn’t seem right so I turned the key off and sat down to ask everyone their thoughts. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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